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District Council of Yorke Peninsula - WINULTA

An aboriginal word which meant "Grassy Plain."* *Place Names of South Australia.

A small plaque erected on a stone where six roads meet, states, "Winulta Centenary 1977. A tribute to the pioneers who initiated development of this district 1877."


Wednesday 29 October 1884, Wallaroo Times (Port Wallaroo, SA : 1882 - 1888) Trove

Oct. 28 th. Some short time ago a cricket club was formed here named " The Winulta United Cricket Club." two scratch meetings for practice they decided on sending a challenge to the Cocoanut Club. This decision was quickly acted upon and as quickly accepted, and the "Winulta United'' played their first match on Saturday last, on their own ground, and had the satisfaction of winning by one run, with one wicket to spare. The scores I have been unable to get.

Several farmers have commenced hay making, and so far as I hare been able to gather the yield is very fair. The wheat crops are looking splendid. A day or two ago I went through a paddock of wheat belonging to Mr Walker and it is by far the best I have seen on the Peninsula; to appearance it looks better than the bearded wheat mentioned in your Iast issue. The weather has very warm for some time, but is very favorable for haymaking operating.


Friday 9 October 1885, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

Oct. 3—The recent rains have greatly improved the prospects of the farmers in this neighbourhood. The crops are now looking well, and most people here have a sufficient supply of water to carry them over the summer.—On Monday last as Miss Bundle (the teacher in the Winulta school;. Miss Lee, Mr. Bundle, and Mr. Wm. Short's second son were driving from Kulpara to Winulta, two swagmen came from behind a bush, and swung their swags upon their backs in such a manner as to frighten the horses, and causing them to bolt. Miss Rundle and Master Short were thrown out of the trap, and the wheel passed over the body and face of the latter, causing rather serious injury to him. Miss Rundle was so upset and frightened with the accident that we are informed she was quite unable to attend to her duties in the school for several


Friday 30 October 1885, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

We have had nice seasonable weather for the past week with a few light showers. The crops are still doing well, and there is little or no show of rust yet.—The children's annual tea meeting in connection with the Church of England was celebrated at Winulta yesterday, at Mr. Short's house. A cricket match had been arranged between the Winulta and Arthurton teams, and was played in Mr. Short's paddocks during the day. The Winultas went first to the wickets, and scored 31 runs in the first and 48 in the second , while the Arthurtons obtained 41 in the first and 31 in thier second innings, leaving the Winulta team winners by 8 runs. The only thing uncommon in the match was a stroke of Mr. Wm. Philps, of which 7 runs was obtained before the ball was got back to the wickets. The day being fine there was a good attendance at the tea, which went off pleasantly and, to all appearances, satisfactory to all. The concert, which was a thorough success, was presided over by the Rev.W. Lilburn, who wasted very little time in an opening address, but drew attention to the continued vitality of the church, and asked as many as could possibly do so to be present at the opening of the Port Victoria Church, which he was sure would be one of the prettiest ceremonies ever witnessed in the colony.


Friday 16 October 1891, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

The Winulta folk were favored with splendid weather for their annual sporte last Friday, which was the means of drawing a crowd. The ladies providad a splendid spread at the moderate fee of one shilling, and they seemed to be kept going all day, and as there was no publican's booth on the ground, the tea and coffee were freely imbibed. The principal event of the day was the Sheffield Handicap, which was WON easily Jay Fhillis off the 15 yds, mark, with 0. Murnan: second. There were two hack races, and in the allcomers there were some nice horses stripped, no doubt the best one being Mr. Burford's Bluegown. Although liightning won, it was only through having the better rider. The second race was won by Mr. Rogers' <5ock Robin, with Mr. Short's Boy second. The following is a list of the events:— . ...................

Clinton, August 26.

Friday 1 September 1893, Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1954) Trove

The Clinton and Winulta amalgamated annual sports were held yesterday, August 25. in a paddock kindly lent for the occasion by Mr. T. Kenny, of Winulta. The attendance was not so large as anticipated, owing to the threatened and boisterous looking appearance of the morning ; but the day turned out to be fine, and a fair attendance mustered, and all the events went off successfully throrgh the energetic and efficient management of the secretary, Mr. C. L. Palm. The following are the results of the various events. —........................

Winulta July 7.

