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The Yorketown Historical Society is based in Yorketown's old Courthouse, Edithburgh Road.

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10am - 12 noon Fridays

or by appointment

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Cheryl Bates
08 8852 1385

Located in the old Courthouse Building on Edithburgh Road close to the town centre and its junction of five roads, the Yorketown Historic Society focusses on collecting photographs rather than artefacts. The society has over 1,000 photographs in its collection, from early settlement to current times, showing changes in agricultural and social practices, streetscapes and industries of the local area. The society has also mapped out a town walk. Yorketown is a small rural community at the southern end of Yorke Peninsula. The surrounding landscape is dotted with many inland salt lakes, some of which are still mined. In the late 1840s farmers were eager to take up land here as it was prime crop-producing land. The town was settled in 1872 and has remained an important service centre on the peninsula since.


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Fighting Forces Comfort Fund VICTORY FLAG


Mrs P. Butcher, wife of Les, the local builder and carpenter, undertook to raise funds for the War Effort. It was a substantial effort to incorporate the co-operation of so many individuals and clubs, to collect funds and to embroider each of the names, all this undertaken by Mrs. Butcher. It is believed that a charge of 1 /- for your initial and surname or 2/- for your complete name to be embroiled on a square. There are 584 names on the flag, raising the grand some of 60 pounds.

Closer examination rekindles many memories of names long lost and forgotten from the Yorktown and District's past.

This tribute to our fighting forces is all that remains of any work or knowledge of a dedicated community spirited lady.