Tuesday 3 September 1878, South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) Trove

August 24. A rather painful accident occurred to Mr. E. Hyde, jun., on Tuesday last. It seems that he ran with great force against a wire fastened across a panel, which he had failed to notice, and dislocated his right breast bone. Dr. Brown, of Maitland, attended to the injury, and Mr. Hyde is progressing favourably.

ACCIDENT.—Mr. Robert Hyde, junr. of Kilkerran was the subject of a nasty accident on Tuesday last. Being in attendance at Mr. Gebhert's sale he and his brother were going into the garden, and seeing the gate open they thought they would have a short race. Unfortunately a wire was stretched across the top of the gate posts and not seeing it Mr. Hyde ran against it and his right breastbone was displaced. He was brought on to Mr. Pearce's Hotel at Maitland where he is doing well under the care of Dr. Ross-Brown.

Sat 1 Nov 1884, Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904) Trove

October 18. The old saying of "Accidents do not come singly" has been exemplified in this township lately. No sooner had the poor man Sanders (who was killed through being thrown from a trap) been consigned to his last resting place than a man working for a farmer named Jury, of Kilkerran, had the misfortune while cutting down scrub to let the axe slip, cutting his foot terribly, with the result that four of his toes have had to be amputated, Dr. Elphick successfully performing the operation. The third misfortune happened to a man name Lofting, ostler at the Yorke Valley Hotel, who by some means fell out of one of the windows of the hotel, breaking the small bones of his shoulder.

Fri 6 Nov 1885, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

A very sudden death occurred on the road between. Kilkerran and Port Victoria on Monday. It appears that Mr. C. F. Dutschke, a much respected farmer, was proceeding to the Port with his son, when he complained of feeling unwell, and on the horse being pulled up got out of the cart and falling down became almost immediately insensible, breathing stentoriously for about three minutes, when life was observed to be extinct. His son then drove away for help. Mr. Arthur Short, J.P., accompanied by Lance Corporal Noble, proceeded to the spat, and having made careful enquiries in the neighbourhood, an inquest was not deemed neccessary, the deceased having complained frequently of late of being unwell. The funeral took place at the pretty little cemetery, South Kilkerran, a large concourse of friends and neighbours attending, evincing the very great respect in which the deceased was held. The Rev. Hopman from Yorketown, conducted the funeral service and the scene was made the more impressive through the rendering of the Dead March in Saul by the Kilkerran Brass Band, which also assisted in the singing at the grave. — The funeral arrangements were under the charge of Messrs. Swam & Son of this town.—The German Sunday School Examination Picnic was held on the morning of the same day on the ground opposite the school, many having attended from a considerable distance, but it is needless to say the sudden demise and funeral of so prominent a neighbor referred to above, leavened the joyous feeling usual on such occasions.—In connection with the Congregational Church, an exhibition of flowers and plants cultivated by children will take place on Saturday next, 7th inst., on the grounds of the A. H. and F. Society, and will be open to the public at 12 noon. The Rev. J. R. Fergusson, late of Golden Grove will conduct three services in the church on Sunday, the afternoon service partaking of a floral nature.—Mr. Hincks, of Port Victoria, gives his annual pic-nic to the Church of England Sunday School children on Monday, 9th inst., and has extended his invitation to the teachers and scholars of the same denomination in Maitland. The pic-nic takes place at Point Pearce and is certain to be a greatsuccess.


November 2.Mr. C. F. Dutchke, farmer, of Kilkerran, and an old resident, died suddenly this afternoon. Yesterday morning be had a fit, but felt better this morning. He was being driven to Victoria, and when about half way there he got out, saying he was not well. He then laid down and expired quietly. The cause of death is supposed to be apoplexy. The weather is very warm.

Sat 13 Mar 1886, South Australian Weekly Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1881 - 1889) Trove

March 6. A hired-out boy from the Destitute Asylum, employed by Mr. Alfred Ward, farmer, of Kilkerran, met with a painful accident this morning. A tank of water fell from a dray on to his leg, causing a compound fracture above the ankle. The lad was attended to by Dr. Elphick, who ordered his removal to the Wallaroo Hospital.


Sat 29 May 1886, South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) Trove

Ardrosaan. May 28. A sad accident happenea here on Wednesday afternoon to Mr. Ulrich, a redient of Kilkerran. Whilst watering his horse attached to a spring-dray, the animal became suddenly frightened, and bolted. Mr. Ulrich tried to hold the animal, but he eventually fell. The wheel of the loaded dray passed over his thigh and fractured it. He was at once taken to Maitland by Messrs. Rice and Petersen to Dr. Elphick, where he was quickly attended to. He is 67 years of age.


An accident of a very serious nature happened here to-day to Mr. Ulrich, of Kilkerran. The old gentleman, who is nearly seventy year of age, came here with a spring dray for a load of stuff, that came for him by one of the steamers from Adelaide. After loading he fed his horse and was leading it to Mr. Rice's tank to water it. The winkers were off, but the animal was still attached to the cart, and when near the tank it made a bolt. Mr. Ulrich pluckily held on to a rope which was round the horse's neck, until he was knocked off his feet. When he fell the wheel of the cart went over his thigh and broke it. He was speedily conveyed to the doctor at Maitland in Mr. Thomas' van in charge of Messrs F. B. Peterson and H. Rice. Every assistance was rendered to the poor old gentleman by those who witnessed the accident.


