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Place Names of South Australia

Koolywurtie, 16 km north of Minlaton, on 1 March 1877; it ceased to exist on 28 March 1979. Mr Wallis set up a blacksmith’s shop there but the town never grew and, today, the only evidence that one was intended is the presence of St Raphael’s Church.

In 1880, a deputation comprising of Messrs E. Crozier, G.D. Dowling and J.C. Tonkin waited upon the Minister of Education on July 12 to ask that a school might be erected in the Hundred of Koolywurtie. ‘The nearest school was at Mount Rat... A public meeting had been held and it was suggested that a school might be erected at the SE corner of section 53, known as the Two-Mile-Hut Section...’

The Koolywurtie School opened circa 1882 in the Croser (sic) family residence and closed in 1942.


Koolywurtie School

The original ’Provisional school’ with less than 20 children & an ‘uncertified’ teacher opened as early as 1883 on the property of Mr. Edward Croser, but in 1895 the Koolywurtie Public School opened here on land given by Mr. James Brown. With the very large families in the district, enrolments multiplied until the late 1930’s when the minimum enrolment of at least seven children to keep the school open, became a great struggle. Even ‘borrowing’ a child from Minlaton school eventually proved fruitless when the school buses began running past to carry pupils to that larger school.
However the school’s most famous old scholar was Captain Harry Butler, who once delighted the students by ”buzzing” his old school and dropping a greeting to those below!



Saturday 2 October 1875, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

Tuesday, September 28 AT £1 0s. 6d. Per Acre.

Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 29, 276 acres, A. Symonds.

AT £1 7s. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 32, 314 acres, J. Rawlings, Steelton farmer.

AT £1 9s. 6d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 5, 315 acres, F. A. Telchelmann, Oyster Bay, farmer

AT £1 10s. 6d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 39, 325 acres, T. Brown

AT £1 12s. 6d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 48, 631 acres, J. Mahar, jun.

AT £1 13s. 6d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 19, 272 acres, A. Symonds. i

AT £2. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 4, 321 acres, J. Hunt, jun, Hope Valley, farmer ; Section 41, 312 acres, M. Quean.

AT £2 0s. 6d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 2, 569 acres, J.G.Bothe; Section 14, 238 acres, Wi Hunt, Hope Valley, farmer.

AT £2 2s. 6d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 33, 309 acres, P Symonds.

AT £2 4s. 6d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 3, 575 acres, T. Bennett, Rapid Bay, farmer.

AT £2 12s. 6d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 17, 316 acres. J. Cook, sen.

AT £3 3s. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 28, 319 acres, P. Symonds.

AT £3 4s. 6d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 79, 359 acres, T. O. Reade.

AT £3 6s. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 15, 295 acres, E. G. Sieber.

AT £3 10s. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 78, 412 acres, W. L. Reade.

Wednesday, September 29.

AT £1 2s. 0d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 74w, 267 acres, B. Manning.

AT £1 5s. 9d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Sections 80 sad 81, 678 acres; J. Manning.

AT £1 10s. 0d. Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Part Section 7, J. Cook. jun.

AT £1 12s. 6d.Per Acre. Hundred Koolywurtie, County Fergusson — Section 98e, 276 acres, J. Kelly.


Saturday 7 July 1877, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

Thursday, July 7. PETITION PRESENTED. By Mr. DUNCAN, from 72 residents of Minlacowie, Koolywurtie, and Wauraltie, on Yorke's Peninsula, asking that a jetty might be erected at Port Rickaby, so as to provide for the safe landing and shipping of goods in any weather.

KOOLYWURTIE, December 17.

Saturday 22 December 1877, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

The weather is very unsettled, and light showers are falling at intervals. This will delay our harvest operations. Most of the farmers have commenced reaping, and now have a good idea as to how the crops will turn out. Some are yielding 12 to 15 bushels, while some few are only yielding 6 to 8 bushels per acre. I think the average yield of the Hundred will be about 11 bushels, and of a very fair sample. There is a very large area under crop, most of which will be shipped at Port Rickaby. The first load of this year's wheat was brought into Port Rickaby last Friday by Mr. R. Hatcher. This was a splendid sample. Mr. Rickaby, who is buying for Messrs. J. Dunn & Co., has already orders for 10,000 bags. No doubt the want of a jetty will, be seriously felt this year, but we hope by next harvest this want will have been supplied ; for ere long we shall see Port Rickaby one of the finest ports in Spencer's Gulf, owing to its splendid anchorage and depth of water.


Saturday 30 March 1878, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

It still holds very dry here. We have not fared as well as other parts of the colony for rain. A syet very little has fallen ; some think, it all the better, and say later rains are indications of a good season. — Ploughing is going on vigorously everywhere, and most of the farmers talk of sowing on the 1st of April.— The road is now cleared to Port Rickaby, which will prove a great advantage to the farmers. All that is wanted now to complete this port is the long-looked-for jetty. Although the money has been passed for this structure, no steps have yet been taken towards its erection. I think the, Government are rather, dilatory in getting the tenders out. As it will take some months to complete this work the sooner it is commenced the better, or it will not be ready by next harvest. The want of a jetty has been seriously felt this year, inasmuch as it has taken 10 days to load vessels which could have been done in three days off a jetty.


Saturday 4 May 1878, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

At length we have been favored with a good fall of rain. It commenced to rain at 3 a.m. on the 18th, and continued steadily till 6 o'clock, and we also had several hours' steady rain yesterday. Many of the farmers have already began sowing, and I think it will be general now. We are in hopes of some feed soon, as the country is very bare at present.


Saturday 1 June 1878, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

The weather for the last fortnight has been most delightful, although a little rain would be very acceptable. The country around is now looking splendid, and we are anticipating any amount of grass next spring. — Sowing is just about at an end. The early-sown crops are looking well, I suppose the area uncer crop will be nearly double that of last year. This, with a good season, will produce a large quantity of wheat, most of which will be shipped at Port Bickaby. As yet no visible steps have been taken to commence the long-talked-of jetty here, the money for which, was passed last year. If not soon commenced it will not be completed by harvest time. I hear that we are to have a Governmental Reservoir at that port. It would be very acceptable, and we hope that the tenders will soon be out for its construction.


Saturday 24 August 1878, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

The weather of late has been all that could be desired. The early-sown crops are in most places from nine inches to a foot high, but the late-sown crops are rather indifferent, especially those on virgin soil. — The Central Yorke's Peninsula Agricultural and Horticultural Society are to hold their first show and ploughing match at Minlaton. The amount set down for prizes is £75. This I consider speaks well for the place, which is only yet in its infancy. — The people of Koolywurtie will rejoice to know that a tender for the long-talked-of jetty at Port Rickaby has been accepted, Messrs. Nichol and Oliver being the successful tenderers. I hope shortly to be able to report the commencement of this work, which, when completed, will be a great boon to the district. — A memorial is being numerously signed to ask the Government to erect a tank at the junction of the Port Victoria, Moonta, Port Vincent, and Yorketown main roads.

KOOLYWURTIE, November 4.

Saturday 9 November 1878, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

The weather of late has been all that could be desired,for haymaking,-which is now the order of the day. With few exceptions the cut is light. I should think the average is about 8 or 10 cwt. per acre Owing to the abundance of feed this season there is not much being cut. The wheatcrops in general are looking only middling. Red rust appears to be in all of them more or less, but whether it will damage them to any great extent is not yet known. A little rain would be very acceptable for the late-sown crops. The erection of the jetty at Port Bickaby is being pushed on with great rapidity by the contractors (Messrs. Nichol and Oliver), who expect, weather permitting, to have it completed by Christmas. The Wesleyan body are about to erect a church in this Hundred, immediately near the Mount Rat Post-Office.


Thursday 9 January 1879, South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858 - 1889) Trove

The holidays have passed off very quietly. — Reaping will soon have terminated in this hundred. I do not think the average yield of the hundred will exceed seven bushels per acre. With a few exceptions the grain is plump and of a fair size. — I am glad to be able to report that the Port Rickaby Jetty is so near completion that another fortnight will, I think, finish the work. Great praise is due to the contractors, Messrs. Nicol & Oliver, for the way in which they have pushed on with it. — The weather here last Saturday was a reminder of the celebrated Black Thursday. Up till 12 o'clock a strong hot north wind was blowing, which then changed to the westward. The sky had an appearance as if a terrific thunderstorm was brewing, and at about 2.30 it was as dark outside as if it had been 8 o'clock in the evening. It soon became evident that a large fire was raging on the Port Lincoln side, as ashes coming from that direction were lodging on everything exposed; but this state of things did not last long, for in less than two hours the sun shone out brightly, and all was clear again.


Tuesday 4 March 1879, Evening Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1869 - 1912) Trove

Gum Flat, March 4. An accident happened yesterday to Mr. Charles Smith, farmer, of Koolywurtie, who was thrown from his cart by the wheel passing over a stump, near Mount Rat. He had his leg broken. A steady rain fell all night.


Thursday 19 June 1879, South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) Trove

On Saturday, May 31, & match took place between the Koolywurtie and Wauraltie Cricket Clubs. The game passed off in a very agreeable manner, and ended in a victory for the latter with 9 runs to spare. There was a large number or visitors, including several of the fair sex. The visiting team arrived on the ground at about half-past 11 o'clock; and shortly afterwards a toss took place between Captain Feehan and Captain Hardy, and resulting in favour of the former he seat his men to the wickets. Their stay, however, was short, and they were all out for 49. Mr. Hardy's team went in and made 51. The cricketers then sat down to an excellent spread prepared by the Koolywurties, and after full justice had been done to it Captain Feehan again placed his men at the wickets ; but they did not guard them long, and retired for 23. Mr. Hardy's men in their innings scored 33. Sir. Symondt and Captain Feehan did good service with the ball for the Koolywurties, and Mr. Hardy and Mr. Tomney for the Wauralties. Mr. J. King and Mr. G. Crocker acted as umpires. Cheers for the visiting team, the Koolywurties, and the ladies, brought a very pleasant day to a close.

KOOLYWURTIE November 10.

Saturday 15 November 1879, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

The weather continues all that could be desired for haymaking, which is now the order of the day. A little rain would be very acceptable to the late sown crops, which are short but healthy. The early sown are looking well, and the ears are filling up splendidly, but they area thin, owing to the black rust, which in some places has robbed poor Wapstraw of a sixth off his crop. No red rust has appeared as yet, and taking a birdseye view of the whole of the hundred I think the average yield will not exceed 10 bushels per acre.— The approaches to Port Rickaby Jetty, which is being remetalled, will be finished this week and is a decided improvement but to complete this port, and to put us on a par with our neighbors, there is another improvement really needed, and that is the lenthening of the jetty by another 500 feet. This would enable vessels to lie in safety while loading. At I present they cannot do so, and thus the farmers I are at a disadvantage, in as much as it costs .5d. I per bushel more to ship their wheat than at either Port Victoria or Minlacowie. Why I should we be thus placed when several hundred pounds are still on the Estimated to our credit? I Nearly all the land in the hundred has been sold, and even this year a lot of wheat must be shipped at Port Rickaby.

KOOLYWURTIE, January 17.

