Centenary Celebrations in Yorketown Council District

April 14 to 20 Visit of His Excellency the Governor and Lady Dugan SUCCESSFUL BEGINNING

The Opening of the grand Centenary Celebrations in the Yorketown Council District on Wednesday, 1 April 14, 1937, was the outstanding feature of the week on Yorke Peninsula. The presence of His Excellency the Governor and Lady Dugan greatly enhanced the success of the gathering. There was a splendid attendance of residents and visitor* from the surrounding districts, also many former residents who had come back to take part in the functions. To the energetic Organising Secretary, Mr. T. H. Randies, who has been tireless in controlling all the arrangements, much praise is due for the successful launching of the Celebrations. The President (Mr. E. H. Giles), Vice-President (Mr. S. G. Golds worthy) and members of the Council and their officeis (Messrs. E. E, Lloyd and R. Tonkin) , with the various Committees and the four Queens — Misses E. Swalling (Sport), I. Anderson (Wool), M. Lloyd (Agriculture) and T. Tonkin (Commerce), have been at work early and late making special efforts to aid the Secretary in the big task of carrying to a successful conclusion a seven-days' period of festivities and entertainment. His Excellency, Sir Winston Dugan, and Lady Dugan, who were accompanied by the Private Secretary (Mr. Legh Winser) arrived at Edithburgh in the steamer Warrawee on Tuesday at 2.30 p.m. They were met by the Mayor and Mayoress, of Edithburgh (Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Richardson), Mr. E. H. Giles (President of the Celebrations Committee) and Miss Muriel Giles. The party visited the swimming pool near the jetty, which has recently been completed. In accordance with a request, Lady Dugan graciously consented to allow it to be named "The Lady Dugan Swimming Pool " and hoped that if her future engagements permitted, to come over and open it. Proceeding to the School, His Excellency was formally welcomed by His Worship the Mayor. The children were assembled in the school ground by the Head Teacher, Mr. Lapidge, where they rendered several songs and choruses. The boys gave an excellent display of physical exercises. Mr. A. Pascall spoke on behalf of the Returned Soldiers of Edithburgh. The Governor addressed the children and shook hands with the residents and . returned men. With Lady Dugan, he was motored by Mr. E. E. Murdock along the coast to the Coobowie School, where the scholars were lined alongside the road. His Excellency, after being welcomed by the Head Teacher (Mr. L- Hewton) spoke in a pleasing way to the children, parents and residents who had assembled. Proceeding to Yorketown, via Penton Vale, the party proceeded to the Melville Hotel, where they were received by Host J. Heffernan. Later His Excellency, Lady Dugan and Mr. Legh W inser walked to the S.Y.P. District Hospital, where they were received by the Chairman (Mr. H. J. Vigar) and Mrs. Vigar, j Dr. Watson* (Medical Officer) and Mrs. Watson, and Matron Kenihan. j Their Excellencies were shown 1 through tne Hospital, and were | particularly well pleased with the I internal arrangements of the Institution. After the Governor had visited and shaken hands with the patients, the patty were entertained at afternoon tea by Mrs. Vigar and Mrs. Watson. The Secretary of the Hospital (Mr. J. Ferguson) and the Secretary of the Celebrations (Mr. H. Randies), Mr. E. H. Giles and Miss Giles were also present. After they left the Hospital the Governor and Lady Dugan made a private inspection of the decorated shops. He congratulated Mr. Norman MacFarlane on his special arrangement of fruit. In the evening at the Toe H meeting, the President, Mr. H. T. Bateup, welcomed Sir Winston, who addressed the members in a happy speech. At 8 p.m. he attended the Re-Union smoke social of the Returned Soldiers at the Diggers'Club, which, under the Presidentship of Mr. A. Holland, heartily welcomed His Excellency. On Wednesday morning the Vice Regal Party visited the Yorketown School and were welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. D. Carmichael and teachers. The Governor in a happy mood addressed the children and wished them every success in the future. Motoring 14 miles to the Staiisbury School they were received by Mr. Holland, the Head Teacher, and accorded a royal welcome. On the way Mrs. Giles, wife of the President, joined the party. Sir Winston at the close of his address presented the swimming certificates won by the scholars during the season. The scholars assembled in the school grounds and the girls splendidly gave several rhythm items. His Excellency was very much impressed with the appropriate War Memorial erected near the jetty. Returning to Yorketown along the Beach Road a call was made at the works of the Adelaide Cement Company at Kleinls Point. They were met by Messrs. Pickett and Willcocks, of the Adelaide staff, Mr. W. G. Natt, the works manager. After an inspection of the works, His Excellency " fired a shot " and displaced several tons of the limestone material used for crushing prior to being shipped to Port Adelaide for use in the making of the famous Kangaroo Cement. The Councillors for the Wards Messrs. Eichner, Bridges and Antonio were present at Klein's Point. After being entertained with refreshments. His Excellency and party returned to Yorketown for lunch. On each occasion the scholars at the various schools were granted a half holiday.