Friday 14 July 1899, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

COMPLIMENTARY SOCIAL.— On Thursday evening, at the residence of Mr W. Short, a social was tendered Miss B. McMahon, who after having had charge Of the Winulta school for eleven years has been transferred to Gawler River. About 80 persons sat down to supper, and Mr R. Montgomery, who presided, referred to the great interest. taken by Miss McMahon in the discharge of her duties, the progress made by the children under her charge, and the loss the district would feel in her departure. He also spoke of the great number of school teachers who had received their tuition from Miss McMahon, and who had successfully passed their examinations and were now in charge of schools themselves. He concluded by wishing her health and happiness in her new home. His remarks were endorsed by Messrs Burkin, Kenny, Francis, and other friends. Mr Short who replied for Miss McMahon, thanked them for their good wishes and for the kindness ever meted out to her, and assured them that she would always look back upon her time in Winulta with feelings of pleasure. Owing to the short notice given of Miss McMahon's departure a suitable memento could not be procured in time to present her at this social, but during the evening a strong committee was formed and it was decided to invite Miss McMahon over during the September holidays to accept some appropriate memento of their esteem. Games singing and dancing were indulged in everybody enjoying themselves. Before dispersing hearty thanks were passed to Mr and Mrs Short, who had placed their house at the disposal of all. The singing of "Auld Lang Syne" concluded a most enjoyable evening.

Winulta. April 23.

Friday 27 April 1900, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

A FAREWELL SOCIAL was tendered Miss Victory on Friday evening last, 20th inst. at the residence of Mr Thomas Kenny, jun. Games, dancing and singing were indulged in up to the early hours of morning, the special feature of the evening a amusement being the singing of a party of young friends, from Port Adelaide who were spending their holiday in cruising the gulf in Mr Fisher's wellknown yacht. The singing of the Misses Marshall, Mahoney, Chamberlain, and Fisher (2), Mrs Fisher, and Mr Smith, with the banjo selections by Mr Dowling were splendid, and it would be hard indeed to find another such company, even in the city. At the termination Mr Smith, on behalf of himself and friends, tendered to Mr and Mrs Kenny their heartiest thanks for the kind manner in which they had been received, adding that it had been their pleasure to attend numerous socials in Port Adelaide but they had never enjoyed themselves so much as on that occasion. In reply Mr Kenny referred to the pleasure it gave him to receive them. He was pleased that all had enjoyed themselves and hoped they would be spared to enjoy another such social next Easter. The hearty rendering of "For he's a jolly good fellow" and " Auld Lang Syne" brought a splendid night's enjoyment to a close.

Arthurton July 12.

Friday 19 July 1901, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

ONE of the most pleasant of the week's festivities was the assemblage on Wednesday evening of 40 couples at the residence of Mr Thos Kenny, of Winulta, to indulge in that most enjoyable of winter evening's amusement, the light fantastic, and to test the floor of his new barn, lately erected. Precisely at 8 30 p.m. the proceedings, which were under the management of Mr J. Francis, ably assisted by Messrs Short and Bowman, commenced and were kept going until 4.30 a.m. At intervals music (piano) and songs were contributed by Mesdames Kenny and McLeay, the Misses Garnet and Fisher, of Port Adelaide, Messrs Tait, Barton, Hilton and Bell who were heartily received. At the conclusion of an excellent supper, Mr Palm, on behalf of the visitors, proposed the health of Mr and Mrs Kenny and thanked them most heartily for their kindness in allowing them to take possession of their premises for the evening and the kind reception which had been accorded to them. He trusted they would be long spared to enjoy excellent health and that this was the first of many reunions he would receive. He assured them that he had tested, the floor and was satisfied with the excellent workmanship and finish it had received. Messrs Francis. Barton, Short, Bowman, Murnane and Peters supported. Mr Kenny, who on rising was heartily cheered, thanked the speakers for the many kind things that had been said about Mrs Kenny and himself. He assured them that although their visit had been kept a secret, Mrs Kenny, and himself were quite pleased to see them and hoped that all would enjoy themselves. He was pleased to hear that the floor had stood the test so well as it was designed for occasions of that sort. He hoped to see them on a future occasion, but trusted that he might have some intimation of their coming so as to have all arrangements made for them. The singing of " Auld Lang Syne" and ringing cheers for Mr and Mrs Kenny and family terminated a most enjoyable night's amusement.

PREPARATIONS are in progress for our annual picnic and sports, which will take place on August 28. A splendid programme of horse and athletic events has been prepared.

Winulta, July 12.

