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BULL, William (died 1896), Marian (died 1936)
BURT, Jackie (son of E & G, died 1909)
In Loving Memory of EZRA4th Son of M & A Fullston
Died 20 Feb 1892 Aged 26 Years
“Not My Will But Thine Be Done”
HARRISON, John (died 1900 age 72)
KOCH, Rena Esther (daughter of FW & EG died 1897)
KOCH, Albert (died 1888 age 28),
KOCH, Annie Isabella (nee Montgomery, 1868-1890, wife of Carl W H)
MUGFORD, Mary (wife of Alexander Peter, died 1893)
PHELPS, John (died 1922 age 85), Lucy Emma (died 1891 age 51), Simeon (died 1931 age 68)
RUMBLE, John (died 1891 age 55)
TEE, Samuel W H M (died 1909 age 53), Anne (died 1918 age 68), Michael (died 1897), Rebecca (died 1893)
WILLIAMS, Sarah Jane (daughter of Zacharias, died 1888 age 28)