The man Ulrich, of Kilkerran South, who unfortunately met with such a serious accident a week or so ago at Ardrossan through his horse bolting with a loaded dray, which knocked him down, the wheel passing over him and breaking his thigh, is progressing as well as can be expected under the doctor's care for an old man over 70 years of age. Strange to say, about fifteen years ago he unfortunately broke his other leg.

Wed 6 Apr 1887, South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) Trove

April 5. A painful accident happened yesterday to a son of Mr. August Hoffrichter, of Kilkerran. While riding a horse over a fence the animal fell on his rider, breaking the unfortunate lad's wrist, besides inflicting other injuries. He was immediately brought to Maitland, and under the doctor's care is progressing satisfactorily.

Mon 14 Nov 1887, The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858 - 1889) Trove

Maitland, November 13. A youth named August Ruge, who was on a visit to some friends, met with a sad death this afternoon at South Kilkerran, Whilst bathing in a dam be dived, got out of his depth, and sank. Two friends brought his body out, and tried to restore animation, but without success. Dr. Can was in attendance as soon as possible, and pronounced life extinct. The deceased was deaf and dumb. An inquest will be held to morrow. His father was seized with a fit at about 7 o'clock tonight, and is not expected to recover.


Wed 16 Nov 1887, Evening Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1869 - 1912) Trove

An inquest was held on November 14 by Mr. A. Short, J.P., at Kilkerran South, on the body of Frederick Augustus Ruge, aged 19, son of Mr. John Frederick Ruge, of Yorketown, farmer. The evidence adduced showed that deceased with his father and brother were visiting Mr. H. C. J. Lutze. On Sunday afternoon about 2 deceased, who was deaf and dumb, went in company with A. Lutze and John Pitman to work some horses at a large dam on Mr. Lutze's farm. Deceased made signs to them that he would like to have a bathe. He then stripped and plunged into the water, floundered, and sank. His brother at once stripped, dived in, brought the body to the surface, and used measures to restore life, but all efforts failed. He immediately sent to Maitland for a doctor, who arrived in about an hour, and pronounced life extinct. Deceased was known to be an expert swimmer, and it is supposed that he either got stuck in the clay at the bottom of the dam, or else bad a fit, or got cramped. The Jury returned a verdict " That the deceased was accidently drowned, and that no blame is attachable to any one."

Tue 28 Apr 1891, The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA : 1867 - 1922) Trove

April 27. Yesterday afternoon a little boy, the son of Mr. J. W, Shannon, met with a serious accident while driving with his parents to Mr.
Solomon Moody's, of Kilkerran. When close to the house the boy overbalanced himself and fell out of the buggy, causing a compound
fracture of the thigh. The little sufferer is getting on as well as possible.

Sat 6 May 1893, South Australian Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1895) Trove

Maitland, May 1. A painful accident happened to Mr. August Heilmann, farmer, of South Kilkerran, yesterday. He was out mustering horses when the girth broke, and he was thrown over the head of the horse he was riding and sustained a dislocated shoulder. The injured limb was set by Mr. LeCouteur, chemist, of Maitland. Nice showers of rain fell last night and today.


Tue 4 Jul 1893, Evening Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1869 - 1912) Trove

An Air-Tight Bedroom. Maitland, July 4. A narrow escape from suffocation occurred at Kilkerran on Saturday night to two young ladies, daughters of Mr. Samuel Moody. Before retiring they put a tin of hot coals in the bedroom, which had no fireplace. The girls were discovered early next morning in an unconscious and apparently dying state. Prompt restorative remedies were used, and they are now all right.

Fri 14 Jul 1893, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

July 3.—A sensational inquest has been very narroly avoided here lately. It appears that on Saturday last two daughters of Mr Samuel Moody of Kilkerran, feeling the effect of the cold weather decided to try a little warming process on going to bed. As there was no chimney in the room they got a tin of hot coals and without preparing for fresh air left it burning after they went into the land of dreams and forgetfulnness. The result was, that next morning they were in a dangerous condition and were only restored by the prompt attention of their friends.

Fri 20 Dec 1895, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

As Mr. Kelly (of Kelly Bros. of Kilkerran), was removing his reaper from Messrs E. Major & Sons. shop, Moonta, on tuesday afternoon, the horses became restive and Mr Kelly was thrown down and one of the wheels of the machine passed over his legs breaking the small bone of one of his ankles. He was at once taken to Dr James who attended to him, and then was removed to the Globe Hotel. There seems to be cosiderable shock to the system, and it will be a while before he is able to get about his work again.