Wednesday 16 July 1902, Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

The many friends of Mr and Mrs T. Kenny jun, of WinuIta made their second surprise visit on Wednesday evening last to Mr. Kenny's residence for the purpose of testing the new floor which Mr Kenny has recently placed in his spacious barn. Punctually at 7.30 pm, after greetings had been exchanged, the floor was taken by 35 couples, the watchful care of Mr R. Barry, who made an excellent M.C. During the evening cards, draughts and dominoes were played by those who began to tire of the trepiscortd. Music and songs were rendered by the Misses Garnett and Fisher of Port Adelaide. Maloney, Hanrahan (2), Marnana O'Brien, Frachis, Fennessay, Franks, Carpenter, and Messrs Montgomery, Barton, Fennessey 2, Foley, Tait, Murnane, Short, Francis, Rooney, Barry, and Saunders. A number of selections were given on the gramaphona by Mr Kuhndt. After an ezoellent supper had been partaken of Mr Short, who apologised for the absence of Mr Palm, who was unavoidably detained through illness, thanked Mr and Mrs Kenny for their kindness in allowing them to take possession of their premises, and the courtesy which had been extended to them not only on this occasion but on previous visits. He trusted that they would be long spared to receive many such visits. He concluded by calling for three hearty cheers for Mr and Mrs Kenny and his family. Messrs Frost, Peters, Montgomery, Francis, Walker, Birt, and Saunders supported the remarks of Mr Short, all testifying to the many good qualities of their host and hosttess. Mr Kenny, who, on rising to respond, was received with vociferous cheers, thanked all the speakers for the many good things which had been spoken about him. He assured them that Mis Kenny and himself were always pleased to see them, and trusted that all would enjoy themselves. His only regret was that in coming with out notice they found the barn not prepared, but he was pleased to see that amongst the company there were many willing workers, as in a short space of time everything was quite prim and fit for their enjoyment. Dancing was then indulged in till the wee small hours. The Singing of "Auld Lang Syne" concluded almost enjoyable night's amusement, the company to their respective homes, determined to beat Jack Frost, who was paying his nightly visit.


Friday 13 November 1903, Kapunda Herald (SA : 1878 - 1951) Trove

Winulta Farm was originally taken up for pastoral purposes, and at one lime formed part of Beaumont's sheep station. It is now the properly of Mr. Kinney, who combines the raising of stock, chiefly horses and sheep, with the production of grain. The crops this year are very fair. Haycutting was starting at the time of my visit and reaping was not to be started for two or three weeks. Herbage is very plentiful. The land was originally covered with mallee, end its propensities for producing grass and cereals is great, judging by results up to the present. Merino sheep are kept and were a source of considerable profit. Crossed with Shropshire good lambs for export are obtained, which realise good prices. On this farm of 3,000 acres I noticed some splendid young bloodstock. Some well-known racing mares in Lady Melbourne, Delavolta, Marryatvile, and Dearix, were seen with foals at foot; some by Staffa were looking extremely well. With reference to the growing of wheats Mr Kiuney states that in his experience Smart's, No 3 and Bluey as a role give the best results. This season Stienwedel, Smart's, and Boomer" aug appear to be the best. The manure applied was 100 lbs of English super to the acre.


Tuesday 17 November 1903, Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

A nilenjorial has been presented to the Commissioner of Crown Lands by Messrs, Shannon, Allen, and Vernm, M.P.'s, on behalf of eight residents of the Winulta district, asking that a road be defined through water reserve No. 352, in the Hundred of Tipara. The petition stated that the proposed road would be the nearestand best road for the mail between Winulta and Arthurton, and that all the residents north of Winulta Post Oflice and school would have to make a long detour to get either to the post office or school if the request were not complied with. The road was the nearest road for all the residents to get to the dam and quarry, and it had been in use for 25 years. The Commissioner promised to get a report.

Winulta. September 11

Friday 15 September 1905, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

A NEW CHURCH.—The new Anglican Church at Winulta was opened on Thursday last, 7th inst, the ceremony being performed by the Venerable Archdeacon Bussel, who was assisted by three other clergymen. There was a large attendance, and many were unable to get inside the building. After listening attentively to an interesting and instructive sermon, all present adjourned to Mr Kenny's barn, which had been kindly lent for the occasion, to partake of the many good things that had been provided by the ladies. Friends from all parts were present. After the tea had been done ample justice to a lantern lecture was given by Archdeacon Bussel, and some very beautiful and instructive 'pictures were shown to a crowded and appreciative audience. A supper followed, and afterwards the light fantastic was indulged in by both old and young till the small hours of the morning The takings, which amounted to £25, were in aid of the building fund and were considered very satisfactory.


Saturday 6 January 1906, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

January 1. — The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. William Francis was celebrated at their residence, 'Fairview.' Winulta, on New Year's Day. The children presented to their father a gold heart pendant, and to their mother a gold brooch. — The members of the Institute last Thursday evening presented Mr. N. Opie, for his valuable services as secretary, with a travelling bag. Mr. Cane made the presentation.


Friday 21 September 1906, Kapunda Herald (SA : 1878 - 1951) Trove

September 8. Church Festival. On Sunday, September 2, special services were held in St. Peter's Church, Winulta, in connection with the festival of the dedication........................

Winulta September 8.