The Opening Event


Shortly after 2 p.m. the Procession, led by the Marshall, Mr. W. Algie, mounted on one of Mr. G. H. Hart's beautiful grey horses (kindly loaned for the occasion), wended its way slowly along the Main Street to the Soldiers' Memorial Park. From the fine vantage point of the Melville Hotel balcony the Governor's party had an excellent view of the proceedings. Space and time will not permit of a detailed description, but elsewhere in this report a list of prizewinners is given. His Excellency arrived at the Park at 2.45 p.m., and after passing through a Guard of Honour of schoolchildren, mounted the special dais erected on the Pavilion. The President of the Celebrations (Mr. E. H. Giles), iu an interesting speech, welcomed Sir Winston and Lady Dugan. and asked His Excellency to open the celebrations. His Excellency, in one of his characteristic speeches, thanked the Chairman for his kind remarks and spoke of the great pleasure it gave him to come into the country and meet the people in their own towns and districts. They had been charmed with their reception and the arrangements made for their entertainment. It was with very great pleasure he declared the Celebrations open. A vote of thanks to His Excellency was moved by Mr. S. G. Goldsworthy and seconded by Mr. G. H. Hart, and carried by acclamation. Shortly before four o'clock the Vice-Regal representatives left the ground and were entertained at tea by the President at Burt & Friebe's Paragon Cafe. They left soon after for Port Hughes to join the Moonta. The judging of the various floats was proceeded with and the names of the winners announced on the excellent amplifier service provided by Mr. Eric LeCornu. An interesting ladies' cricket match between teams representing Stansbury and Yorketown was played during the afternoon. In the evening at 8 o'clock town was in its gayest mood. myriads of colored lights gave the The the appearance of fairyland. Dancing was soon in progress and right on till midnight the gay and festive scene continued. Reports of this and other gatherings must be held over until next issue. Special mention must be made of the excellent work of Mr. E. Russ, manager of the Yorketown Electric Power House. He willingly worked night and day to provide electric power for the 1,000 and more additional colored globes erected in the main streets and at most of the business places. The success of the masquerade was greatly helped by the fine lighting arrangement made by Mr. Russ and his assistants.

Centenary Celebrations in Yorketown Council District April 14 to 20, 1937

Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954), Friday 23 April 1937, page 3, Trove