Thu 5 Jan 1899, Evening Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1869 - 1912) Trove

MAITLAND, January-3.—A chapter of accidents occurred lately. Mr. Henry Lamshed, of Maitland, was thrown from his trap at Ardrossan and sustained a fracture of the collar-bone as well as a severe shaking. Mr. W. Kanaley, of Kilkerran, met with a painful accident whilst on his way from Port Victoria with a load of wheat. Mr. Kanaley was throwing water on the wheel of the wagon to prevent the tire coming loose whilst the team was in motion, when a young horse in the shafts made a plunge forward, and the team being fresh quickly started into a trot. Mr. Kanaley made an effort to get on the shafts of the wagon to get possession of the reins, but slipped, and the hind wheel passed ever a portion of his foot. Fortunately other teams were at hand, and came quickly to Mr. Kanaley's assistance, and coveved him to Maitland, where Drs. Dickenson and James attended to the sufferer. He is now doing as well as can be expected. Mr. R. Boncey whilst removing a winnowing-machine was struck by the lever and received a fracture of the collarbone.

Sat 11 Nov 1899, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

Eudunda, November 9. On Friday morning last Messrs. A. and E. Lutz, of this town, received news of the death of their father, Mr. H. C. Lutz, at South Kilkerran. The deceased gentleman, who was about 70 years of age, was born at Harz Mountains, Germany, on May 10, 1830, and arrived in Port Adelaide in 1848. Mr. Lutz first settled at the Burra, and worked in the old Burra mine for some years. . He also visited the Victorian goldfields in the early fifties and was fairly successful. Returning to South Australia, he again visited the Burra, where he married Miss J. A. C. Lutze, after which he took up a farm near Hamilton, where he resided for 20 years. From there he went to South Kilkerran, where he carried on farming for about 25 years. He leaves a widow, seven sons, and two daughters, 37 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. The cause of death was paralysis, from which he had suffered for ten weeks. The funeral, which took place at South Kilkerran, was largely attended, there being some 80 vehicles in the cortege. Pastor Hoopmann, Lutheran, officiated at the grave.


Sat 12 Apr 1902, Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904) Trove

MAITLAND. April 5. A drowning accident occurred on the farm of Mr. Robert Dutschke, South Kilkerran, on Friday evening, the victim being Miss Bertha Louisa Koch, second daughter of Mr. H. Koch, farmer, of North Kilkerran. Miss Koch was engaged in pumping from a tank containing about 18 ft. of water, when she was seen by two little girls aged 7 and 9, daughters of Mr. Dutschke, to fall in. The elder one at once ran to the nearest neighbour, Mr. John Schrapel, Mr, and Mrs. Dutschke being away at the time. An hour or more elapsed before Mr. Schrapel reached the scene of the accident, and after some difficulty he got the lifeless body out of the tank. Dr. Nichols and P. T. Hiler were communicated with. No inquest was deemed necessary. The tank was covered over, excepting a small opening of 1 ft. 6 in. by"2 ft. close to where the pump was fixed. The deceased was 23 years of age. Much sympathy is felt for the parents and friends.


Sat 19 Apr 1902, Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904) Trove

MAITLAND. April 10. Mr, F. W. Heinrich, farmer, of South Kilkerran, met with an accident yesterday. He was driving quiet horses in a spring cart, and was visiting his son's residence, when the near horse took fright, shied, and upset the vehicle. Mr. Heinrich. was thrown out and sustained a fracture of the shoulders and was badly bruised. Dr. Nicholl is in attendance.

Sat 26 Jul 1902, The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

July 24. Mr. F. W. Heinrich, an old and respected resident of South Kilkerran, passed, away this afternoon from the effects of an accident which occurred 15 weeks ago. Deceased was 69 years of age, and has left a widow, four sons, and two daughters. He had been farming for 47 years— 23 years on the Peninsula. Previously he was engaged in agricultural pursuits near Tanunda. Fortune had favoured him in his undertakings. He was noted for many kind acts to the poor in deserving cases.

Sat 9 Apr 1904, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Mainland, March 30. Mr. H. Koch, of North Kilkerran, met with a serious accident yesterday while returning from Port Victoria. He slipped off his waggon, which was loaded with 1,000 bricks, and the wheels went over both legs. One leg was severely torn and had to be stitched. The ankle of the other leg is so swollen that at present the extent of the injury cannot be ascertained.


Fri 5 Aug 1904, The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA : 1867 - 1922) Trove

Crushed in a tank. Melbourne, August 5. A man named Thomas Llyod, agea 34 years, met with a fatal accident last evening. In company of another man he was digging a tank for Mr. William Kanaley, of North Kilkerran, and was at work on a circular trench. When the trench was down 10 ft. the centre part gave way and crushed Lloyd against the outer part in a standing position. Death was instantaneous. His mate was on the surface at the time or he also must have been killed. An inquest was considered unnecessary. Lloyd was a single man and of steady habits. He was respected in the district. His father is unfortunately lying seriously ill.

LLOYD.—On the 4th August, at Kilkerran, accidentally killed,, Thomas Henry, second son of Josiah Lloyd, late of Yorke Valley, aged 36 years. No one knows how soon death may come.


Sat 10 Jun 1905, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) Trove

MAITLAND, June 3.—A serious accident befell Mr. Sam Kronck on Friday while he was riding a young horse for Messrs. Moody Bros., of Kilkerran. The animal bucked for a considerable time, and then fell and rolled on the rider, who has been unconscious since. Dr. Carr and Dr. James are in attendance. The case is considered critical.

MAITLAND, June 16.— Mr. Samuel Kronke, wlho met with an accident while riding a horse for Messrs. Moody Brothers, of Kilkerran, succumbed to his injuries on Monday last.