Friday 14 September 1906, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

Sunday, September 2nd, was a great day at Winulta. Speceial services were held in St Peter's Church, in connection with the Festival of the Dedication. The service's were conducted by Mr F. Morton (catechist in charge), who preached in the morning on " The House of God," and in the evening gave a most interesting and impressive discourse on " St Peter, his life end character." The attendances, both morning and evening were very good, despite the very wet weather. On Monday the festival was continued by the holding of a tea, conoert and supper in the Public Hall, Arthurton (which had been kindly lent for the occasion). Although the weather seemed very unsettled a good many people gathered together, and during the afternoon games such as tennis, etc, took up the time of the young people, while the elders kept themselves busy preparing to supply the wants of the inner man. The hall was crowded for the concert. The first part of the programme was given by members of the York Valley Minstrel Circle. Mr A. James was a great success as "Mr Johnson," as also was Mr Broadstook as bones, while Mr J. McKenzie as tambo kept the audience in roars of laughter. The following members also sang Messrs S. Thompson, H. Broad stock, A. Ward, C. and D. Pritchard, and Mr H. Broadstocfc recited. In the second part songs were contributed by Mesdames McLeay, Keen and Liddle, Miss South, and Messrs Keen and Thompson was worithly encored. The whole conoluded with a farce, "Wanted a Clerk." The overtures were played by Miss Short and Mr and Mrs Keen. Miss Hincks acted as accompanist and Mr F. Morton, as usual, made a splendid chairman. The proceeds amounted to over £29. Great credit and praise is due to the men of Winulta for the way in which they have worked during the past few weeks, fencing the church yard. Church work and life was never more vigorous here than at present, which is greatly due to the work of Mr Morton. The people of Winulta are delighted to have such a man and teacher, and one, who time after time has proved himsell the right man in the right place.


Tuesday 17 December 1907, Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA : 1867 - 1922) Trove

PRICE, December 16.—Last night two brothers, named Lange, in the employ of Mr. W.. Short, of Winulta left to go to Arthurton in a spring cart, and were entering the township when a motor bicycle passed. The horse shied at it, and threw the two brothers Lange out of the vehicle. Neither of the young men seemed much hurt, but Mr. L. Short persuaded them to stay in the township for the night, and this morning the news was conveyed to Mr. Short that Frederick Lange was dead. An inquest is to be held. The young men were, steady and much respected.


Saturday 9 March 1912, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

PRICE, February 29.— Mr. George Frost, of Winulta, lost a large quantity of fencing, feed, and stacked mallee roots, consumed by a fire on Wednesday. A neighbor was burning stubble, when the flames got away and swept into Mr. Frost's property, where consideable difficulty was experienced in conquering the blaze.


Saturday 23 November 1912, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) Trove

MOONTA, November 13.—An exciting bolt occurred this afternoon and resulted in serious injury to a woman and child. Mrs. Cook, of Winulta, 23 miles distant, was driving into the town accompanied by her two children, a boy of eight years, and a four-months-old baby. When approaching Military road leading into Ryan street the horse became frightened and bolted. Mrs. Cook had the baby in ber arms, and was unable to control the animal, which rushed down thg street at a furious rate. When attempting to turn the corner at Henry street the horse, dashed into an unoccupied shop. The window shutters were splintered to matchwood and the occupants of the trap thrown out. The injured ones were taken, into the residence of Mrs. T. Luke, and attended to by Dr. A. R. Clayton, Mrs. Cook was severely cut on the face, received a gash on the knee, and is suffering from 6hock. The baby was precipitated heavily on to the ground, and had the skin torn off its face, while the boy bad a miraculous escape, and received only a few scratches.


Wednesday 30 April 1913, Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

WINULTA, April 26.— A successful sale of gifts was held in the Arthurton Hall on April 18 by members of St. Peter's Church, in aid of the rectory fund. Father Hayward opened it. There was a large attendance, and business was brisk throughout the evening. Tea was partaken of, after which a programme of songs, recitations, musical items, and dancing was carried out. Supper followed. Stallholders:— Fancy and plain sewing, Mesdames Short and Sharrad and Miss H Sharrad; pot plants, Miss Rogers; sweets, Misses Hazel (2), and G. Sharrad; cool drinks, Masters Walter Sharrad and Keith Roads; branpie, Misses Walding and Beckman; tea and supper, Mesdames Colliver, Sharrad, Willing, and Westbrook. Excellent music was supplied by Mrs. Liddle (pianist) and Mr. Strongman (violinist). Mr. H. Crosby acted as M.C.


Saturday 31 March 1917, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Private Walter John Sharrad, who enlisted from Arthurton on March 20, 1916, was the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Sharrad, Arthurton. He saw two months' active service in France, where he died of wounds on February 14. He was only 19 years and 4 months old. He was a member of St. Peter's Church of England, Winulta, and was a model son. He was a member of the Arthurton football and cricket clubs, of which his father has been the president for many years. His death came as a great blow to his friends.


Saturday 24 January 1920, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

As Mr. George Wood and his family were returning to Price from Arthurton on January 19 a box of glassware fell from the vehicle and startled the horse. They sprang suddenly forward and jerked a boy of nine years out of the vehicle to the road. Both bones in one arm were broken. Mr. J. Sharrad, of Winulta, motored the sufferer to Ardrossan, where he will remain for medical attention.