Saturday 24 January 1880, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

With two or three exceptions reaping is over for another season. Where the winnowing machine has been at work the farmers find out that the crops are not turning out so well as was expected. Owing to the storms of November and black rust the average yield of the hundred will be reduced quite three bushels per acre, and will not exceed eight bushels throughout. — Great inconvenience is being felt by every one at the alteration of the time of arrival of our down mails, which now arrive at 10 p.m. insteal of 11.30a.m., thus depriving every one of their weekly newspapers and letters until office hours on Monday, as our postmaster declines to deliver letters or papers on Saturday nights. It is hoped that this state of things will not last long. I for one fail to see the advantage of the alteration except to one or two townships.


Saturday 3 April 1880, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

We have had our share of the early rains, and now the earth is putting on her carpet of green. —Ploughing is now the order of the day, and one or two farmers have commenced sowing. — Wheat is still coming into Port Rickaby, where already over 10,000 bags are stacked. The jetty is very little better than none at all at low water, for then a vessel cannot lie alongside to load or unload owing to the breakers and backwash being so close to the end of the jetty, which is only 400 feet long. Surely the Government will remedy this matter, and place us somewhat on a par with other ports. This can be done by lengthening tbe jetty, say 200 feet, and then it will only be half the length of the Minlacowie jetty, which is 1,200 feet long, while the Port Victoria jetty is 1,000 feet in length. I think our claim is a reasonable one. At present farmers are at a loss of Is. 2d. per bushel for wheat shipped here, which owing to the shortness of the jetty has to be taken away in lighters. Till the Government see fit to grant us this request a screw-pile at the end of the jetty would prove a great boon to shipowners. There is a large store in course of erection at Port Rickaby, which, when completed, will house 12,000 bags of wheat comfortably.— I hope soon to be able to report the commencement of the long-talked of tank, which is to be retendered for on the 7th of April.


Tuesday 27 April 1880, South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858 - 1889) Trove

We have had, with but little intermission, twelve hours' steady rain, and there is every appearance of its continuing. As far as the season has advanced it has been meet favorable for the farmers. Ploughing and sowing are being pushed on vigorously, and a much greater area will be under crop this year than last. —The wheat is going away very slowly from Port Rickaby, chiefly owing to the masters of vessels being afraid to lie alongside of the jetty, the end of which is in the breakers and ground sweIl. When they do come here an extra 2s.6d. per ton for lightering is charged beyond what is paid at Ports Victoria or Minlacowie. This is entirely owing to the jetty being too short It is only 408 feet in length, while that at Minlacowie is 1,200 feet, and that at Port Victoria is 1,000 feet. Surely the Government will remedy this matter before another harvest is upon us.—l hear that a memorial is afloat to ask the Marine Board for moorings to be laid down at Port Rickaby.


Saturday 5 June 1880, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

We have lately had heavy rains, and the ground is now so wet that it is scarcely workable— l am glad to be able to report the commencement of the long-talked-of tank at Port Rickaby. It is about half excavated, and there is every prospect of its being completed in time to be of service to farmers and teamsters next summer. — I hear of the ketch Broughton being ashore at Port Minlacowie, where she is likely to remain for some months. It is not long since a ketch was wrecked at Port Rickaby. I think it would be a great safeguard against such disasters if moorings were laid down off all the jetties on the western coast of Yorke's Peninsula.— A loud noise like that of an explosion in a quarry was distinctly heard at Port Rickaby on Sunday evening, at 8.30. It shook the houses and alarmed the inhabitants.


Saturday 3 July 1880, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

An influential meeting was held to-day at Mr Peter King's. Mr. J. G. Tonkin presided, and urged the desirableness of asking the Government to erect a school in the hundred. It was proposed by Mr. P. King, and seconded by Mr. J. Mahar, that a deputation consisting of Messrs. J. O. Tonkin, E. Crosier, and R. D. Ross (the member for the district) wait upon the Minister of Education as early as possible and place the educational wants of the district before him. The proposed site for the school is in the south-east corner of Mr. F. Menz's section, that being considered the most central and suitable. There are already thirty-nine children of a school-going age within a radius of three miles.— With a few exceptions sowing is over in this part for another year, and the early sown crops look, strong and healthy, but the weather for last fornight, although much rain has fallen, has been against the growth of vegetation, being cold and lacking the genial sunshine. — Election, matters seem to be very quiet here.

KOOLYWURTIE (Mt. Rat). Nov. 10.

Saturday 20 November 1880, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

Haymaking is now the order of the day. A good deal is being cut owing to the red rust showing very badly in some places in fact some patches are quite useless, but I am glad to report that these are few and far between, and that there is a fair prospect of some good crops, as many are beyond damage as far as rust is concerned — The anniversary of the Mount Rat Weslejan Chapel was celebrated on Sunday last, when sermons were preached morning and afternoon by the Rev. Mr. Angwin and in the evening by Mr. Harry, of Wauraltie. On Monday tea and public meetings were held, the latter presided over by Mr. H. McCallum; - Addresees were given by the Rev. Mr. Angwin Messrs. Barnes, Hardy, and Harry. The total proceeds amounted to £24 14s.


Saturday 18 December 1880, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

The weather of late has been very changeable but now seems to be settling for summer. A few farmers have commenced reaping, but operations will not become general till next week. With a few exceptions the sample will be good and marketable. The wheat called small purple straw seems to be the injured by by red rust. I cannot give an estimate of the yield per acre, for as yet none has been cleaned up to my knowledge, but I should think by the appearance of the standing crops the average of the hundred will be ten bushels.

KOOLYWURTIE (Mt. Rat). April 12.

Saturday 16 April 1881, South Australian Weekly Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1881 - 1889) Trove

We have had a large stretch of dry weather, which still continues with no prospect of a change. — Some few farmers have commenced sowing, but it will not become general till next month. — The elections for the House of Assembly passed off quietly, but not satisfactorily to all, as some half-dozen would-be voters who want to record their votes found that their names were not on the roll, although they had always voted at previous elections, and still held the same qualifications. — Little excitement exists as to the Legislative Council elections.— I am glad to be able to report that the contractor (Mr. Ledo) has commenced to lay the new rails on the Port Rickaby jetty, and that in a week's time he will be fully at work extending the jetty. When completed it will be a great boon to farmers and others.


Saturday 14 May 1881, South Australian Weekly Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1881 - 1889) Trove

The long looked-for downpour has come at last. Many farmers who had sown early began to fear their labors would have to be repeated, but the rain has set their minds at rest, it has also put an end to water-carting, all the tanks and dams being replenished. The wind is very boisterous, and threatens for more rain.— Our Port Rickaby jetty is already extended 60 feet. The contractor (Mr. Ledo) seems to have taken advantage of the fine weather. He has also completed the laying of the new rails, spd 66 feet of an approach inland, all of whioh is giving every satisfaction. Now that last year's wheat is being shipped, 1,800 bags have been lightered to Port Victoria. Since the new rails have been laid the loaded trucks are self-propelling, whereas before it used to take three men to push them aboat.


Saturday 22 October 1881, South Australian Weekly Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1881 - 1889) Trove

The weather during the last two months has been unusually dry, which has considerably blighted the prospects of the coming harvest. Only a little rain fell on October 11, which was intuflioient to replenish the dams and tanks. With a few exceptions the crops are vary light and short. Black rust (for which there seems to be no remedy) is doing a deal of damage, so that now I think we cannot expect any better returns for our labors than last year, although everything looked so promising at the commencement of the season. — The jetty at Port Rickaby baa at last been completed, and so far the work seems to be satisfactory. It is now 620 feet in length, which will enable vessels to load or unioad alopgside in perfect safety.— The Mount Rat Hotel is open, and seems to be fairly patronised.— Mullenising is the order of the day, where the land is deemed suitable.


Saturday 23 January 1886, South Australian Weekly Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1881 - 1889) Trove

An inquest was held by Mr. J. Ford at the house of Mr. Cook, farmer, of Koolywurtie, on Fnday, January 15, to enquire into the circumstances connected with the fire which occurred on Wednesday, January 13, and by which a large quantity of fencing and growing timber was destroyed in the hundred of Koolywurtie.

Michael Costello, of Koolywurtie, said on Wednesday last he saw a fire on Mr. William Hunt's section. He was at the lower end of the section, and came up on seeing the smoke. Mr. Hunt was leading a horse from the lower paddock towards the hut. He returned to where he was working, and afterwards Mr. Hunt's boy came and told him that the fire had got into the scrub, and asked him to come up and help to put it out. This was about half past 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning. The fire when he came, up first was burning in the middle of the stubble section towards the scrub. Mr. Hunt was making a track round the hut, but he made no remark as to how the fire commenced. He did not tell witness in the morning that he intended burning. The ploughing round the section was done before the fire. At the time Mr. Hunt was making the track near the hut the fire was in Mr. Cook's scrub. There were also present Mr. Cook's two sons and Mr. Friebel. By Mr. Hunt — I did not see you burning stubble near the scrub.

David Cook, farmer, of Koolywurtie, said he was first at the fire on Mr. Hunt's section with the exception of Mr. Hunt. He was reaping about three miles away, and noticing some smoke went to the fire on horseback. When his younger brother and he got there they saw Mr. Hunt clearing a track with a shovel near the hut. The fire was in the scrub when they got to the place. Suppose the fire got from the stubble to the scrub, as the stubble was still smoking. Could not say whether Mr. Hunt was burning stubble there last week. They received no notice of Mr. Hunt's intention to burn stubble. Could not remember what Mr. Hunt said when he spoke to him. There was a strong north-west wind blowing from the stubble on to the scrub. Did not think that the ploughing round the section was sufficiently wide. There was plenty of time for the fire to burn all across the stubble from the time he saw the smoke until he got to the fire. By Mr. Hunt— Did not see any clearing made round the stubble, as the stubble was all burnt.

John Cook, jun., farmer, of Kooly wurtie, corroborated, and said the fire must have started in Mi. Hunt's section. The fire had burnt and damaged about a mile of fencing belonging to witness. It was a three-wire fence. It had also destroyed about forty acres of standing timber.

John Cook, sen., farmer, of Koolywurtie, said when he got neat to the spot he saw the fire going into Mr. Bothe's paddock. The fire was in Mr. Hunt's mallee, also in scrub belonging to witness and Mr. Bothe. Did not knowhow or when the fire started, but thought Mr. Hunt was burning stubble, and the fire got away from him. The fire occasionally broke out afresh in the stubble after he got there. After looking for Mr. Hunt for some time he found him in the hut. He took a shovel and said he would look after the fire in the stubble. Did not receive any notice from Mr. Hunt that he intended burning stubble. The fire could not have gone from the scrub across the stubble or from the place where the fire in the stubble broke out again. He did not think the ploughing round the section was sufficient.

Alfred Yells, farmer, Koolywurtie, said he had a conversation with Mr. Hunt on January 10, and he said if he had another day like January 4 he would put a light to his stubble. He said he would burn them all out, but it would make a difference of from £100 to £200 to him in reference to his next crop. Could not say whether he was in earnest about the his part, but he was so about setting light to the stubble. Saw the smoke of the fire on Wednesday, but did not go to it as Mr. Parsons told him it was miles away. Could not remember what Mr. Hunt said about a coroner's inquest, although he said something. By Mr. Hunt— My brother will also swear to the conversation I had with you.