Fri 30 Aug 1907, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

MAITLAND, August 27. Alfred Moody aged 8, the eldest son of Mr. A. H. Moody, of Gortmore, Kilkerran, was thrown fror his pony on Monday afternoon, and had his leg broken by the fall. He was riding home from school when a dog frightened the animal. Dr. Kennedy was sent for and set the limb. The sufferer is progressing satisfactorily.


Mon 10 Aug 1908, The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

MAITLAND, August 8.— Paul Albert Hasting, aged 22, third, son of Mr. Franz George Hasting, South Kilkerran, was found dead beside his plough in a paddock on Friday evening. It is supposed that he fell through the reins breaking and that his head came in contact with the wheel. Dr. Kennedy and Trooper Dwyer made enquiries. No inquest will be held.


Sat 16 Jul 1910, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) Trove

MAITLAND, July 9—Mr. H. B. Moody, of Gertmore, Kilkerran, was leading a pair of horses yoked to a trolly on Thursday afternoon, when he became jammed between the point of the pole and a post. He is suffering from severe internal injuries, and narrowly escape with his life.

MOODY.—On the 14th August; at Moonta, as the result of accident, Henry Bruce, eldest son of Israel J. Moody, of Gortmore, Kilkerran, in his
51st year.

August 14.— Mr. H. B. Moody, of Kilkerran, died at Moonta this morning. The deceased met with a severe accident nbout five weeks ago, having been crushed between the point of a trolly pole and a post. So soon as possible he was conveyed to Moonta, where an operation took place last Wednesday, but from the first his medical attendants held out but httle hope of his recovery. The deceased was in his fifty-first year, and unmarried. He was highly respected throughout the district.


Sat 27 Aug 1910, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) Trove

MAITLAND. August 20.—Nelson Moody, a nine-years'-old son of Mr. A. H. Moody, of Gortuwie, Kilkerrau, died in Maitland this morning from tetanus. The lad, while on the way to church three weeks ago fell out of a trap. His arm became jammed between the skid and wheel, and was cut to the bone. His thigh was also severely cut, but the wounds appeared to be healing satisfactorily. On Tuesday morning signs of lockjaw appeared. Although everything was done for his relief the patient died this morning.


Sat 16 Dec 1911, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) Trove

MAITLAND, December. 9;—An accident occurred to-day to Mrs. A. A. Field. With her husband and their little girl she went out to South Kilkerran in a buggy and pair. Mr. Field having some business with Mr. C. Heinrich, left his wife and child in the trap some distance from the house. On coming out of the house Mr. Field and Mr. Heinrich were surprised, to see the vehicle capsized some distance away, and a man carrying Mrs. Field in an unconscious state. The horses had taken fright at something passing, and bolted towards a dam a little distance off. Apparently Mrs. Field managed to turn the horsea on the crest of the bank of the dam, but in descending the slope the vehicle was upset. Mrs. Field was unconscious when picked up. She received a severe shaking and a number of bruises. The sufferer passed a bad night on Friday, and is still under medical attention. The child was unhurt.

Sat 6 Jan 1912, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

South Kilkerran, December 23. An accident happened recently on the farm of Mr. A. E. Obst. A young man, Charles Obst, had his foot severely crushed. He was turning a corner with a harvester when a bolt broke on the steering gear, causing the machine to become unmanageable. The harvester was considerably damaged. Considerable excitement was caused here to-day when a team of eight horses attached to a trolly belonging to Mr. E. G. Heinrieh bolted. While going down an incline the horses shied and started off. The driver, Harry Isaacson, pluckily stuck to the reins. After going some distance one of the horses fell underneath the trolly, with the result that two of its legs were broken. The animal had to be destroyed. The horse was a valuable one.


Mon 26 Jan 1914, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

Maitland, January 23. A motor car accident happened this afternoon. Mr. H. G. Kelly, of Kilkerran, had cause to visit Ardrossan, and was accompanied in his car by Mrs. T. Taylor, Messrs. W. Gillis and W. O. Mullner. Mr. Kelly, in trying to escape a deep rut in the road, went off on to the side and struck some loose sand. In trying to avoid a collision with a tree he immediately steered towards the road again, with the result that the car was over-turned.....

Fatal Accident at South Kilkerran.

Fri 6 Mar 1914, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

On Thursday last week, Mr Alf Hasting, son of Mr F. G. Hasting lost his life whilst attempting to put a belt on a chaffcutter which was to have been run from an engine for the first time. The mechanic (Mr S. F. Mealor) who had just completed the erection of the engine, started it, and was oiling up, when he heard a shout. He looked up and saw the unfortunate victim wheel round the fly wheel, one leg torn off and thrown in a different direction to his body. Death must have been instantaneous. Mr Mealor was the only eye witness to the affair, and stated that the accident was very simply caused by the deceased trying to push the belt on to the fast pulley with a piece of wood. Both knees were broken, one leg completely severed from the body and the head badly smashed. We extend our sympathy to Mr and Mrs Hasting and family in their sad bereavement. This is the second fatal accident that has occurred in the family. It will be remembered that four or five years ago Mr Albert Hasting was killed in a plough accident in the paddock.


