A Trip to the Peninsula.

We recommeud any commercially depressed epirittotakea run on thePeninsula just now. The look of the country is simply lovely and the outlook of the farmers of the cheericBt

description. In the hundred of Tickera the crops are giving pretty sure promise of a heavy yield, being higher than the fences in many places, and the ears of corn very full und heavy, some of Mr Jno. Pearce's being specially good. Mr Paterson who has a farmer's system of connection between Barunga Gap and Willamulka; and has at a heavy outlay established a connection with the Beetaloo main and his Willamulka home-stead owns some of the best crops in the latter neighbourhood. If any body gifted with a love for good old honest English flowers wants a sight for " sair eeu" we give them a friendly " recommend" to viait Mrs Paterson's garden. It ia Kadina's time — ordinarily her ladyship has a look of being too much iu the company of the sun for six mouths out of twelve, but now her greenness and cooluess are a crown of beauty. The trip from Kadina to Moouta is one which the unhappy traveller does not usually regard as the most attractive in the colony but for once in our lives we have enjoyed it. True an .uuhappy black goat of the Cross Roads stud charged the tail of our flying steed aud received as a just reward of its iniquities the penalty of feeling the weight of two of our wheels passing over its waist, but as it fled immediately, shaking off the dust of its feet for a testimony against us, butting rapturously at some uuseen enemy we judged it to regard the affair as a little frolic and went serenely on our way. The Moonta ladies were having a gala time it being a big muster of the YV.C.TU. occasioned by Mrs Lake's visit. They had a largely attended social in the Weseyan Lecture Hall followed by a very easy platform meetiu'g. Somehow these women do run a platform meeting in a very creditable manner. On the platform were the Chairman, Mr Adamr, Rev?. T. Piper und R. Kelly and Mr Emerson. The members of the Union were there too in great force with their President, Mrs Harris who spoke well, their very efficient aud belovi d Secretary, Miss Piper and Treasurer Mrs Roach aud a number of private members, while the newly formed branch at Cross Roads Bent its officers aud several members. Some good speeches were made, though great disappointment was felt at the unavoidable absence of Rev. J.Hancock of Port Augusta who should have spoken ou the subject of Womens Suffrage. Mrs Lake was very kindly welcomed back by her old friends and spoke at some length on the work cf the Union. Some half Bcore of gentlemen enrolled themselves and a ere invested with the white ribbon, and a good uumber of women joined the Union. The results every way were satisfactory. Being in Moouta the singing was of course a very important feature of the eutertainment. The Bible Christian Church had jimt celebrated their half yearly church festival.- Wr heard (of the gratification afforded by the ministration of the Rev, Jos. Hancock the preceediug Sunday. This gentleman's father was a former greatly beloved pastor of the Moonta Church, some of the older men and women in the neighbourhood are stored with reminiscences of his work and happy, joyous, helpful ways. " Instead of the father shall be the children." Mr Hancock junior is among old friends when he re-visits Moonta, and the cordiality of his welcome must have been gratifying. The Moouta Coneord Society gave a concert on Monday which to lovers of pure music was a real treat. The training of this Society seems almost perfect, their leader, Mr Thomas was expressing the gratification he should experience at seeing that famous Northern town Gladstone. Can Gladstone people take a hint Mr Editor 1 The Rev. Jos. Hancock and Mrs Lake took part in the entertainment by giving short addresses. The Kulpara people are busy with their haying, and very good hay they are getting, There is no sign of rust here yet. But they are going ahead at a startling pace, they have started a local newspaper which I recommend to you Mr Editor for your exchange list. If you do laugh to any injurious extent over its pure mother wit I shall not be to blame, as it is not of my manufacture. The crops in this district are far from being clean, but aDart from that are lookini' finelv. and feed and water are abundant. Mr G. Daniel J. P. is very seriously ill and grave fears as to the result are entertained by bis friends.