Johann G. Bothe, farmer, said his land joined Mr. William Hunt's cornerwise. Did not receive any notice as to burning stubble on Wednesday last. Saw the ploughing round the paddock, and did not think it sufficient to keep back a fire. The jury found—''That Mr. William Hunt set fire to the stubble on his section on Wednesday, January 13, and that the fire extended into the adjoining scrub owned by Mr. John Cook and Mr. Bothe, the track ploughed between the scrub and the stubble being much too narrow to prevent the fire crossing. We consider that Mr. Hunt has been guilty of neglect in not taking proper precautions.''


Thursday 13 March 1890, South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) Trove

On Wednesday night a heavy thunderstorm passed over here. During the night the lightning struck the schoolhouse at Koolywartie. The wells, which are built with stone, are cracked, and have holes completely through them. Miss Williams, the teacher, on entering in the morning found a table broken to pieces, and a workbox, which was standing on it, split to atoms.


Tuesday 10 January 1893, Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA : 1867 - 1922) Trove

Minlaton. January 9. A gun accident occurred at Koolywurtie today. A young lad let down the hammer of a gun, when the charge exploded and struck the floor, then rebounded, striking the lad's father, John Edwards. The charge scattered from the feet to the head. Dr. Nail, of Yorketown, was sent for and the extent of the injuries is not yet known.

Minlaton, January 9. A gun accident happened to-day to Mr. John Edwards, of Koolywurtie. His son in capping a loaded gun accidently exploded it, and the charge striking a concrete floor rebounded and struck Mr. Edwards, who was sitting near by, in the legs, chest, and face, several shots entering his chest. He was taken to Yorketown, where Dr. Nail attended him.


Saturday 9 February 1895, South Australian Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1895) Trove

Minlaton, February 2. — A nasty accident happened this afternoon to Mrs. Philip Michelmore, wife of Mr. Philip Michelmqre, farmer, of Koolywurtie. She was driving towards Minlaton, and when opposite Mr. James McKenzie's farm the horse shied and capsized the spring-cart. Mrs. Michelmore was thrown unaerueaiii and narrowly escaped being killed. Fortunately assistance was immediately forthcoming, and she was extricated from her periious position and carried to Mr. McKenzie'a residence. There being no doctor within 21 miles Mr. Le Couteur of Minlaton was sent for, and on arrival found that Mrs. Michelmore had sustained a dislocated hip and other injuries. The dislocation was soon reduced.

Fri 17 Jan 1896.

Mr John Mahar, an old resident of Koolywurtie, died on Saturday night last from paralysis.

Port Victoria March 8.

Friday 11 March 1898, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

Trap ACCIDENT.-—Stretching across the main road running through Urania there is a raised embankment which appears as if it were placed there for the inconvenience of unwary travellers, and there on Sunday night last Mr Dan Feehan, who was returning home to Koolywurtie after attending his mother's funeral in Maitland, met with a mishap. The vehicle contained Mr D. Feehan, his wife and child, and Mrs Glacken. Mrs Feehan and child were both thrown out, Mrs Feehan falling between the wheel and the body of the trap, while the child fell pn the road some distance beyond the vehicle. Mrs Feehan is much braised and severely shaken. It was feared the child sustained more serious injuries, but it seems to be recovering now. It would be well if the attention of the District Council was called to this place bsfore an accident having more serious results takes place. WATER CARTING is the - order of the day and the weather is again veering towards warmth.

Wesleyan Church Opening.

Saturday 26 March 1898, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

MINLATON, March 21. The Koolywurtie Wesleyan Church was opened on Sunday, the Rev. J. Nairn preaching in the afternoon and evening to large congregations, many being unable to obtain seats. The collections realised a substantial sum.

Koolywurtie School

Thursday 16 May 1901, Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

At Koolywurtie an excellent school buildins of stone, with good porch, large underground tank, and every other requirement, has been built by a liberal-minded farmer. It is a pity, remarks Inspector Plummer, that other men of property in sparsely populated districts do not follow his example.

Bush Fires.

Saturday 24 March 1906, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Monday last a fire occurred in the Hundred of Koolywurtie. It appears that Mr. Tonkin had been burning stubble on the Saturday, and a heap of chaff which had been burnt, was covered with dirt to cheek it, but the strong wind on Monday, blew the dirt away, caused it to blaze and blow over the paddock. It travelled for some distance, doing considerable damage to a lot of fencing. A number of people were soon on the spot and beat the fire out.

M. C. Pattfiald and M.C. Giles were in attendance at a scrub fire between Weaver's and Qaklands on Monday. Aided by a Strong wind the fire spread rapidly out did not touch any farmsteads. The fire is supposed to have started about eight miles north of Oaklands. Fencing belonging to Messrs. Anderson, Brandell, Ball Bowman, Corish, Henderson and Jones was destroyed. Mr. Pitt's garden suffered severely by the fire.


Saturday 17 March 1906, Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

PORT VICTORIA, March 16. Mr. J. Brown, an old and respected resident of Koorywurtie, attended Mr. J. Hardy's sale yesterday, and was taken ill. On his way home he collapsed. He was removed to a resident's house, where he died.

Saturday 28 April 1906, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) Trove

Mr. James Brown, of Koolywurtie who died recently, was a native of County Cavnan, Ireland, and arrived in Adelaide by the ship Ali Quest in 1855. He settled in Second Valley, and farmed there until 1873, when he took up land at Koolywurtie Yorke's Peninsula, where he was successful with the aid of his two sons, James and Thomas. Mr. Brown was respected as a thoroughly upright and genial man, and an active worker in the Wesleyan Church and Sunday school. Besides his two sons Mr. Brown has left a daughter—Mrs R. G. Newbold. of Wauraltee—and 13 grandchildren.


Thursday 14 June 1906, Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

MINLAT0N, June 12. Mr. Peter King, of Koolywurtie, is one of the few remaining original settlers in one of the most prolific districts of Yorke's Peninsula. The family settled there in September, 1876, when the Peninsula was first thrown open to agricultural settlement. A tough struggle in subjugating the wilderness was followed by gradual and increasing prosperity, till a position of comparative affluence was attained. He now holds about 1,700 acres of freehold, which he cultivates on the three years' system of rotation. All crops are drilled in with superphosphates or guano. The value of superphosphates has been fully demonstrated here. Previous to their employment the average return was six bushels; now it is nearly as many bags. And, what is remarkable, the poorer soils in dry years yield the most prolific crops. Everything about this well-kept farm testifies to the forethought and ingenuity of the proprietor. Owing to the absorbent quality of the soil dams would be valueless for storing water. Wells, too, are out of the question, as water is reached only at considerable depths, and 13 then generally too saline. Accordingly immense cemented tanks have been provided; two with capacities of 100,000 gallons each, and one of 20,000 gallons. These are roofed with a network of wire and fine netting covered with broom, so that evaporation is prevented, and the precious fluid is kept at a comparatively even temperature. Pine stone stables afford accommodation for 24 draught horses. Here again sense of orderly neatness is apparent. A room is set apart for the harness, which is disposed on pegs on the walls, each peg surmounted by a legend in bold capitals giving the names of the respective horses. Nobility, classics, and Scripture have been drawn upon to supply this nomenclature. Diana, Prince, and Nebuchadnezzar figuring conspicuously on the whitewashed wall. A feature of the homestead is the number of stone walls, all plumb and level, erected by the proprietor and his sons. The accuracy of the levels he attained by using the distant sealine in default of a spirit leveL A convenient clothesline is constructed in the following manned: — An ordinary roller on end supports an old wheel, from, which spokes are carried outward. These support a circular wire for the clothes. The whole is braced by iron standards, rising from wheel, and can be rotated without effort, so that the clothes can all be hung on the line without moving from one spot. About 700 pure merinos contribute no small share to the grgeneraleneral prosperity. The barn is ingeniously fitted up to serve the turn of a woolshed, and several of the neighbours make use of this shed during the shearing season, and in return Mr. King cultivates part of their land on halves. Thus a communism of a sturdy and helpful type is cultivated. Pigs of Yorkshire and Berkshire breeds further supplement the return. Everything about the homestead bespeaks the energy, the skill, the enthusiastic interest, that distinguish the successful and deservedly prosperous settler.

Ploughing Up-to-Date.

Saturday 5 March 1910, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A field trial was held on Monday on Mr. J. Porker's farm at Koolywurtie, about seven miles north-west of Minlaton. There was a representative gathering of the farming community within a radius of 20 miles, and general satisfaction was expressed with the work done. A 20-h.p gasolene tractor, which Mr Porker had ordered from the International Harvester Company of America, first pulled two ploughs (II furrows), cutting 8 in. each furrow and 6 in. deep, and a set of five harrows. Then a 10-furrow plough was attached to the tractor, and for the grand finale an extra plough of five furrows was hitched on. The tractor, with the 15 furrows, was driven across the ploughed land far about two chains, and then out on the hard virgin soil over stumps and stones, which were traversed with the greatest success.

Death of Miss Daisy King.

Saturday 2 November 1912, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

The sad news of the death of Miss Daisy King, second daughter of Mr P. C. King, of Koolywurtie, was received in Minlaton on Friday, Miss King left on Monday with her brother to spend a holiday with her married sister at Cressy in Victoria. From the meagre news to hand we gather that she was suddenly taken ill with pneumonia. We express our sympathy with the parents and members of the family in the sad ?hock in their family life.

Koolywurtie Carnation Fair.

Saturday 13 December 1913, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A successful strawberry fete was held in the Koolywurtie Methodist Church on Friday, December 5. The Rev H. T. Rush, in asking Mrs J. C. Tonkin to open the fete, spoke in eulogistic terms of the splendid work accomplished by the ladies. The stalls so charmingly decorated with carnations and asparagus fern were indeed a credit to them. After a vote of thanks proposed by Mr J. Brown and seconded by Mr J. Porker to one and all who had assisted in the work the business of the evening began. The net takings amounted to approximately 40 pounds, and considering that this was the first attempt the results was very satisfactory to the working committee__ Mrs J. Brown, Miss O Tonkin. Messrs S. Brown and Syd. King. The stallholders were as follows:—

Strawberries, Misses J McKenzie, Brown (2), and L Porker ; sweets, R Clarke C Brown and Lily Porker ; fancy Mrs Tonkin and Miss Hogan ; jellies and salads, Misses E Brown and Wopper ; cool drinks, Mr A Kabauk, who is to be congratulated on the able manner in which this stall was conducted ; icecream, Misses Parsons and Forrest; flowers, Mrs Wopper : jack-in the box, Mr J Hampton; Xmas tree. Misses Cornish and G and D Brown. The supper tables were in the capable hands of Mrs J Brown Misses O Tonkin and Edwards.

A Scrub Scorcher.