A telegram received from Constable Dwyer of Maitland, on Friday, stated that Herman Alfred Hasting, a farmer, aged 30, of South Kilkerran, had been killed instantly on the previous day by being caught in the belting of an engine attached to a chaffcutter.


Maitland, February 27. At about 5.30 yesterday afternoon Mr. Alfred Hasting, son of Mr. F. G. Hasting, farmer, of South Kilkerran, lost his life whilst attempting to put the belt on a chaffcutter, which was to have been run from an engine for the first time. He visited this town yesterday morning with the belt to have it repaired. The mechanic, Mr. S. F. Mealor, who had just completed the erection of the engine, started it. He was oiling the various parts, when he heard a shout. He looked up and saw Mr. Hasting whirled round the flywheel. One leg was torn off close to the hip and thrown in a different direction to the body, which was hurled against the roof of the engine-room. One arm and both knees were broken, and the skull badly fractured. Death must have been instantaneous. Mr. Mealor was the only witness of the sad affair, and states that the accident was very simply caused by Mr. Hasting's endeavor to push the belt on to the fast pulley with a piece of wood. Unfortunately only Mrs. Hasting and one daughter were at home at the time. Mr. Halting was away on a visit to a married daughter. He was at once telegraphed for and returned at 5 a.m. today. The family have resided at South Kilkerran for a number of years and are highly respected. This is the second fatal accident that has occurred in the family. About four or five years ago Mr. Albert Hasting, another son, was killed by a plough accident.


Sat 11 Dec 1915, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

December 9.- Mr. C. B. Hasting, a member of the district council, was stricken down by a painful internal complaint about a fortnight ago, which necessitated his removal from his home to the Maitland Hospital. It was found necessary to perform an operation which proved successful. Mr. Hasting is now convalescent. Miss H. Heinrich, daughter of Mrs C. F. G. Heinrich, North Kilkerran, was thrown from a sulky recently. She received a severe shock, and was unconscious for over a day. Her face was cove-red with abrasions. Until Tuesday she was an inmate of the Maitland Hos-pital.-On Sunday, Edmund Dutschkc, youngest son of Mr. C. A. R. Dutschke, was playing with other boys on a wheatstack at Mr. C. H. Lutz's residence, when he fell, striking the sharp edge of a piece of galvanized iron. The iron cut right through the kneecap, severing the sinews. His parents immediately removed him to the Maitland Hospital, where Dr. Thomas attended the injury, which is of a serious nature. Strange to say the boy did not worry so much about his injured limb as about the fact that he would have to be absent from school. He was one of two pupils, who since their enrolment at St. Paul's school, had not missed a day for 3 years. --Mr. and Mrs. O. J. A. Hubner and their infant had a wonderful escape from serious injury on Tuesday evening. They were returning from Maitland. Mr. Hubner pulled up and intended to jump down to tie up his horse, when the animal took fright and bolted. The right side wheel first struck the school flagpole, and then a post. All the occupants were thrown out, and Mrs. Hubner received a severe blow across the face, which fractured a small bone of the nose. Her body was bruised severely. The baby was still in her arms when she was picked up, and escaped without a scratch. Mr. Hubner received a deep gash under the left eye, and an ugly wound over the eye. His body, too, was bruised. Kind neighbours were soon on the scene and assisted the injured persons, taking them to Dr. Thomas in Maitland, who dressed the wounds. They were able to return to their homes. The accident was witnessed by the elder children, who had come out to greet their parents.


Fri 25 Feb 1916, The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

MAITLAND. February 23.— An accident which eventually proved fatal befell Mr. Gustav Robert Paul Bittner on Wednesday last. Mr.. Bittner was riding an old farm horse bareback after some other horses when the animal stumbled to its knees. On recovering it threw Mr. Bittner on to its wither and caused severe internal injuries. Dr. Platonow attended the sufferer, who on his advice was removed to the Maitland Hospital on Thursday night. There he suddenly collapsed and died on Tuesday morning. Mr. Bittner was a son of the late Mr. F. J. R. Bittner and Mrs. M. A. W. Bittner, and was born at South Kilkerran on August 15, 1874. He was educated at St. John's School, South Kilkerran. For two years deceased had been working Mr. A. H. Gersch's farm at Sandilands on shares. He has left a widow and three little daughters.


Fri 25 Feb 1916, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931)

Maitland, February 23. Mr. Gustav Robert Paul Bittner was riding an old farm horse bareback after some other horses when the horse stumbled on to its knees and on recovering itself threw Mr. Bittner on to its wither. He sustained severe internal injuries. Dr. Platonow attended the sufferer, who was removed to the Maitland Hospital on Thursday. Although it was thought he was processing favorably, he collapsed and died at 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Mr. Bittner was a son of the late Mr. F. J. R. Bittner and was born at South Kilkerran. He was 41 years of age. In 1904 he married Miss. E. Gersch, of Urania. For the past two years he had been working on Mr. A. H. Gersch's farm at Sandilands on shares. A widow and three daughters are left.