Raised Winning Queen Crowned by Sir David Gordon

The Centenary Celebrations are over, and one and all have proclaimed tlieui an unqualified success. To the Hon. Organising: Secretary (Mr. T. H. Randies) and his willing band of helpers we take off our hats—" Hail, Harry ! you're a great worker and a good sport, you . brought us safely over all the obstacles to the winding post for a prize of ^700. Well done, Mr. Secretary ! " When it is remembered that Mr. Randies had 63 Committee members connected with 20 committees, it will be realised what a prodigious task he took up five months ago, and carried through to a successful climax. The result was well worth the time given so ungrudgingly and without stint. The full week of festivities certainly put some of us back in our business calculations, and if the amount raised is wisely allocated, no one will regret the time given towards making the celebrations a success. The Secretary specially desires to say how pleased he was in finding such good feeling prevailing in the various towns he visited during the four months of preparation. He hopes that it is a happy omen for all future functions. A short journey over the whole week will not be out of place. We recorded in last issue the arrival of His Excellency the Governor on Tuesday, April 13, and the Opening Ceremony at the Memorial Park on Wednesday afternoon A digest of the speeches on that occasion, appear in another column. The j procession in the afternoon was perhaps the most elaborate in the I town's history. The tastefully j decorated floats of the Queens, the children's unique vehicles, the trade displays, the funny cyclists, and last, but not least Mussoliney's Band, were all outstanding and very attractive. By the bye, did you listen to the music of the band ? The ladies' cricket match between | Yorketown and Stansbury was won by Yorketown. On the evening of the opening day, the Masquerade Carnival in the centre of the town was the Mecca for old and young. The five roads from Stansbury, Minlaton, Edith burgh, Warooka and Port Moorowie were roped off and the centre reserved for those in fancy dress and masks. The splendid effect of hundreds of colored lights suspended overhead added to the beauty of the scene. It was a night to be remembered. LeCornu's amplifier service provided good music. Mr. A. Smith, of Stansbury, made an excellent M.C. and had the large crowd of dancers well under • control. Those two popular comedy artists, Bernie Starr and Reg. Heusler, were "the fun of the fair.' In the afternoon on bikes and in the evening on skates, they did much to sustain the joyful mood of all who took part. During the evening the contestants for the various prizes J mounted a long table, which had been placed in the centre of the , street, where the judges "eyed", them as they walked its length. ; Right on till midnight the sounds of revelry and fun filled the air. The weather was mild and all the partakers and spectators enjoyed the whole show—in fact some are " looking forward " to a similar event a century hence. On Thursday, the lunch in the Town Hall provided for former residents was well patronised, This had been convened by Mrs. E. H. Giles and assisted by a band of lady helpers, and there was an abundance of food with plenty of helpers to distribute it. Mr. E. H. Giles presided and welcomed the visitors, who, in turn, spoke of the former happy days in the district. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. F. Baddack, Mrs. C. Baddack, Mr. and Mrs. R. Clasolim, Miss I. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Diprose, His Honor Mr. Judge Kelly, Mr. R. Kinnaue, J.P., Mr. Malone, Mesdames H. Rowlands, B. L. Wilkinson. Wehrmann, Weynes, L. Peake, Sorrell, C. Knutsen, G. Portman, Mr. and Mrs. J. Page, Miss Goldsmith, Mrs. and Miss Swaliing, Mr. and Mrs. M. Quick, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Button, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Hoyle, Mr. and Mrs. T. Barns, Mrs. Haines, Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. B. O'Shaughuessy, Mr. E. W. Jaehue, Mr. Adolpli Jaehne, and others. In the afternoon the visiting tennis players from the city attracted an interested crowd. The players were :—Misses Skinner and Ward, Messrs. Don Turubull, Cliff Harvey, Tom Warhurst and Allan Edwards. Their games were watched by an appreciative audience, who enjoyed every minute of the time. Afternoon lea was provided for the players. Local players who played against the city folk were Misses Gwen Anderson and Grace Penberthy. Messrs. Gus Rohrig and Ken Hoyle. The dance on the tennis court in the evening proved quite an enjoyable function. Music was supplied by the " Melody Boys." During the eveniug Mr. Randies took the ! opportunity of thanking the visiting | tennis players for their excellent exhibition of tennis and hoped that j their stay would be an enjoyable one. Mr. Don Turnbull, on behalf of the party, assured everybody that they were thoroughly enjoying themselves and thanked the people for their kind hospitality. Mr. Turnbull said that the Yorketown tennis courts are as fine as any country courts he has played on. On Friday there was an appreciative attendance at the Stansbury Oval, when a programme