Tuesday 25 May 1920, Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

The next morning Mr. J. Kenny, son of Mr. T. Kenny, of Winulta, lost portion of his little finger, and had the fourth and middle fingers crushed in an accident with an oil engine. An effort was being made to remove the piston, but in turning tha flywheel a charge exploded and forced the piston down on Mr. Kenny's hand. The three cases were brought to the Maitland Hospital, where Dr. Browning attended to them.


Saturday 20 October 1923, Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

A memorial service in connection with the dedication of a communion rail was held in Saint Peter's church, Winulta, on Friday evening, 12th October. The very Rev. Dr. Thomas, Bishop of Adelaide, performed the ceremony. The railing was a presentation by Mrs Welch and her family, in memory of the late husband and father, who, when a resident in the neighborhood attended Winulta church for divine worship; and also when the building was erected some years ago, rendered valuable assistance towards the construction and completion of this pretty little country sanctuary.

The memorial is a work of art, reflecting great credit on the builder, Mr Hosking, of Pulteney street, Adelaide. The material used consists of Tasmanian blackwood, and the ornate manner in which it is completed serves to adorn, as well as supply a needed want in the approach to the Reredos. A brass plate contains the following inscription:—"In memory of John Welch, who died September 14. 1921. Aged 65. The gift of his wife and children."

At the conclusion of the service, the Bishop., Mrs Welch and Miss Welch, with numerous other, friends were the guests of Mr W. Short to a well laid supper, at which kindly expressions were made in regard to Mrs Welch and her sons and daughters for their thought in perpetuating the memory of one whom they loved, and every one respected, in the manner shown.


Saturday 30 October 1926, Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

Among the sturdy band of pioneers that have made Yorke's Peninsula what it is today, Mr William Short is by no means the least, and a recognition of this fact caused a large number of fellow farmers and their wives to do honor to him on the attainment of his eightieth birthday, on Thursday, 21st October. Actually, the event is a couple of days later, but so as to make it coincide with the usual meeting of the Arthurton branch of the Agricultural Bureau, of which the old gentleman has long been a member, the 'surpise party" was held earlier. At about 3 p.m. car loads of friends made their way to Mr Short's homestead, Winulta, and there was no doubt that the surpise was complete. By four o'clock there were well over 100 people assembled and the old gentleman was overwhelmed with congratulations. His delight was unbounded, and as the gathering also partook of the nature of a re-union through the presence of life-long friends, it assumed special significance.

The homestead meeting of the Arthurton branch of the Agricultural Bureau was held first, when Mr. J. J. Henschke (chairman) presided over a large attendance. Messrs E. J. Sharrad and C. R. Roads were approved members by the Central Bureau. Comprehensive reports were submitted by the delegates to the 37th annual congress of the Agricultural Bureau, Messrs H. D. Noble and R. H. Burns, who were thanked on behalf of the branch by Messrs W. Short and J. Sharrad. The next meeting was decided to be held at the homestead of Mr F. J. Modra.

A delicious tea was served by the ladies at 5.30, and occasion was then taken to extend formal felicitations to Mr Short. Mr J. J. Henschke, who presided, said it gave him the greatest possible satisfaction to have the privilege of wishing Mr. Short many happy returns of his birthday. It was thirty-five years ago that the Arthurton branch had been established, and Mr Short was one of the foundation members. Always he had shown the keenest interest in the branch's affairs, had attended with praiseworthy regularity, and despite the present burden of years. was a regular attendant now. (Applause.) It was thus clear that they could not let the occasion pass to do honour to one who had done so much for agriculture and the branch both as member and president, over so many years. (Applaluse.)

The chairman, then referred specially to the presence of Mesdames C. Foley and J. Welch, wives of foundation members who had passed beyond, and aiso read letters of congratulation from members or the wives of deceased members, viz., Mesdames S. Lamshed, W. H. Hawke, F. A. Welch, Miss E Renton, and Messrs J. McLeay. J. P. Pontifex, C. L. Parlm and J. Andre-wartha.

Mr T. H. Howlett (secretary of the Arthurton branch) then read the first meeting's decision to form the branch, also highly interesting extracts of the first branch meeting, which took place on April 18, 1891, over 35 years ago. He extolled the energy and consistent interest of Mr Short in the branch and stated that since March 2, 1891 to the present time, his average of attendance was 206 meeting out of 263. During one period, he had attended 60 out of a possible 61 meetings in the seven years. (Applause.) And for the twelve year period as chairman he attended 97 of 102 meetings. He trusted that Mr Short, with his great knowledge of farming, would be spared for many more years of usefulness. Messrs J. A. Kenny, J. H. Colliver, J. Sharrad and J. Francis supported, and paid a high tribute to Mr Short's good work for the branch, emphasising the fact of his genial nature and general helpfulness.