Saturday 4 July 1914, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A farming implement that is new to Yorkes' Peninsula, was landed at Port Vincent last week; it is known as a scrub scorcher, and has been purchased by Mr John Porker, of Koolywurtie. The implement is constructed entirely of iron, and at the rear there is a large receptacle for holding firewood or coal The wood is lighted from the lop and a powerful fan blast drives the heat through an iron grating on to the bushes that are to be destroyed. The heat not only scorches the bushes but stops the growth entirely. The fan blast is operated by a chain attached to a sprocket on the main axle, and, by a series of cogs, a very fast action of the fans is worked up. The machine can be drawn by two horses. It is perhaps unnecessary to say that owing to the heat the driver is compelled to walk.

Twenty-one To-day.

Saturday 24 October 1914, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A very pleasant evening was spent at "Rosaville," Koolywurtie, the residence of Mr James Brown, on Friday last. Between 70 and 80 friends assembled at the invitation of Mrs Brown to celebrate the coming of age of Mr Stan. Brown, who has only recently recovered from a serious illness. The Minlaton Brass Band met at the gate and marched to the house, where during the evening they rendered several selections. Mr Stan Brown is one of the most popular young men in the district and the guests were all pleased to see Nurse Moyses present to whom all honor is due for restoring her patient to his present good state of health. Mr A. V. Barlow gave a solo in his usual fine style, Nurse Moyses and her patient sang a duet, choruses were also sung by the company. An excellent supper was partaken of and Mr Jos Williams, supported by Mr E. Jaehne, proposed the health of the guest of the evening. After supper, which, by the way, must have entailed a considerable amount of work for Mrs Brown and her helpers, games and more singing were indulged in. The singing of Auld Lang Syne brought a very enjoyable evening to a close.

Rain, Hail and Floods.

Saturday 26 June 1915, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Just at present the Peninsula is being favored with a week full of old time weather, and in some places even more so. Thunder, lightning, wind, rain and hail all delightfully mixed together. Inches of moisture have fallen in record time in favored spots. Maitland has h'ad its full share, Mount Rat been nearly washed off the map, Minlaton inundated, Curramulka supplied with a beautiful wide spreading lake suitable for boating, swimming, fishing and wild duck culture, while Yorketown, Edithburgh, Warooka and other places have been by no means overlooked. A settler near Minlaton rushed out into the night and the rain to empty his rain guage and give it a fresh start with the next shower, and found himself up to the waist in water, and his faithful house dog wildly barking and swimming around at the full length of his chain from the pole to which he was attached, vainly trying to reach his floating kennel bobbing up and down on the stormy waves half a chain away. This, under intermittent lightning flashlight, made a very pretty and impressive picture in water colors. But the most sensational experience happened on Tuesday to Mr F, Dodd, of Koolywurtie, whose homestead was struck by a seascape, hurricane, waterspout or other swiftly moving influence that in one act flattened out his stables, sheds and outhouses ; unroofed the dwelling house, carrying some of the sheets of iron fully a mile away, and sweeping trees and fencing from its narrow way as if these were only so many straws. A yearling colt was whisked off his feet and rolled over and over again for a chain or two and then brought up standing against a wall. Domestic fowls rolled away like balls of feathers; a prize rooster had his crowing apparatus filled with mud, and scarcely feathers enough left to permit a respectable return in daylight. Mr Dodd had to hang on to the first fixture he could grab to prevent himself following his belongings, and although the visitation lasted only about five minutes, he estimates his loss at over £200. The gale was followed by a terrific fall of hail and rain which in a few minutes completely flooded the ruined place.

Soldiers' Send off.

Saturday 4 March 1916, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

On Friday, February 18, over 70 people assembled at Mr J. Brown's barn at Koolywurtie, to bid farewell to Privates W. Croser, C. Bowyer, and C. Alexander. A good musical programme was carried out by Rev. A. J. and Mrs Moyle, Messrs S. and L. and Miss Brown, Messrs A. V. Barlow, H. Chambers, and Misses Sherriff, and Clayton. Elocutionary items by Mr A. Kubank, were above the usual, and highly appreciated. Addresses were given, by Rev. A. J, Moyle, and Messrs J. Williams, P. King, J. G Tonkin, and A. V. Barlow. The company heartily sang a number of choruses. Several presentations were made to the departing soldiers.


Saturday 16 March 1918, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Carrying Wounded Comrades for 24 Hours. News has come through from the battle-front from his pals in the firing line to friends in Koolywurtie that in September last Private "Stan" King was recommended for bravery. Again, on October 4 (the big brittle) he was recommended for the Military Medal for his heroic conduct on that occasion, consisting of carrying wounded comrades to places of safety for 24 hours without a break, under heavy fire: Later advices, again from pals, state that he has been duly decorated by General Birdwood.


Saturday 26 August 1916, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) Trove

Mr. E. Croser, of Koolywurtie, has been informed of the death in action, on July 17, of her youngest son, Pte. W. G. Croser, who was born at Koolywurtie 28 years ago, and left Australia with reinforcements on March 25 last.


Monday 11 December 1916, Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1912 - 1923) Trove

Pte. J. S. Alexander, who was killed in action in France on October 30, was the only son of Mr. Hugh Alexander, Port Adelaide, and was 25 years of age. He was born at Birkenhead, Port Adelaide. He early showed a taste for farming, and spent most of his time at Minlaton, from which place he enlisted in February last. He left for Egypt on March 25, and went onto action in France early in July. He was for several years a prominent player in the Minlaton football team, and was a member of the Koolywurtie Church choir. He was highly esteemed by all who knew him.


Saturday 16 February 1918, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A function of a most distinctive character, which will be long remembered in the Koolywurtie district, took place at "Blink Bonnie," the residence of Mr. P. C. King on Thursday evening, January 31. The retirement of Mr and Mrs. J. C. Tonkin, of "Fairfield," from agricultural pursuits to the more pleasurable life of the city was the occasion for the gathering of a number of their numerous friends to entertain them and express to them the esteem in which they were held in Koolywurde. The arrangements were placed in the capable hands of Mr King. In a meritorious speech Mr King explained the reason for which they had met (Mr King shares with Mr Tonkin the honor of being the only two remaining pioneers who settled in the Koolywurtie district), and invited the company to join in a farewell dinner with their guests. An adjournment was made to the dining-room, after the singing of the National Anthem, a sumptuous dinner was served by the most courteous and charming of ladies. Later several other prominent residents of the district spoke in eulogistic terms of Mr and Mrs Tonkin, of their unfailing kindness, courtesy, and integrity, Mrs Tonkin receiving special commendation for her gentleness and loving care, which was bestowed freely upon any cases of sickness or distress in the community, cne gentleman remarking that she was indeed a Mother Superior. Notwithstanding the kind and deservedly complimentary addresses made to the honored guests, there was still an undercurrent of regret to be detected throughout the evening's pleasure, everyone deploring the loss the Peninsula was sustaiuing by the removal of Mr and Mrs Tonkin from their midst, and many who had in company with Mr Tonkin fought adverse circumstances, to be afterwards rewarded with sunny skies and smiling fortune, felt deeply the loss of a comrade of such courage and worth. An illuminated address expressing the feelings of the district towards Mr and Mrs Tonkin was presented to them by Mr James Brown during the evening. Mr Tonkin, in acknowledging the gift on behalf of Mrs Tonkin and himself, keenly felt the kindness and courtesy of his many friends in making them the recipients of so much honor. It was totally unlooked for by he and Mrs Tonkin. He would always think with pleasure of his true and kind hearted neighbors of Koolywurtie, and wished them every success. A social tendered to Miss Tonkin was held later in the evening, when a testimonial was presented to her by her co-workers in the Methodist Church, Miss Tonkin having aiways been an untiring and enthusiastic helper in all church works.


Tuesday 19 August 1919, Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

MINLATON. Augurt 14. An interesting incident, which reveals consideration for others, a characteristic of Captain Harry Butler, of Minlaton, took place last Monday morning when the children were about to march into school at Koolywurtie, some seven miles from Minlaton. It was at this school that the young flyer received early education. The pupils and teacher were delighted with the little demonstration he gave above the building. Then he came down to within 60 feet of the grounds and dropped a message into the playground.


Friday 13 August 1920, Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

MINLATON, August 10.— On Friday last arbor Day was observed at the Koolywurtie Public School, when 30 trees were planted under the auspices of the local school committee. Mr. P. C. King presided, and addressed the parents and childrren. The occasion had a special significance, he said, because nine trees were to be planted that day in honour of soldiers who had enlisted from Koolywurtie and fallen in battle. These were:— Cpl. J. R. Peterson, Tpr. L.K. G. Peter-son, and Ptes. T. E. Peterson (three brothers), R E. Will, J. S. Alexander, H. A. Midge. M. E. Jackson, J. W. G. Croser, and A. H. Wedding. Each, of the nine trees was protected by a jarrah tree guard bearing the soldier's name. Refresh ments were provided by the ladies, and a social evening was spent in the commodious barn of Mr. J. Brown. The day's arrangements were fulfilled under the supervision of the secretary (Mr. F. Tonkin) and the head teacher (Miss Rice).


Saturday 13 August 1921, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

At the Koolywurtie Methodist Church on Sunday afternoon, the Rev J. H. Pointon unveiled a memorial tablet which has been erected in the church in memory of the boys who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War. The tablet is of marble with the boys' names printed in the centre, and is surmounted by the Union Jack and Australian flag, crossed. There was a large congregation and hymns appropriate to the occasion were sung.


Saturday 29 October 1921, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

At Koolywurtie on Friday evening, Oct. 14, a farewell social was tendered Miss Kathleen Rice, who for several years has had under her care the pupils of the Koolywurtie school, but has now resigned from the Education Department. Evidence of Miss Rice's popularity was given by the large number of people present, the gathering being held at the residence of Mr. T. Brown, -where the young folk engaged in dancing until the early hours. A sumptuous supper was provided by the ladies, and a very enjoyable evening was brought to a close by the singing of '' Auld Lang Syne."


Saturday 20 March 1920, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

On Saturday last as Mr. Wapper, of Koolywurtie, and her daughter, were returning from Minlaton the horse she was driving bolted. The sulky was capsized'. Mrs. Wapper was thrown heavily upon the roadway and sustained concussion. Dr. Everard motored her to the Minlaton Hospital. Mrs. Wapper suffered considerably from shock and Injuries to the head. The girl escaped with a few scratches.


Saturday 8 May 1926, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Social to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Brown. The popularity of Mr. and Mrs. James Brown, of "Rosaville," Koolywurtie, was well in evidence on Wednesday evening, April 21, when a complimentary dinner and social was tendered them at the residence of Mr. P. H. Tonkin. There was a large attendance to do honor to the guests. After a residence of 48 years in Koolywurtie, Mr. Brown is removing to Minlaton. The ladies of the district arranged the farewell and provided a sumptuous repast, and a very happy gathering resulted. Mr. D. M. S. Davies presided. Mr. P. C. King spoke on behalf of the pioneers of the district, and referred tt the many good qualities of the guests. Mr. George King made a happy speech, and also read an address which is to be illuminated and framed for Mr. Brown. Mr. F. H. Tonkin voiced the regret of the "Koolyites" at the departure of Mr. and Mrs. Brown, and referred particularly to the kindly help of Mrs. Brown in cases of sick ness and trouble in tbe district. Mr. D. M. S. Davies thanked those who had arranged the banquet for extending him an invitation, and thus affording him the opportunity of doing honor to the guests. He fully, appreciated the loss they would be to the district, and particularly mentioned the great hospitality and welcome which has always been extended to visitors at Rosaville." Mrs. A. Mabar, on behalf of the ladies of the district, pn entod Mrs. Brown with a handsome "gum-leaf" vane. Mr. E. F. Mabar made happy reference to the good deeds of Miss Gladys Brown, and Miss Tomney presented her with fountain pen from tbe "Kooly Girls." Mr. Brown was tbe recipient of a pipe in recognition of his services as "Mailman." Mr. and Mrs. Brown feelingly responded. The hosts had provided plenty of amusement for young and old, and altogether the function was as enjoyable as it was successful.