Sat 8 Apr 1916, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

South Kilkerran. April 1. Mr. C. H. Lute's, farm on Saturday was the scene of a serious fire. It appears that a small boy obtained some matches, and in playing with them set fire to a strawstack. Before help arrived the stack was a mass of flames. A large quantity of straw was consumed and a waggon was damaged. Some of the fences also began to burn. The haystack and sheds were saved. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Lutze were absent from home. Mr. Oscar John left his horse and gig etanding whilst he closed a gate.. The horse took frigat and bolted smashing the gig.


Sat 29 Apr 1916, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

South Kilkerran. April 27. Leonhard Dutschke, son of Mr. Hermann Dutschke got a foot under a waggon loaded with tanks The foot was severely injured. Dr. Platonow attended the patient, who is now doing well.


Sat 6 May 1916, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

South Kilkerran May 2. Two horses atttached to a waggon belonging to Mr F G Hasting took fright and bolted just as he was getting into the vechicle. Mr. Hasting was helping to control the runaways, and in jumping from the waggon sustained a fracture of his ankle. Mr Edgar Hastings followed the horses on his motor cycle, and after a two miles chase was able to stop them. There was no serious damage done to horses or waggon.


Sat 25 Nov 1916, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

Kilkerran, November 22. Mr Abraham J. H. Moody, farmer, and Mr. A. J. Bridgman were watering a horse attached to a springcart in a dam close to the house to-day. Mr. Moody was holding the wheel to stop the cart pushing the horse too far. When the horse turned round to come up the bank Mr Moody who was a big man, jumped on the back of the animal, and, his weight proving too much, horse and cart backed into the dam throwing both men into the water. Mr Bridgman struggled out, but Mr. Moody who was probably impeded in his movements by a heavy coat, sank almost at once and did not rise again. The horse too, was drowned. It was about 15 minutes before Mr. Moody's body was recovered and life was then extinct. Deep regret was felt in the district when news became known, as Mr. Moody was one of the best known men on tho north of the peninsula. His father, who is still alive, took up land here about 40 years ago, the late Mr Moody Mr. Moody being then about 12 years old. After many, fluctuations in fortune they acquired a large holding, and Mr Moody was about the largest landowner here at the time of his death. In his younger days he was well known as a cricketer. His widow and seven children survive. His only surviving brother is Mr. Howard Moody of Kapunda.


Sat 25 Nov 1916, The Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1912 - 1923) Trove

SOUTH KILKERRAN, November 23.— A drowning fatality happened at Kilkerran yesterday about 5 p.m., of which Mr. A. Moody, a well-known farming resident of this district for many years, was the victim. Mr. Moody, in company with Mr. Bridgeman, a neighbour, had been adjusting a binder during the afternoon. Having finished that, they intended to proceed to the latter's property to continue the same work. Before leaving they were going to water their horse, attached to a spring dray. As a large dam was the nearest water. Mr. Bridgeman drove up to the edge of it for the purpose, while Mr. Moody held the wheel to prevent the cart from pushing the horse beyond the edge. The horse having been satisfied, Mr. Bridgeman turned it round, while Mr. Moody jumped into the cart from the back. The bank of the dam being steep, the horse refused to pull, and backed into the water. The two occupants of the cart, realizing the danger, both jumped off into the water, and Mr. Bridgeman had great difficulty in saving himself. Mr. Moody, it is thought, was seized by cramp, and sank. Mr. Bridgeman saw him come to the surface once, and heard him say, "I am done for." As the dam is close to the house, the catastrophe was witnessed by the family, who quickly ran to assist the unfortunate men, but were unable to do anything. After a brief interval the body was recovered from the water by Mr. Moody's son Alfred and a workman. Mr. Moody had been married twice. He was about 50 years of age. He has left four children of the first family, of whom Alfred, the eldest, is only 17, and three children of the second marriage, and also his aged father, who is 87.


Fri 1 Dec 1916, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

The following particulars concerning the death of Mr A. J. H. (Abe) Moody, which was reported in our issue of Friday last, appeared in the last issue of the "Maitland Watch." " On Wednesday afternoon about 5 p.m., Mr Moody, of Kilkerran, met a most untimely end through drowning. He, in company with Mr A. Bridgman, was preparing to go to the hay paddock in a spring dray. Before doing so they decided to water the horse and drove down the side of the dam to enable it to drink. The horse was rather inclined to jib, and after drinking would not start up the side of the dam. Mr Moody therefore got out and gave assistance by lifting on the spokes of the dray. As soon as the horse started up the side of the dam Mr Moody jumped in. The extra weight apparently caused the horse to again back towards the dam, but this time went right into the water. Both men got out and were in water about up to their waist. The struggling of the horse, combined with the slippery nature of the bank, made it difficult to make the side. Mr Moody evidently made for the other bank swimming on his back. Mr Bridgman, after great efforts, made the bank near the horse, reaching it in an utterly exhausted condition. He last saw the deceased making for the other bank, and remembered having heard him call out that he was done. When Mr Bridgman was able to collect himself and assistance had arrived, Mr Moody had sunk out of sight. The deceased was a powerful man and a strong swimmer, and must haye been attacked by cramp otherwise he would easily have made the bank. The death is particularly painful, for Mr Moody leaves a wife and young family. The family have suffered much from death by accident, Mr Moody's brother and sen having met their death in that manner. The deceased was one of the biggest landholders in the district and his family are amongst the earliest pioneers of the Peninsula. He was well and widely known, and his death will come as a regrettable shock to the whole district. The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon, at 5 p.m. The time was short but a very large number of people from the surrounding districts assembled to pay their last respects to the departed. The Rev H. C. Noll conducted the service at the Maitland cemeteiy, Mr K. Eichelebeirg the undertaker.