The chairman then presented Mr. Short, on behalf of the branch, with a useful travelling bag and wished the recipient the best of good health and ai long and peaceful life. Mr. Short on rising to reply, was received with prolonged applause. He cordially thanked the speakers for their kindly remarks, also the absent ones for their much appreciated thoughtfulness. He hoped the bag would hold more than the proverbial pair of trousers, and bottle of whiskey. (Laughter.) He had always endeavoured to do his best for the branch and agriculture in general, and had been supported by splendid men the salt of the pioneers. (Cheers.) He had been the first to take up land at Winulta and Mr Kenny had been the next followed by Mr. Sharrad. It had been a life of ups and downs, mostly downs at first, and the fight had been very strenuous. Tiparra and Clinton had not been then surveyed, and game, especially kangaroos, had been plentiful. Winulta meant wee plains, or little plains in native language, and these "little plains" had been the only places free of scrub. For months his wife had not seen a white woman, and this was in tremensdous contrast with conditions of today. He again thanked all for their kindly sentiments and generous appreciation of his efforts. (Applause.)

A social evening and dancing followed, the music being supplied by Mesdames W. Foley, Walding, Miss Gamper and Mr. Nelson. Among those present were:-Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Short, Mr and Mrs H. Birkin, Mr and Mrs T. H. Howlett, Mr and Mrs W. Nelson, Mrs R. Lam-ming, Mr. and Mrs J. J. Henschke, Mr and Mrs J. H. Colliver, Mr. and Mrs F. J. Modra, Mr and Mrs Jos. Col- liver, Miss L.. Hazel, Mr. and Mrs T. H. Allen, Mr and. Mrs C. Aldenhoven, Mr J. Sharrad, Miss M. Sharrad,. Mr and Mrs T. A. Kenny, Mr. and Mrs E. P. Kenny, Mr. and Mrs W. Foley C. Foley, senr., Mr, and Mrs O. Jericho, Mrs Graham, Misses. A., I. .and Anne Graham, Mrs A. Roads, Mrs Richards, Mr Keith Roads, MissI M. Welch, Mrs. J. Welch, Mrs. D. J. Wald-ing, Mr and Mrs J. Francis, Miss Gam-per, Misses L. and E. Francis, Mr. and Mrs E. Kelly, Mr H. D. Noble, Mr. R. H. Burns, Miss I. Burns, Miss B. A. Rogers, Miss N. Foley, Mr H. Rowntree, Mr. J. H. Allen, Mr T. A. Berndt.

Mr William Short was born at Brighton, S A. in 1846, and was the second son of the late Mr. and Mrs Edwin Short. When Mr. Short was eighteen months old, the family moved to Salisbury, and he was married at that place, in 1865 to Miss Mary Frost, daughter or the late Mr and Mrs Charles Frost, of Salisbury. Mrs Short died in 1917 at the age of 71 years. The young couple went on the land at Salisbury, and were there for two years when the Winulta area was opened up. Mr Short took up a holding there at £5 an acre, but after the land had been surrendered he got it for 17/6. Even then it was a hard matter to make ends meet with the absence of water and roads, and a large amount of scrub clearing had to be done. Tiparra and Clinton had not been surveyed, and the inflow of settlers was slow. Mr. Short is thus a pioneer of 50 years next March, and was the first settler in the district. He built his own homestead of humble pretentions, but this has since been converted into a substantial and commodious residence, beautifully situated on a hillock and surrounded by gardens and all the modern requirements of farming. The veteran is wonderfully active for eighty years, and takes the keenest interest in farming affairs

The family consists of the following :-Mr Theodore Short (St. Peters) Mr Arthur Short (High-gate). Mr. Herbert Short (Parkside), Mr Leslie Short (Winulta). Mr. Lloyd K. Short {Victoria), Mrs F. Koch (Ardrossan), Mrs H. Birkin (Winulta). There are 28 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

YORKE'S PENINSULA IDENTITY. Mr. William Short's Career.

Saturday 6 November 1926, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) Trove