Saturday 14 August 1926, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A number of relatives and friends of Mrs. R. S. Wapper gave her a surprise afternoon tea on the occasion of her 60th birthday on Aug. 4. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Wapper, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Croser, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Tonkin, Mrs. J. E. Croser, Mrs. Riebe, MIR Goldner, Mrs. and Miss Porter, and Misses R. and V. Wapper.


Saturday 18 September 1926, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

At the Methodist Sunday School on Sunday, August in a presentation of a framed photo of the church, surrounded by photos of the scholars, was made to the superintendent, Mrs. James Brown, by the children of the kindergarten. The photo was inscribed as follows:—"Presented to Mrs. James Brown, on her birthday, as a token of esteem for services rendered, by the teachers and scholars of the kindergarten, Koolywurtie." Arbor Day was held at Koolywurtie on Thursday, August 20. During the afternoon trees were planted by the school children, assisted by members of the School Board. A football match was held and followed by a programme of sports, supervised by Messrs. F. Tonkin and H. L. Chambers. Tea was provided by the mothers and friends of the children, and was partaken of in the motor shed of Mr. S. Brown. In the evening a concert, followed by a dance, was held in Mr. S. Brown's barn. The children contributed several items, the most amusnig being "The Little Chinamen" and "Ten Little Choir Boys," both of which were given in costume. After supper dancing proceeded till after midnight, excellent music being supplied by Mr. J. Barlow on the accordion.


Saturday 8 January 1927, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A pretty-wedding was celebrated at the Koolywnrtie Methodist Church on Wednesday afternoon, November 17, when Clarice M. Brown, the third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Brown, of "Navon," Kooljwurtie, was, married to Hubert P. Way, eldest survivingson of Mr. and Mrs. Johft N. Way, of Curramulka.................


Friday 4 February 1927, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

The Department of Land and Survey recently informed the Minlaton District Conncil that an application had been received for the purchase of allotments 1 and 2, Hundred of Koolywurtie, and requesting Council to state if same were required for public purposes. The Clerk (Mr. E. R. Crocker) reported that with Cr. Mahar they had inspected the blocks and had notified the department that they were not required for public purposes They reported that at present the wells on these blocks were very dangerous.— The Clerk's action was approved.

The Late Mrs. James Tomney.

Friday 17 June 1927, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Mrs. James Tomney, who died at Koolywurtie on May 19, was one of the residents of the district. Born at Yankalilla, Mrs. Tomney was the youngest daughter of the late Mr. John Mahar, who, with his family, went to Yorke's Peninsula in 1876. In 1886 she married Mr. James Tomney, third son of the late Mr. Peter Tomney, of Yankalilla, and all their married life had been spent on a farm at Koolywurtie. Mrs. Tomney was hospitable and ever ready to help her neighbors in sickness and trouble. She also took an interest in church affairs four daughters and two sons survive. One son and one daughter predeceased her.

Farewell at Minlaton.

Thursday 2 February 1928, News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954) Trove

About 50 resideits of Koolywurtie met at the barn of Mr. Porter to bid farewell to Mr. and Mrs. R. Riebe and family, who are leaving the district.to reside in Pinnaroo.

A happy time was spent with games. and dancing, the children being especially well catered for Mr. O. H. Peterson provided music for the dancing.

Mr. H. L. Chambers, on behalf of residents of the district, expressed regret at the departure of the guests, and wished them success and better health in their new home. He asked them to accept a gift of a box of stainless cutlery.

To each of the three elder children a Bible was presented by the teachers of Koolywurtie Sunday school, and to the two younger ones books were given.

Opportunity was taken to bid Mr. Ray Croser farewell pirior to his departure for Western Australia.


Friday 6 April 1928, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

At "Claremont," the residence of Mr. and Mrs F. H. Tonkin, on Tuesday, March 27th, was celebrated the 50th anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. P. C King, of Minlaton. The wedding was solemnised at the Baptist Church, Morphelt Vale, on March 27th, 1878, by the Rev. F. Page, when Dorothea Davidson Sherriff, of Morphett Vale, was married to Peter Charles King, of Yorke Peninsula. The bride and bridegroom are the only surviving members of the original wedding party. In 1874. Mr. King, with his father and one brother, left Morphea Vale with a horse and dray, and came to Minlacowie. Mr. King, sen., selected land in the Minlacowic district, where they stayed for about two years. In 1876 Mr. P. C. King took up a little over 500 acres in the Hundred of Koolywurtie, borrowing the purchase money from his grandfather...........................


Friday 11 May 1928, Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

Minlaton, May 10. On Friday Mrs. Thomas Brown, of Nawan, Koolywurtie had the misfortune to fall heavily and Broke an arm above the wrist. She was at once motored to set the limb. She is still an inmate of the hoapital and, owing to the severe shock, is confined to her bed.


Friday 20 July 1928, News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954) Trove

Festivity at Minlaton To swell the funds of the queen competition in connection with the jubilee show and "Back to Minlaton" carnival in October, an old-time dance was organsed in Minlaton Institute by residents of Koolywurtie and Wauraltee.

A large crowd gathered, and, judged by the humber of old-time costumes worn, much rummaging among boxes must have been done.

Several old wedding dresses adorned fair dancers, and many of the frocks worn were 30 and 40 years old, and in a good state of preservation. One couple garbed in "Old English" dress was much admired.

All the old dances were revived, the squares being especially enjoyed. Oldtime music was supplied by Messrs. J. C. Gersch and D. Fletcher on accordeons, with Mr. A. H. Short on the violin. Modern music was provided by MIiss Taheny at the piano and Messrs. Stanley and Harold Brown (violins). and W. White (flute).

Mr. J. C. Gersch was master of ceremonies.

Supper was supplied by Koolywurtie and Wauraltee residents, after which dancing continued until early morning. As a result of the dance the queen beneflted to the extent of £25, and is now 2,400 votes in the lead, with Minlaton second and Curramulka third. Mr. J. C. Gerseh and Mr. L. E. Brown thanked all wvho had helped to mane the evening such a success.


Friday 10 August 1928, News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954) Trove

Mr. P. C. King of Minlaton Mr. P. C. King,. who died on Wednesday, was one of the oldest identities of Minlaton district, and was highly respected. He was a son of the late Mr. T. King, of Morphett Vale, and was the eldest of a family of nine. Three brothers' and three sisters survive. Mr. King was in his seventy-sixth year.

In 1874 with his father and two brothers he went to Minlacowie with a horse and dray. He remained there for two years, when he took up 500 acres of land at Koolywurtie, borrowing the purchase money from his grandfather. In three years, with the help of two brothers, he had cleared and fenced the property, and was able to repay the purchase money. He married Miss Dorothea Sheriff, of Morphett Vale in 1878. They celebrated their golden wedding last March.

Mr. King had been an active member of the hospital board since its establishment. For 10 years he was a member of the district council, and for three years filled the position of chairman. Retiring from his farm about four years ago he had since lived in Minlaton. In addition to a widow, six sons and one daughter survive. They are Mrs. Frank Tonkin (Koolywurtie), and Messrsa, George. Stanley, and Sidney King (Minlaton), Messrs. Albert and William King (Balaklava), and Mr. Frank King (Victoria). There are 22 grandchildren.


Friday 5 October 1928, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

On Thursday evening, September 27th, at "Claremont," the residence of Mr. F. H. Tonkin, an old-time and modern dance was held in order to raise funds for the Jubilee Queen Mr. Tonkin's very modern and spacious barn made an excellent "ballroom." and well adapted itself for the purpose. Those present danced to the strains of music, which was broadcast from 5CL, the wireless being kindly loaned and arranged by Mr. W. J. Riddle of the S.Y.P. Motors. Mr. L. Brown. Secretary ot the "Queen"' competition, took an active part in the evening's entertainment. A delightful supper was served at the house. A large number of people were present, and a substantial sum was raised.


Saturday 16 March 1929, News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954) Trove

At the residence of Mr. S. Brown, Rosaville, Koolywurtie, near Miinlaton, a farewell evening was tendered to Mfr. W. Vesperman by the Koolywurtie Tennis Club prior to his departure for Victoria. The evening was devoted to progressive euchre and competitions. Mir. S. King conveyed to the guest the best wishes of the club for his future success. As captain of the tennis club he had been an energetic worker. Mr. A. I. Cook (vice-captain), on behalf of the members of the club, presented Mr. Vesperman with a pair of gold sleevelinks. Mr. Vesperman replied. Supper was provided. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. S. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Cook, Mlr. and Mrs. Sid King. MIr. and Mrs. Wapper, Mrs. Detmar, Misses Maud Porter. Dorothy Tonkin, A. Johlnston, Vera Wapper, IMessrs. F. Tonkin, W. C. Croser, Lyle. Rex, E., and Reg. Croser, Brian Dehual. Frank Shanahan. R. Vincent, Darcy Tonkin, G. Adams, Colin Cook.


Friday 22 March 1929, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954)Trove
Mr. Dave Cook, of Minlaton, who is nearing his 67th birthday, was one of tbe early pioneers of the Minlaton District. In 1876, when 14 years of age, he came from Rapid Ray with his father, three brothers, and sisters, and settled in the Koolywurtie district near Minlaton. The family caravan consisted of two drays drawn by 26 bnllocks, a few loose cattle, and a mare and foal. It was a trying journey, and occupied two weeks. Soon after leaving Port Wakefield they ran short of water. A five-gallon keg of drinking water was given to tbe weaker cattle, and they trusted to luck to find a well on the bnsh track. Two days passed, and things were getting serious, when some sheep pads were noticed. These were followed for several miles before they struck the Tiddy-Widdy Wells, just north of Ardrossan. A full supply of water for the next stretch was secured, and eventually they safely reached their section at Koolywurtie. The whole of the Peninsula was then covered with tea-tree, mallee, she-oak, and peppermint trees. These trees had to be cleared, roots grubbed up, and land levelled for fallowing. It was was no 44-hour week in those days — more like 74 hours. Hundreds of acres were cleared of dense scrub. A team of 14 bullocks in the dray, with a heavy timber roller fixed on the back, were employed day after day on acre after acre. The first crop yielded 2 bushels to the acre. The highest since the advent of super averaged 8 to 10 bags, but very often less Mr. Cook later on took up land on his account, and was tbe first man in the district to use a stump-jump plow. It was made by Mr. A Gardiner, who was blacksmitbing in Minlaton at the time. Mr. and Mrs. Cook have resided in the district for 52 years, and have reared a large family. They have attended tbe whole 50 Shows held in connection with the Central Y.P. Agricultural Society. Mr. Cook said it was customary 40 years ago to enter bullock plow teams for competition. His bullock team generally scored first in these events. These have now been superseded by horse teams, and perhaps in a few years it will be a team of puffing tractors that will catch the judge's eye Asked how he secured his bullocks at night, Mr. Cook said he did not worry about stables or feed. When the day's work was done the bullocks grazed among the trees until tbe next day, when be brought them up in pairs and yoked them to the dray or plow. It was quite tbe usual thing to yoke a team of bullocks to a heavy dray, journey to Stansbury to meet the boat, and bring visitors to Minlaton. The 18 miles from the farm to Stansbury and back occupied the whole day and part of tbe night. In the early days a flour mill was built near Minlaton by Mr W. Long, to which the farmers carted their wheat and also had their gristing done. He could remember Minlaton township before any buildings were erected, and when kangaroos roamed the streets. Mr. and Mrs Cook have not had a break in their family, and recently they were all gathered at the homestead prior to the departure of three sons to try their luck in Western Australia. The members of the family are : Daughters — Mrs. Clift, Mrs. H. Glazbrook, Mrs. J. Glazbrook, Mrs. A. K Glazbrook, Misses Alice and Nell Cook; sons—Messrs John J , Geo. A , Walter, Tom, Charlie, Archie and Frank.