Sat 3 Dec 1916, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

South Kilkerran, December 26. Mr. G. Neumann had a narrow escape from death on Christmas Day. Turning from the main road into St. Paul's church grounds on his motor cycle, he tried to avoid a little girl in the gateway. In doing so he collided with the gatepost and was thrown heavily to the ground. He received severe wounds on the face and a cut on the lower lip. His left shoulder and side were also severely bruised. The front wheel of the motor cycle was bent and buckled. Mr. Neumann will not be able to work for a time.


Sat 19 May 1917, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

South Kilkerran. May 12. Mr. J. T. Schrapel, coming home from Mr. W. Harten'a farm recently in the dark, rode into a wire fence. The horse fell, and Mr. Schrapel was severely bruised and could not get up for some time. He was discovered by Mrs. W. Harten, who helped him to reach her house. He suffered great pain, for some time, but is now on the mend.


Sat 2 Jun 1917, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

South Kilkerran, May 29. Mr. Corner, of Kadina, was driving a motor lorry on Monday morning, and when between Maitland and South Kilkerran something went wrong with the steering gear. The lorry swerved from the road and crashed into a small tree. As a result of the impact the tree was snapped off near the ground. The radiator of the engine was damaged.


Sat 4 Aug 1917, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Sonth Kilkerran, July 26. When Miss Hulda Grersch was returning from Maitland in a sulky yesterday the horse stumbled and she was thrown heavily to the ground. The shafts of the sulky snapped, and the horse galloped away with them. Miss Gersch was picked up by Mr. F. E. Gene, who took her home in his motor car. Fortunately, her injuries are not serious. The sulky, which belongs to Mr. J. A. H. Gersch, was badly wrecked.


Sat 18 Aug 1917, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

South Kilkerran, August 12, Mr. Solanders, the mail contractor, of South Kilkerran, was driving the motor lorry when one of the back axles broke near the Wheel. The accident happened on level road, and there were no serious consequences.


Sat 15 Sep 1917, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

South Kilkerran. September 10. Whilst Mr. Koch, employed by Mr. W. Geue, was driving to church a loaded gun in the vehicle went off, taking away the middle finger of his right hand to the joint. Mr Koch had a remarkable escape from death or serious injury.

On Sunday last Mr George Koch, whilst driving along tha road, had an accident with a gun which was lying in the bottom of the cart. The gun accidently exploded and the charge penetrated the middle finger of one hand. Medical aid was sought and it was found necessary to amputate the injured limb. He is now progressing favourably.


Sat 22 Sep 1917, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Soutb Kilkerran. September 17. Mr. Otto Lutze, second, son of Mr. C. H. Lutze, was riding his motor cycle when he met several drays, which obscured a crossing he was approaching. A motor car suddenly appeared from the crossing and struck his front wheel. Mr. Lutze was thrown clear of the car, but his cycle was badly smashed, he sustained little injury.


Mon 14 Jan 1918, The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA : 1867 - 1922) Trove

Maitland, January 12. Mr. Isaacson, of South Kilkerran, had his harvester badly damaged as the result of the bolting of his team of six horses. The animals made off down the paddock and upset the harvester, several of the parts of which were broken.


Tue 26 Mar 1918, The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

March 24th. Erik Louis Lutz, aged 2 years 11 months, was found dead by an older brother in a horseyard near the father's house at South Kilkerran. Dr. Browning declined to give a certificate, and the circumstances were investigated by Mr. John Tiddy and a jury at the Courthouse. The evidence showed that the little fellow had been playing about, but was misted when the family assembled for tea. The search resulted in the finding of the body face downwards a few yards from a windmill. The doctor expressed the opinion that the condition of the brain and the top of the head was consistent with a fall and the jury returned a verdict to that effect.


Sat 20 Jul 1918, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Mr. Louis Dutschke, while riding a horse near his home at South Kilkerran on July 12, was thrown through the horse slipping. His left leg was broken above the ankle. Dr. Collins attended to the sufferer, who on Saturday morning was brought to the hospital, where the leg was set.


Thu 19 Sep 1918, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

South Kilkerran, September 16. Mrs. E. Vogt and Mrs. Modista were driving along the Maitland-Port Victoria road on Sunday evening, when the horse shied at a circus tent. Both ladies were thrown on to the road. Mrs. Modista received injuries to the head, and a wheel passed over her body. Mrs. Vogt suffered from shock and bruises.


Tue 8 Oct 1918, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

South Kilkerran October 6. When playing with a knife on Monday Leonhard Lutz, third son of Mr. J. H. H. Lutz, injured his eye. Little notice was taken of the mishap at first, but serious symptoms developed later. Mr. Lutz hired a motor car and took his son to an eye specialist in Adelaide.


Sat 14 Dec 1918, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Mr. E. Linke, youngest son of Mrs. A. Linke, South Kilkerran, fell from a horse and his foot was caught in the stirrup. The horse took fright and galloped round the yard, and before he was released Mr. Linke waa seriously injured. The doctor was summoned from Maitland to attend him. Mr. Linke is still in a serious condition, but his recovery is expected.