Mr. William Short is one of the sturdy band of pioneers of Yorke Peninsula, and on October 28 a large number of farmers and their wives honoured turn by a party on the attainment of hie eightieth birthday (states our Kedina correspondent). The event coincided with the usual meeting of the Arthurton branch of the Agricultural Bureau, and more than 100 people assembled at Mr. Short's homestead, Winulta. After the bureau meeting, tea was served, and formal felicitations were extended to Mr. Short. Mr. J. J. Henschke, who presided, said that the Arthurton branch had been established more than 35 years ago. and that Mr. Short was a foundation member. He had always shown the keenest interest in its affairs, both as member and President. Mr. T. H. Howlett (secretary of the Arthurton branch) extolled the energy and consistent interest of Mr. Short in the branch, and stated that since March 2, 1891, to the present time his average of attendance was 200 meetings out of 263. He trusted that Mr. Short, with his great knowledge of farming, would be spared for many more years of usefulness. Messrs. J. A. Kenny, J. H. Colliver, J. Sharrad, and J. Francis supported. The Chairman presented Mr. Short with a travelling bag, and wished the recipient the best of good health and a long and peaceful life. Mr. Short cordially thanked the speakers, and said that, while he had always endeavoured to do his best for the branch and agriculture, he had been supported by the salt of the pioneers. (Applause.; He had been the first to take up land at Winulta, and Mr; Kenny had been the next, followed by Mr. Sharrad. It had been a life of vicissitudes. Tipparra and Clinton had not been then surveyed, and game, especially kangaroos, was plentiful. For months his wife, in those early days, had not seen a white woman. A social evening followed, the music being supplied by Mesdames W. Foley and Walding, Miss Gamper, and Mr. Nelson. Mr. Short was born at Brighton (S.A.) in 1840, and was the second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Short. When Mr. Short was 18 months old the family moved to Salisbury, and he was married at that place in 1865 to Miss Mary Frost, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frost, of Salisbury. Mrs. Short died in 1917 at the age of 71 years. The young couple went on the land at Salisbury, and when the Winulta area was opened up Mr. Short took up a holding. Although after the land had been surrendered he paid only 17/6 for it, it was hard to make ends meet. Mr. Short was the first settler in the district. He built his own homestead, of humble pretensions, but this has since been converted into a substantial residence, beautifully situated on a hillock and surrounded by gardens and all the modern requirements of farming. The veteran is wonderfully active for 80 years, and takes the keenest interest in farming affairs. The family consists of Messrs. Theodore Short (St. Peters), Arthur Short (Highgate), Herbert Short (Parkside), Leslie A. Short (Winulta), and Lloyd K. Short (Victoria), and Mrs. F. Koch (Ardrossan) and Mrs. H. Birkin (Winulta). There are 28 grandchildren and five great grandchildren.


Saturday 27 October 1928, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

Councillor John Sharrad, who died on October 13, at his residence near Arthurton, was one of the best-known and esteemed residents of the district of Clinton. For more than 40 years Mr. Sharrad successfully farmed the property which he occupied at the time of his death. For about 14 years Mr. Sharrad represented the ratepayers of Kalkabury ward in the District Council of Clinton. He was president of the Winulta school committee and of the recreation committee, and treasurer of the Winulta Church of England, for which he was a consistent and earnest worker. Mr. Sharrad was born in Plympton in 1862, from where the family removed to Yankalilla, where he received his education. Mr. Sharrad leaves a family of three daughters and one son —Mrs. R. Olson, Mrs. Stan Willing, Miss Millicent Sharrad, and Mr. Ernest Sharrad. One son was killed in France in the Great War. Mrs. Sharrad predeceased her husband some years ago.


Thursday 21 February 1929, Register News-Pictorial (Adelaide, SA : 1929 - 1931) Trove

MOONTA. Wednesday.— Miss M. Sharrad, of Arthurton, is in the Maitland Hospital suffering from injuries received when her brother's motor, en route for Price, came into collision with Mr. Sinclair's at Kenny's Seven Cross road, Winulta. Her companion, Miss Greyham, escaped with a shaking.


Thursday 15 January 1931, Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

Dowlingville, January 13. Mr. Clarrie Harmer, eldest son of Mr. James. Harmer, of Winulta, last evening went out on a motor lorry to load wheat which was being shifted with a bag-lifter. He was sitting on the back of the lorry as some bags were about to be hauled up, when the iron broke or slipped and, flying up, struck Mr. Harmer on the head, fracturing his skull. He was removed to the Maitland Hospital, and attended by Dr. Wells. To-night he had regained consciousness.


Wednesday 25 March 1936, Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Trove

Mr. Herbert Albert Leslie Short, who died recently at the age of 60 years at his residence. 'Winulta,' Scott street, Parkside was the third son of Mr. William Short and the late Mrs. Short, who went from Salisbury in the pioneering days of Yorke Peninsula to settle at Winulta. There the family farmed a considerable area of land for many years, and were the founders of the Anglican Church at Winulta. Mr. Short was promoter of and secretary to a number of social events at Price and Winulta. About thirty-five years ago he embarked on a business career in Adelaide, where in 1904 he married Florence Helena Sanders, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A, T. Sanders, of Price. (YP.). For many years until the day before his death Mr. Short was associated with the South Australian Farmers' Union, being one of their city representatives. Mr. Short was interested in a number of suburban sporting bodies and materially assisted in their advancement. He has left a widow, a son (Mr. Fred Short), and a daughter (Miss Grace Short).