Thursday 30 May 1929, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Minlaton. May 22. While busy with household duties in the kitchen, Miss Dorothy Tonkin daughter of Mr. Frank Tonkin, of Koolywurtie, had the misfortune to pull a kettle of boiling water from the stove, badly scalding her foot.

Koolywurtie v. Curramulka B.

Friday 31 January 1930, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Played at Koolywurtie, Saturday, January 18.

L. Croser and S. Davies beat S. Lovelock and A. Nixon, 9—3; Ted Croser and Colin Cook beat D. Watters and B. Jellett, 9—S; Rex Croser and A. H. Cook beat A. Brcchin and Geo. Lasky, 9—1; Mcsdames L and S. Brown beat Misses Tucker, 6—2; Mrs. W. Poole and Miss M. Porter beat Miss Watters and Mrs. Truscott. 6—2; Miss D. Tonkin and Mrs, R. Vincent lost to Miss U. Lovelock and Mrs. Norton, 5—G; L. Croser lost to S. Lovelock, 5—6; E. Croser beat D. Watters, 6—1; .S. Davies beat A. Nixon, 6—3; JL Croser-beat A. Brechin, 6—0; Colin Cook beat B. Jellett, 6—2; A. H. Cook beat G. Lafsky, 6—5; Mrs. L. Brown beat Miss Walters, 6—l; Mrs. S. Brown beat Miss Tucker, 6—5; Mrs. W. Poole beat Miss Tuckcr, 6—5; Miss D. Tonkin lost to Miss U. Lovelock, 3—6; Mrs. Vinccnt lost to Mrs. Norton, 3—G; Miss M. Porter lost to Mrs. Truscott, 5—6.

Koolywurtie, 13 sets 109 games. Curramulka, 5 sets 66 games.


Friday 25 September 1931, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Arbor Day was recently celebrated by the Koolywurtie School, when a most enjoyable and succcssful day's outing resulted. During the afternoon sports were held for the children, and tea was afterwards served in Mr. Frank Tonkin's barn, where a sumptuous spread was partaken of.

In the evening the pupils of the school gave their annual concert. Two play a were produced, one by the girls and one by the boys. The children performed admirably, and great praise is due to their teacher, Miss Parish, and the pianiste, Miss Dorothy Tonkin, for the success of the evening. They were rewarded by a crowded attendance, being so late that many were unable to gain admittance. A dance followed, which proved most enjoyable, and a beautiful homemade supper was served. The school funds were augmented by about £12.

CHARITY DANCE On Wednesday, September 16th, a charity dance was held in Tonkin's barn. There was a fair gathering of people front surrounding districts, and a very enjoyable time was spent. Music was supplied by Messrs J. J. Cook, M. Cliff, Keith Roberts, and Hayward. After the expenses were deducted a cheque for £3; Id/- was forwarded to the Children's Hospital, North Adelaide.


Friday 24 June 1932, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

On Saturday June 11, about 40 guests assembled at "Clevedon,'' the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Croser, Koolywurtie, the occasion being the 50th birthday of Mr. Croser. Dancing and games made up a very pleasant evening. After supper Mr. L. E. Brown, in a happy little speech, on behalf of those present, made a presentation to Mr. Croser, congratulating him on having reached his fiftieth birthday, and wishing him all good things for the future. Mr. Croser responded, thanking the visitors for their gift and good wishes. The evening closed with the singing of "Auld Lang Syne."

21st BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. A few weeks ago there was another celebration at "Clevedon" when Ted, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Croser, celebrated bis twenty-first birthday. About 60 guests were present, and during the afternoon enjoyed different games—cricket, tennis, quoits, etc. At the birthday tea, Mr. V. B. Roberts proposed the health of Mr. Ted Croser, and wished him all good things. Messrs. H. L. Chambers and F. H. Tonkin supported the toast, and also joined in proposing the health of Mr. and Mrs. Croser, congratulating them on their fine family of sons and daughters. Supper concluded a very happy gathering.

Captain Harry Butler.

Friday 12 August 1932, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

The broken propellor of the airplane which crashed with the late Captain Harry Butler is to be presented to the Koolywurtie School. The President of the Returned Soldiers and Sailors' Association will make the presentation, which will take place at Tonkin's Barn on Koolywurtie Arbor night (Friday, August 19). It is interesting to note that Capt. Butler received his education at the Koolywurtie School.

Tennis Dance.

Friday 19 May 1933, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

The annual social and dance of the Central Yorke Peninsula Tennis As sociation was held in the Minlaton Institute on Friday, May 12. There was a good attendance. The premiership of the first division of the Association for the 1932-33 season was won by the Koolywurtie Tennis Club, and the Association pennant was presented by Mr. V. B. Roberts, Vice-President of the Association, to M. J. Mumford, captain of the successful Club. The success of the Koolywurtie Club was the fulfilment of their energies of the past two years, in which they have been runners-up The Port Vincent Club won the premiership of the C.Y.P. Tennis Association second division, but as no representative of their Club was present the pennant won by them could not be presented. The entertainment was also made the occasion of the Minlaton Tennis Club Victory Bali, as this Club was successful in winning the premiership of the Southern Yorke Peninsula Tennis Association. The Association shield was pieseiited by Mr H.J. McKirdy, Secetary of the Association, to Mr G. A. Hoyle, captain of the Club.


Thursday 25 May 1933, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Mr. Thos. Brown, who died at his home at Koolywurtie, was in his seventy-third year. With his mother and sister, he came to the Peninsula 55 years ago. Unlike many of the early settlers, they travelled by Steamer, thus obviating the tedious journey overland. Mr. Brown, with his father and brother, secured land in the Koolwurtie district. On his marriage tof Miss Clara Newbold, he built a house in Koolywurtie, where he resided for the remainder of his life. On two occasions he represented Koolywurtie in the Minlaton District Council. He was also a member of the Central Yorke Peninsula Agricultural Society. Mr. Brown took a great interest in the young folk, and presented a piece of land in Koolywurtie for tennis courts. He leaves a widow, five daughters— Miss L. Brown. Mesdames H. L. Chambers, of Minlaton; H. F Way, A. R. Miles, and A. Norsworthy of Adelaide — and one son, Mr H. Brown, off Minlaton.

Mr. James Brown.

Thursday 9 August 1934, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Mr. James Brown, who died at Minlaton recently, was born at Second Valley in 1858. He went to the Peninsula with his parents about 56 years ago. His father took up land in the Koolywurtie district, and the land is still beng farmed by members of the Brown family. In 1892 Mr. Brown married Elizabeth Agnes, eldest daughter of the late Edward and Mrs. Croser, of Koolywurtie. In 1926 Mr. and Mrs. Brown removed to Minlaton, where they lived in retirement until a few months ago, when Mrs. Brown died suddenly. Mr. Brown was a trustee of the Koolywurtie Methodist Church, also of the Minlaton Institute, and a past master of the Oddfellows Lodge. He was a supporter of public movements and of sport. He was interested in the Minlaton Brass Band. Fifty five years ago he attended the first show held at Minlaton, and had attended most of those since, as he was a member of the C.Y.P. Agricultural Society. Mr. and Mrs. Brown were well-known for their hospitality. There are two sons, Messrs S. J. and L. E. Brown, of Koolywurtie; and three daughters, Mesdames A. M. Peterson (Knoxville), W. K. Poole (Koolywurtie), and Miss Gladys Brown, Minlaton. There are also eight grandchildren.


Friday 7 September 1934, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

The Koolywurtie arbor day was held on August 24. After planting shrubs at the school, the children were taken to Mr. F. H. Tonkin's homestead, where sports and races were held. Under the supervision of the School Committee, the children were well entertained, while the youths showed their skill in a Rugby exhibition match. The ladies played their part in serving a delicious tea. In the evening a concert was given by the scholars under the conductorship of their teacher, Miss M. Black, assisted by Misses D. Tonkin and M. Porker. Messrs. Miller, Chambers, S. and K. Cook, Stan Brown and D'Arcv Tonkin. Supper and dancing brought the successful day to a close. The takings amounted to pounds 12/10.


Friday 28 September 1934, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

The Methodist Sunday School at Koolywurtie held its Anniversary on Sunday, September 36; the circuit minister conducting both services. There were splendid congregations, among which were visitors from as far away as Owen and the State of Victoria. The singing was under the direction of Mr. H. L. Chambers, with Miss D. J. Tonkin at the organ. The assisting instrumentalists were Mr. H Brown (violin), Mr. A. D McKenzie (cornet), and Mr. S. Brown (cello) Mr. F. H. Tonkin, Superintendent, distributed the awards at the close of the afternoon service. Mr. Percy Croser was the recipient of a special gift for regular attendance at the Sunday School, only missing two Sundays during the past three years.


Friday 20 September 1935, Australian Christian Commonwealth (SA : 1901 - 1940) Trove

Koolywwtie. The Methodist Church building at Koolywurtie has lately undergone extensive renovations, inside and out. With its coat of paint and replaced woodwork, etc., it is now looking in splendid order. This result is chiefly due to Mr. H. L. Chambers, who not only collected substantially from generous donors that the work might be put in hand, but himself gave much time to the job.


Friday 27 September 1935, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

On Saturday evening, Angnst 24, tlie members of the Koolywurtie Tennis Club aud friends tendered Miss Emily Player a kitchen evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Stan. Brown. A very pleasant evening was spent with games and cards, after which a dainty supper was served. Miss Player was the recipient of many useful gifts, and many good wishes for future happiness.


Friday 22 November 1935, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Curramulka. v. Koolywurtie. "A" Grade.