Sat 9 Aug 1919, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Mr. Roy Williams, a returned soldier, was riding on a motor cycle into St. Paul's Church ground, South Kilkerran, when he collided with a post. He was very much bruised and shaken, but fortunately escaped serious injury. The footboard and lamp on the motor were smashed.


Wednesday 5 May 1920, Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

Mr. F. W. Schrapel, of South Kilkerran, one of the victims of the motoring accident near Port Wakefield at the end of last week, died at his home on Monday evening. After his arrival at his residence on Saturday he first appeared to be progressing very well, but on Sunday morning symptoms of cerebral haemorrhage supervened, and he failed to rally. Mrs. Schrapel and the little boy Mickan, who were also injured in the accident, are progressing favourably.


Saturday 8 May 1920, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) Trove

PORT WAKEFIELD, April 30.—A serious motor accident occurred about four miles from here this evening. Mr. and Mrs. Schrapel, with their daughter and son-in-law and boy and a friend, were travelling to their home at South Kilkerran (Yorke's Peninsula). A front tire blew out, and the car turned completely over, and the occupants were thrown out. Mr. and Mrs. Schrapel and the boy were injured. The son-in-law was driving. Misters. John Fraser and Harry McDonald, who were motoring from the city, witnessed the occurrence, and were quickly on the secene, and they rendered all aid possible, and conveyed the sufferers to the surgery of Dr. Gribble, who attended to them. The boy seems to have been seriously injured.

Mr. F. VV. Schrapel.

Saturday 15 May 1920, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) Trove

Mr. P. W. Schrapel of South Kilkerran, who died as the result of injuries received in a motoring accident near Port Wakefield, was a native of Tanunda, where he was born on May 30, 1852. After his marriage with Miss Heinrich he took, up land as one of the pioneers of Kilkerran, about 44 years ago, and in due time success rewarded his careful system of farming. He was a man of kindly disposition, ever ready with practical support to any movement for the advancement, of the district. He has left a widow, and a family of five—Meedames J. Mickan (Port Victoria), B. Dutschke (Maitland), and Gogler (Broken Hill), and Messrs. J. and E. B. Schrapel (Souith Kilkerran).


Wednesday 20 October 1920, Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

MAITLAND, October 18.— On Tuesday last- Cordia Linke, aged 11 years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Linke, South Kilkerran, was run over by a motor car. She was driving a cow across the road near her borne, and Mr. H. Vogt, who was just arriving from Bethel, near Kapunda in his car, in trying to avoid the animal, collided with the little girl, whose left-leg was broken at the ankle. Dr. Browning was in the neighbourhood at the time, and he set the limb.


Monday 9 June 1924, Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

While Miss Esther Jericho, of South Kilkerran, near Maitland, was walking along King William street, Adelaide, on Sunday afternoon, she fell, apparently in a fit. She was conveyed to the Hospital in the police ambulance. Her condition is not regarded as serious.


Saturday 13 December 1924, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Maitland.— While working a harvester last week on the farm of Mr. A. Hastings, Mr. W. Langford was thrown to the ground through the horses moving suddenly and dislocated his shoulder.

On Tuesday Mr. H. Raethel, while attempting to remove thistles from a harvester in motion on the farm of Mr. H. O. Linke, South Kilkerran, got his right arm caught in the beaters of the machine. He was taken to the Maitland Hospital, where Dr. Fletcher amputated the third finger of his right hand.


Sat 28 May 1927, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Maitland. May 21. When motoring back to Maitland from Balgowan on Friday night, at about 7 o'clock, Messrs. E. F. Moloney and W. S. Allen saw an upturned sulky and horse on the side of the road. On investigation they found Mr. J. W. Moody lying in a semi-conscious condition near by. Having freed the animal and paddocked him, they brought Mr. Moody to Dr. Wells, who found him suffering from severe concussion and ordered his removal to the hospital. Death from hemorrhage of the brain supervened two hours later. It is surmised that Mr. Moody was driving too close to the fence, and that the nearside wheel of the sulky struck a post and overturned, throwing him onto his head. Mr. Moody was a son of Mr. Solomon Moody, and was born at Two Wells in 1873. In partnership with his brother, Mr. E. W. Moody, he took over his father's estate, 'Gowrie,' Kilkerran, in 1893, and carried on agricultural and pastorai pursuits. Some years later he acquired, the property and continued in occupation until his death. He has left a widow (a daughter of Mr. R. Whitelaw, Kilkerra), three sons, and one daughter.


Horse Falls On Farmer

After a horse he was attending at his farm had fallen on him, breaking his right leg below the knee, Mr. W. Bell, of Kilkerran, who lives alone, crawled for a mile until he reached the road. The accident occurred at about 6.30 p.m. on Monday, and Mr. Bell had to sit by the roadside in the rain until 11.15 p.m., when he was picked up by the Rev. C. A. Hawke, who was returning to Maitland from the Tiparra West Congregational Church anniversary meeting. Mr. Hawke took the injured man to the Maitland Hospital, where he was admitted.

to be continued ...