of sports was well patronised by entrants from various parts of the district. A return match by the lady cricketers resulted in a win for Stansbury. A Ball in the Institute in the evening also had a fine attendance of people from near and far. Saturday afternoon the Yorketown Showground was the scene of an attractive programme of horse, cycle and athletic events. The results are published on page 4 of this issue. On Sunday the Churches in the district welcomed back former members and adherents. Special sermons were preached. Monday was Coobowie day. The local committee had made excellent arrangements for the entertainment of the hundreds of visitors who were present throughout the day. The cool weather kept most of them on the move. Horses-inaction and athletic events, tennis and croquet for the adults, and sandcastle building and other games for the kiddies kept the energetic committee busy. A croquet gymkhana attracted a good number of entries in which Mrs. G. H. Hait secured three prizes, Mrs. R. K Barlram and Mrs. W. Rose one each. Masters Lehmann and Xatt, Misses Daniel I, Wilmshurst and Waller were winners in the sandcastle competition. The results of other events have not been supplied. In the evening the Town Hall at Yorketown was well filled for the Grand Concert and Christy Minstrel Show. On Tuesday afternoon the back to school functions brought quite a number of our citizens to school in their old pinafore dresses and other school togs. The majority of them had their school bags, an apple or a skipping rope. After signing their names in the register at the Town Hall, the happy company headed by Ivy Domasclienz and Eric Friebe marched lo the school. A former head teacher of the Coobowie School, Mr. O'Shaughnessv, took charge. It was an afternoon of fun and frolic. At night the grand ball and crowning of the Queen was a grand finale to a most successful celebration, and a fitting finish to a glorious week. The Town Hall was far too small for those who desired admission Visitors were ptesent from all parts of the Peninsula and over 100 cars were parked in the street. In addition to a number of privilege badges, ^45 was taken at the door. It was a great night. Dancing, to the excellent music music of the " Melody Boys," and under the capable direction of Mr. A. A. Smith, was continued until 10 p.m., when a break was made to give an opportunity for last-minute voting. The President (Mr. E. H. Giles) distributed the various prizes and trophies won during the course Celebrations. The following are in addition to those mentioned in last issue :— Ladies' Bridge Championship — Mesdames Swindell and Moon ; Gents' do.— Messrs. Bnnkworth and Harris. Ladies' Golf Trophy — Mrs. G. Hoyle ; Gents'—Mr. R. Mattiske. Case of Wine (guessing competition)— Mrs. A. L. Heitmann. j Crystal Salad Bowl and Servers (Candle j Competition, burning time 5 days 7 hrs.) ; —Miss, Olga Friebe. 1 Clock ("Feathers" Competition) — I Mrs. B. Haywood. j Barometer (Length of String Competition)—Mr. J. W. Chinner. During the evening progress voting figures bad been posted on a blackboard, and at 10.30 an alarm clock closed the Competition, and the Queens were asked to assemble in the Council Chamber. Shortly afterwards a space of four feet was made down the centre of the Hall and a carpet laid, along which the Queens proceeded, attended by | smartly-dressed "page-boys," to i the specially prepared throne on (the stage. They mounted the steps . in alphabetical order—Agriculture, Commerce, Sport and Wool. Each Queen wore a long train to match her frock. When they had taken up their positions the Secretary, Mr. j T. H. Randies, announced that the , Queen of Wool, with 26,827 voles, | had won the competition and would i be crowned as " Miss Centenary." j Mr. Ii. II. Giles then asked Sir David Gordon, the Chairman of the State Centenary Celebrations Committee, to crown the winning queen.

Sir David placed a red and gold crown upon the head of the Queen of Wool, and said it was a proud moment for him, as it was the first time he had taken part in such a ceremony. He had come over to Yorketown to be present at the last of the Centenary celebrations, and for the particular purpose of crowning the Queen. He expressed great pleasure at the result, and congratulated the officer?, committees and people on the wonderful success of the Celebrations. He then, at the request of Mr. Giles, presented each queen with a valuable memento of the occasion. To the four Queens we pay homage. Each of them with their secretaries and committees gave of their best, both as regards service and money. The following are the final voting figures and the amounts represented: Queen of Wocl (Miss Irene Anderson, of Stansburv) 26,327 " £109 13 11 Queen of Commerce (Miss Teresa Tonkin, of Oaklands) 22,7S0 94 IS 4 Queen of Sport (Miss Elvie Swalling, of Yorketown) 19,463 SI 1 11 Queen of Agriculture (Miss Muriel Llovd, of Lake Sunday) " 17,352 72 6 0 A grand total of J£35S/0;2, a truly magnificent sum. With other amounts raised during the festivities amounting to nearly £3^0, the committee can count on a gross total of about ^700. To all who helped in the success of the week the President and Secretary extend their sincere thanks.