Men's Doubles.—Mr. W. Croser and Mr. P. Croser (Koolywurtie) defeated Mr. J. Poole and Mi». R. Poole, 9—5; Mr. R. Croser and Mr. Lyall Croser defeated Mr. K. \V. Hunter and Mr. K, Reade, 9—6; Mr. L. Croser and Mr. D. Croser defeated Mr. H. L. Gifford and Mr. H. Poole, 9—1.

Men's Singles.—Mr. P. Croser defeated Mr. J. Poole, 6—1; Mr. W. Croser defeated Mr. K. Reade, 6—0; Mr. L. Croser defeated Mr. R Poole, 6—0; Mr. R. Croser defeated Mr. K. W. Hunter, 8—6; Mr. D. Croser defeated Mr. H. L. Gifford, 6—2; Mr. Lyall Croser defeated Mr. H. Poole (forfeit).

Ladies' Doubles.—Misses G. Manuel and S. Croser defeated Miss J. Tucker and Mrs. A. P. Goldsworthy, 9—1; Misses K. Beard and V. Wapper defeated Misses K. Tucker and D. Tucker, 9—2; Misses T. Croser and A. Cook (Koolv.) received forfeit.

Ladies' Singles.—Miss J. Manuel defeated Miss J. Tucker, 6—1; Miss V. Wapper lost to Mrs. A. P. Goldsworthy, 3—6; Miss K. Beard defeated Miss K. Tucker, 6—3; Miss I. Croser lost to Miss D. Tucker, 5—6; Miss T. Croser defeated Miss L. Tucker, 6—2; Miss A. Cook (Koolv.) received forfeit. Koolywurtie, 15 sets, defeated Curramulka, 3 sets.

The Tennis Premiers.

Friday 17 April 1936, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A most enjoyable time was had at the Parish Hall, Minlaton, on Tuesday, April 7, when the Koolywurtie Tennis Club, who won the Premiership for the 1935-36 season, held their Victory Ball. Visitors were present from Port Victoria, Curramulka and other surrounding towns, and Mr. Rex Croser was M.C. Toe tickling music was provided by the Harmony Hoboes, and everybody had a good time. During the evening the Association Shield was presented to the captain of the Koolvwurtie team (Mr. Rex Croser) by Mr. A. H. Cook, President of the Association. An appetising supper concluded a very enjoyable evening.


Friday 11 September 1936, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Cook, "Myrtle Grove," Koolvwurtie, the Koolywurtie Tennis Club gave a farewell social to Miss Eva Klau, who was leaving to be married. There were about fifty friends present, and a very pleasant evening was spent with progressive euchre. A sumptuous supper was provided, after which Mr. A. H. Cook, on behalf of the tennis club, wished the guest of the evening every happiness in the future, and asked her to accept a handsome cakestaud, suitably inscribed, as a small token of esteem. Miss Klau feelingly replied. Several gifts were also given her by friends outside the club, and the guest was very happy in her task of untying the parcels. Mr. H. L. Chambers, on behalf of the Koolywurtie residents, wished both Miss Klau and Mr. Brown, every good thing in the future. M, Brown responded. "For she's a jolly good fellow" and much hooraying, followed by 'Auld Lang Syne,' brought a very happy evening to a close.


Friday 4 December 1936, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Under perfect weather conditions the Koolywurtio Methodist Sunday School celebrated its Anniversary on November 22, afternoon and evening. Large gatherings attended. The special singing of the scholars was under the hand of Mr. H. L Chambers. Miss D Tonkin was organist. Mr. A. D. McKenzte assisted with his cornet at the afternoon service. A quartette was rendered at night by Messrs. H. Chambers, D. Tonkin, R and P. Croker. Mr. H. Hobbs, onetime Assistant in the Minlaton Circuit, was the preacher for the day, and delivered two splendid addresses, chiefly to young folk in the afternoon, and to the adults in the evening.


Friday 2 April 1937, Australian Christian Commonwealth (SA : 1901 - 1940) Trove

A very pIeasant social evening was spent in the Koolywurtie Church on Wednesday, March 17. The occasion was a farewell to Mrs R. S. Wapper, , eaying Koolywurtie to live in Moonta. The attendance was a splendld tribute to guest, who is very highly esteemed. Mr. Les. Tonkin brought along two batteries, which supplied the current for electric light in the building. Games were played and competitibns held, Mrs. F. H. Tonkjn and Mr H L Chambers assisting. Vocal items were rendered by Mrs. D. Tonkin and Mr. H. L. Chambers. The speakers were Messrs. L. Brown, H. L. Chambers and A. S. Barrett. Mrs. Wapper was made the recipient of a new Methodist Hymn Book with nice large type. Supper was served, and after the singing of 'Auld Lang Syne' the company dispersed. Mrs. Wapper has resided in the district for sixty years, and her presence will be greatly missed at the Church service. Her father, the late Mr. C. Tonkin, was one who assisted in the erection of the church in those very early days.


Friday 28 May 1937, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

There was a gathering of about 20 ladies at the residence of Mrs. F. H. Tonkin on Friday, April 30, when the Koolywurtie friends of Mrs. F. Mahar gathered to say farewell to her on the eve of her removal into Minlaton, where she is now residing. Mrs. F. H. Tonkin, whose remarks were supported by Mrs. T. Porker, said what a good friend and neighbour Mrs. Mahar had always been, and a generous supporter of anything for the communal good. On behalf of those present Mrs. H. Wedding asked Mrs. Mahar to accept the gift of a crystal electric lamp. Mrs. Mahar feelingly replied, thanking the ladies for their gift and expressions of friendship. During the afternoon musical items were rendered by Mesdames W. C. T. Upton and D. C. Tonkin. Miss Dorothy Tonkin acted as accompaniste. A dainty afternoon tea concluded the gathering.


Friday 28 May 1937, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Church Electrically Lighted. On May 9th and 10th the Koolywurtie Methodist Church held a very successful anniversary. The services, afternoon and evening, were conducted by the Rev L. R. Barker, of Wallaroo Mines. The congregations exceeded expectations, more people being present both times, than could comfortably get within. Mr. Barker's addresses were much appreciated, as were the messages of Mrs. Barker, declared in song. Anthems were heartily rendered by a choir trained for the occasion by Mr. H. D. Chamber. Miss D. Tonkin was organist throughout. The public meeting on the following night drew another splendid congregation. A good report was presented by Mr. F. H. Tonkin. Trust Secretary, regarding the financial statement. The offering that night gave the trust a credit balance. Rev. I. R. Barker again addressed the meeting, and Mrs. Barker sang. Two anthems were repeated by the choir. The usual sincere thanks were passed to all workers connected with the church and services. Mr. F. H. Tonkin especially thanked Mr. and Mrs. Barker. The lighting at this church is now electric, and the idea is rather good. Wires and switches have been properly set for five lights. When the lights are required two batteries are brought along by Mr. L. Tonkin and linked together in series. Two clips are attached to positive and negative, and there you are!


Friday 25 June 1937, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A well-attended social was tendered Miss D. Tonkin in the Koolywurtie Methodist Church on Thursday evening, June 17. The attendance was a tribute. It was a chilly night, but numerous games and two interesting competitions kept the mind off the atmosphere. The competitions were in also rendered a song, and spoke in due charge of Mr. H. L. Chambers, who course concerning the guest. The other speakers were, Messrs. L. Brown and E. Croser. The Circuit minister, on behalf of the church and Sunday School, presented Miss Tonkin with a beautifully bound music copy of the new Methodist Hymn Book, suitably inscribed. The recipient responded with an expression of appreciation. After the usual tasty supper "Auld Lang Syne" was heartily sung. Miss Tonkin, who is to be married shortly, will be very much missed from the church, Sunday School and community generally.


Friday 6 August 1937, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Honours: Grades I—Desmond Hardy; II—Mavis Wright, George Russell; Ill. Maurice Russell ; IV—Betty Russell, Jim Brown; V—Ray Edwards ; VII—Maurine Porker.


Friday 22 October 1937, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Friday, 1/10/37 — Arithmetic — Desmond Hardy, Betty Russell; Spelling-Coral King, Millicent Hardy, Ray Edwards, Bruce Edwards.

Friday, 8/10/37—Arithmetic Honours —Tom Chambers, Mavis Wright, Millicent Hardy, Max Russell, Coral King, Jim Brown, and Desmond Hardy. Spelling — Peter Vincent, Desmond Hardy.


Friday 18 March 1938, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Mr. Percy Croser, twin son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Croser, of Minlaton, won the handicap singles in the Country Tennis Carnival recently held at the Memorial Drive Courts. Adelaide, and with Miss Gwen Daniel was runner-up in the mixed doubles. The Crosers are a great tennis playing family, and form the backbone of the Koolywurtie Team. They are not used, however, to playing on grass courts, so their success is the more gratifying. Had Bill, Percy's twin, beaten the runner-up in the singles—Trengrove— the twins would have had to play off for the final.

Ninetieth Birthday Celebration.

Thursday 14 April 1938, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

The many friends of Mrs. J. C. Tonkin, formerly of Koolywurtie, but now of 22, Sheffield street, Malvern, will be pleased to learn that shs is looking forward to celebrating her ninetieth birthday on April 21. Mrs. Tonkin's nine sons and daughters are all planning to spend the day wilh her, and they hope that many old friends will call on her that afternoon, as they know she will be delighted to see them.


Friday 9 September 1938, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Arbor Day in connection with the Kpolywurtie School was celebrated recently at the residence of Mr. F. H. Tonkin. There was a good gathering, and in the after noon there was a programme of sports for the children, followed by a tea. In the barn in the evening the children had the floor until nine o'clock, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves playing games and dancing. Later in the evening the adults had their turn, and a very good one it was. There was a splendid crowd present, and they all enjoyed themselves to the full with the music supplied by Misses Amy Kemp, Jean Rowe, Joan Chambers, M. Porker, and Messrs. J. Barlow, J. J. Cook, M. Gift, and Reg. Cook. Supper concluded a very happy gathering, for which Mr. H. L. Chambers had acted as M.C.


Friday 26 May 1939, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

An Enjoyable Dance. The Koolywurtie Tennis Club's Victory Ball, which was held in the Parish Hall. Minlaton, on Wednesday, May 17, was a great success, both from the financial viewpoint, and also from the point of view of those who went simply to enjoy themselves, they could not help it ! Mrs. David's Band supplied excellent music ; Mr. Stan. Tonkin, as M.C., kept things moving, and the ladies supplied a delicious supper. During the evening the opportunity was taken to make a presentation to Miss Vera Simpson, who, for several years was teacher at the Rocky Beach School. Mr. F Scliwarz, on behalf of the Rocky Beach residents, handed a set of crystal tumblers and jug to Miss Simpson, with their best wishes for her future success and happiness. In a graceful little speech Miss Simpson thanked Mr. Scliwarz for both the wishes and the gift.

OBITUARY Mrs. J. Tonkin.

Thursday 8 June 1939, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

An old personality of the Koolywurtie district, Mrs. James Tonkin, died recently. She was born at Magill nearly 91 years ago, and with her parents went to Yankalilla, where she married Mr. James Tonkin. Mr. and Mrs. Tonkin went to Koolywurtie 62 years ago and farmed there for many years. They retired in 1919, and moved to Malvern, where Mr. Tonkin died in August, 1934. There were 12 children, nine of whom survive. They are:— Mesdames R. S. Wapper (Moonta), T. Collins (Ceduna), C. T. Holmes (Gawler), and W. Croser (Minlaton), and Messrs. George, Arthur, and Hurtle (Adelaide), Frank (Minlaton), and Percy (Lameroo).


An old personality of Koolywurtie, Minialon district, passed away in the person of Mrs. Jane Tonkin, widow of the late John Charles Tonkin, formerly of Koolywurtie, but lately of 22 Sheffield Street, Malvern. The late Mrs. Tonkin was born at Magill nearly 91 years ago. Her late parents removed to Yankalilla, where at an early age Mrs. Tonkin was married. She and her husband and several of their children came to Koolywurtie 62 years ago, where Mr. Tonkin engaged in farming for many years, removing 20 years ago to Malvern, where Mr. Tonkin died in August, 1934, at the age of 90 years. Mrs. Tonkin was a staunch Methodist, and was ever ready to help in anything connected with the Church and Sunday school. Her home was always a home for ministers and their wives, and evangelists always stayed at her home when in the district. She was always at hand to help in time of sickness, especially in the early days, when doctors were few and far between. She was always so thoughtful for others, and in her last sickness (in the heat wave) was marvellously patient, and was more concerned about those waiting on her than herself. She passed peacefully away with her family around her bedside, and the Rev. Gordon Rowe offering up a prayer. She was laid to rest in the Payneham Cemetery beside her husband. There were twelve children in the family, nine of whom survive. They are Mesdames R. S. Wapper, Moonta; T. Collins, Ceduna; C. T. Holmes, Gawler; W. Croser, M in laton; and Messrs. George, Arthur, Hurtle, Adelaide; Frank, Minlaton; and Percy, Lameroo. There are 51 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren. The noblest poem is a life which is the outcome of a heavenly vision.


Friday 1 December 1939, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Examination Results to November 17: Arithmetic, Honours — Mavis Wright, Maurice Russell, Bruce Edwards; Dictation. Honours — Bill Parker, Bruce Edwards, Mavis Wright, Kevin Wappcr; Top Grade—Grade I; Portions in School—1st Gordon Williams. 2nd Mavis Wright. 3rd Bruce Edwards; Class Leaders—VI, Joe Parker V, Maurice Russell; IV. Mavis Wright; III, George Russell; II, Bill Parker; I, Gordon William.


Friday 28 June 1940, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

On Monday, June 17, Mr. W. Croser, of Minlaton, again celebrated his birthday by having a fox hunt. About 60 people, including a number of ladies, turned up for the hunt, which started from the Port Victoria rifle butts. The hunters then worked their way through the sandhills to Barkers' Rocks. Mr. Croser, as his habit is, walked all the way except for the ride through Port Rickaby, when everybody rode. There were twelve cars following, including Mr. L. Brown's trailer, which carried the foxes, 21 in all, a record for the Koolywurtie hunters.

A halt was made for lunch, when the billy was boiled and good wishes extended to Mr. Croser for many more birthdays and happy hunting days. A mysterious parcel made its appearance during lunch, and went the rounds until it reached Mr. Croser, who, on opening it, found a humorous gift from the ladies. Pieces of birthday cake were handed round to the group, and the hunt them resumed. All the members of Mr. Croser's family were present in honor of his birthday, his son Lindsay travelling home from Para field specially for the event. With him he brought Mr. and Mrs. Young, Misses Betty and Margaret Young and Mr. David Claik, who were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Croser over the week-end.

During the day's hunting Mr Martin took some moving pictures.


Friday 29 August 1941, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Arbor Day was celebrated at Koolywurtie on Friday, August 15, when a number of hedge plants were planted. Mr. J. W. R. Porker, Chairman of the School Committee, gave a short address on "Trees." Mr. L. K. Brown spoke on the "Care of Birds." At the conclusion of these addresses each child read a specially composed poem, after which sports were indulged in.

At 3 o'clock those present gathered jound i!:e trees planted in memory of two old scholars, Les Tonkin and Lisle C. Croser, who had paid the Supreme Sacrifice. Mr O A. Klaebe spoke in fitting wotds of the sacrifice made by these boys, and then unveiled the two rnemotial plaques attached to the tree-guards. Mr. L. J. Brown moved a vote of thanks to Mr. Klaebe. and Mr W. A. Wapper seconded. Spots were then continued and after noon tea partaken.

Koolywurtie Methodist Church Golden Jubilee.

Friday 19 March 1948, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

The Golden Jubilee of the Koolywurtie Methodist Church will take place on Sunday, March 21st. The Church was opened by the President of the Conference, Rev. W. A. Langsford, on March 20th, 1898. The Rev. John Nairn being Superintendent Minister of the Circuit. Apart from the masonry work, which was done by Stagbour & Sons, most of the work was done by voluntary labor and was opened free from debt. Those responsible for the erection of the Church were, Messrs. James Brown and his two sons (James and Thomas). J. C. Tonkin, P. C. King. Edward Closer, Jos. Porker and other helpers.

When the Church was being "spring" cleaned last week Mr. Dungey Tonkin found four owls between the ceiling and the roof. The birds were all in good condition and bad found a hole in the woodwork through which they went in and out—but they did not particularly enjoy being put out into the daylight for keeps.

KOOLYWURTIE Church Anniversary.

Friday 2 April 1948, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Old residents of Koolywurtie came back from Adelaide and as far afield as Minnina on the West Coast for the fiftieth anniversary of the Koolywurtie Methodist Church on Sunday March 21st. The Church was cowded for both services on the Sunday, when the Rev. A.T. Strange at one time attached to the Miniaton circuit, gave two very inspiring addresses.

On Tuesday Match 23rd, there was a "Back to Koolywurtie" picnic at Port Rickaby. It was a perfect day for the beach, and a good crowd gathered. About 120 guests sat down to dinner, and 150 to tea. Both meals were thoroughly enjoyed, and the delectable food supplied gave no hint that such a thing as rationing had ever been mentioned in this world.

Visitors were welcomed by Mr. F. H. Tonkin, who said how gratified they were to see so many old residents of the district once more picnicking at Port Rickaby where, at one time, it was the custom to have an annual picnic.

The Rev. A. T. Strange, in reply said how pleased all the "comebackers" were that this oppoitunity had been made for them to meet together and revive old friendships and recall old experiences. Others who voiced the same sentiments were Messrs. D. Anderson, Miniaton; G. Williams. Minnipa; P. Tonkin, West Coast, T. King. Balaclava; and Mrs. May Keightley, of Seacliff.

A very happy afternoon passed all too quickly, talking over the good old days.


Friday 9 April 1948, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Among those who returned to the district for the Koolvwnrtie Jubilee Celebrations were Mr. Pat Tonkin, West Coast ; Mrs.Collins, Ceduna ; Mr.Williams, Streaky Bay; Mrs.M. Keightley and Mrs. G. Peterson, of Woodville; Mr and Mrs Will King, Owen ; Mesdames Gleeson, Miles and Way. Adelaide; Mr. and Mrs. Holmes, Gawler: Mrs.A.Miller and daughter, Adelaide.

Home for Easter were Margaret Jones, Sliiiley Grose, Margaret McKenzie, Shirley Nankivell, Betty Hurley, Bob Boyce, Kevin Porter, Mary Cook and Audrey McKenzie. Mrs.Kundle, of Lameroo, is staying with her daughter, Mis.Holman Mrs. Huldle and sou, Semaphore, spent Easier with Mr and Mrs Geo. Lewis. Mr and Mrs L. Williams are back from a holiday at Laincroo and Murray Bridge. Mrs Ross Martin is the guest of Miss Herring at Murray Bridge. Matron Cook is spending a very enjoyable holiday at Waikerie. Mr. Clyde Vial spent Easter with Mr. and Mrs. Ered. McKenzie; Mr. Bob Wilcox and Miss Vial stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Ered. Nankivell; whilst Mr. and Mrs. Bert. Porter came from Angaston to attend the wedding of Miss Yvonne Newton to Mr. Bob Roberts.


Friday 26 November 1948, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Koolywurtie Methodist Church was filled to overflowing on Sunday, November 21st, when a Memorial tablet to the memory of the late Sgt. L. K. Tonkin and Pte. L. C. Croser was unveiled by the Rev. G. W.Shapley, President of the Methodist Conference, and nt one time in charge of the Minlaton Methodist Circuit. These two boys were cousins, and the only two members of the Koolywurtie Church to pay the supreme sacrifice in the recent war. The tablet was given by members of the Church, and is placed opposite a matching one beating the names of four boys who were killed during the 1914-18 conflict. All members of the Tonkin family attended, and all but one of the Crosers, and he was prevented by illness from being present. The service was conducted bv the Rev. B. J. Weeding, and a very fine address was given by Mr. Shapley. The Church had been beautifully decorated with flowers for the occasion. The hymns included favorites of the two boys, and Mr Arthur Miller sang "They are not dead."


Friday 14 October 1949, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

On Tuesday, 27th September, two demonstrations of the modified Mules operation were conducted by Mr. W. S. Reid, with 30 farmers present at each.

The morning demonstration was at Mr. W. K. Cromer's Koolywurtie farm, and the afternoon one at Mr. K. M. May's, near Minlaton.

Each of the attending fanners was shown how to do the operation, and then did some themselves, under supervision. The modified Mules operation has revolutionised the control of the blowfly strike, and differs from the original method of doing it. In the past it was done more as a de-wrinkling operation, whereas now, each sheep is done to a set pattern in order to remove the prime cause of the blowily strike.

299 years. photo

Tuesday 9 May 1950, News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954) Trove

COMBINED AGES of these four sisters, who were given a reunion dinner recently at the home of Mrs. W. Litster, of Koolywurtie, Yorke Peninsula, total 299 years. They are daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newbold, of Wauraltee. From left--Standing, Mrs. E. Tuckwell (75), of Blackwood; Mrs. P. C. Manuel (69), of Prospect; sitting, Mrs. L. Andrews (71), of Wauraltee; and Mrs. T. Brown (84), of Koolywurtie. : (See Mr. Pimn, Page 14.)

Koolywurtie Card Evenings.

Friday 23 July 1954, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A series of euchre tournaments arranged by Mr and Mrs. Murray Fraser, in aid of the Minlaton M.B.H.A. conducted last Saturday in the Koolywurtie School, after raising over £35.

Toys made by Mrs. Bill Croser, a dressed fowl from Mrs. Tom Chambers and fresh fish from Messrs Colin and Bob Thomas helped in the effort, white Mrs. L. Kruger was the most successful Euchre player winning both second and third tournaments the aggregate prize donated by Mrs. Fraser.

Koolywurtie Barn Dance.

Friday 3 September 1954, Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A barn dance held in Mr. John Tonkin's barn Friday night in aid of the Koolywortie Tennis club was voted such a sucess by all present that a decision was made, there then to hold similar functions in the future. Every town within a radius of 20 miles was represented by the 200 people present, and the gross takings amounted to £34. The music was supplied by Stan Brown's Orchestra, and novelties provided fun for both dancers and spectators. The evening was rounded off with what was described as a supper of "real Koolywurtie cooking."