Wednesday 11 November 1936, Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

The tennis results on Saturday were: —Centrals d. Hillside, 15—3; Ramblers d. Dowlingville, 10—8. The cricketers dismissed the Price batsmen for 80. Arthurton's score stands at six for 96. V. Angel being 40 not out.

The Arthurton branch of the Agricultural Bureau held a homestead meeting at the home of Mr William Short, of Winulta, in honor of the 90th birthday of Mr Short. Mr Short has been a member of the bureau since its inception 45 years ago. Two papers were read, one by Mr S. K. Coleman on "The Evolution of Farm Machinery," and the other by Mr S. Henderson on "One Hundred Years of Farming in South Australia." The chairman (Mr J. J. Henschke) welcomed 60 guests, and congratulated Mr Short on the active life he had always led and was still leading. Congratulatory speeches were also delivered by the president of the Northern Y.P. Field Trial Society (Mr J. P. Pontifex, of Melton), who was also a foundation member of the bureau, Mr T. A. Kenny, of Winulta, who has been a neighbor of Mr Short's for over 60 years. Mr S. Pontifex, of Paskeville branch, and Mr T. H. Howlett, of Moonta. Mrs T. H. Howlett, wife of the secretary, handed a small token to the guest of the evening, on behalf of the wives of the members. A birthday cake decorated with 90 candles, was made and presented by Mr Short's granddaughter (Mrs Glen Woods, of Petersville). Supper was provided by the women. A quartet from Moonta gave items.

Hay cutting is now becoming general, but due to short crops farmers will have to cut a fair acreage to strengthen their supplies. Oat crops in particular are practically a failure.


Friday 17 June 1938, Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1954) Trove

At a farewells to Mr. Thomas Kenny and family, who were among the most prominent parishioners of Maitland parish and are very much respected throughout the whole of Yorke Peninsula, prior to their departure from Winulta to reside in Adelaide, a very fine illuminated address was presented by the residents of Winulta. The text of the address is as follows:

"An address of appreciation to Thomas Kenny, Esq., on the occasion of leaving Winulta. We, the people of Winulta, Arthurton, and surrounding districts, wish to place upon record our deep appreciation of your many excellent and "kindly qualities on the occasion of your leaving Winulta for Adelaide. For sixty years you have been with us at Winulta and shared with us our joys and sorrows, our good times and bad times, our struggled and our successes. During that long period you have been held in the highest esteem as a good neighbor and a public spirited citizen, and as one with a cheery joke and a happy laugh to give us courage to face with happy heart and brave the burdens of each day. We are, indeed, sorry the parting of the ways has come, and we regret your leaving us. We pray that the change will be for the best for you and your wife and daughter. May you be happy among your new friends. But no matter how happy your new life may be, we feel that it will be happy indeed if it be as happy as your old life among us has been. We wish you good luck and Godspeed, and ask you to accept this address as a souvenir of the happy past, as an earnest of our deep respect for you, as a reminder in the future of your many, many loyal and loving friends at Winulta, and indeed throughout all Yorke Peninsula.—Signed, Joseph H. Colliver, Thos. H. Thomson, John Honner, Wra. Short, H. A. Montgomery, S. L. Willing."

Mr. Kenny and his family are now residing in Hardy Street, Goodwood.

Mr. E. P. Kenny.

Thursday 15 June 1939, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

After an illness extending over four years, Mr. Edward Patrick Kenny, formerly of Winulta, died at North Adelaide recently. He was 49 years of age, and was the second son of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Kenny. Born at Winulta, he received his early schooling at that centre, and later at the Marist Brothers' College, Glenelg, He served with the 9th Light Horse during the Great War, and was at the landing at Gallipoli, but was invalided home. In 1921 he married Miss Doris Laintoll, of Adelaide, who survives. There are four sisters— Sister Mary Antonio (Convent of Mercy, Henley Beach), Mrs. Frank Kenny (Pekina), Mrs. W. Poley (Clinton Centre), and Miss Nell Kenny (Goodwood), and two brothers —Messrs. J. T. Kenny (Ardrossan) and J. V. Kenny (Winulta).


Saturday 7 June 1941, Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

Mr W. F. H. Tulk, teacher of the Winulta public school, wrote to ascertain this Board's views in regard to the immunisation of school children against diphtheria, and that Dr. HustJer, of Ardrossan was willing to cooperate.—It was resolved that the matter be held in abeyance for a month.

At the conclusion of the meeting the chairman again thanked the Councillors, clerk and press for their cooperation, loyalty and service through out the year. Cr. Henschke in reply, thanked the chairman for the conscientious way in which he had carried out his heavy duties during the year, and was supported by all the Councillors present and Mr T. A. Berndt (who replied for the "K. & W. Times" and "People's Weekly.")


Friday 9 March 1945, Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1954) Trove

MR. Thomas Kenny, of Hardy Street, Goodwood, celebrated his 90th birthday on Saturday, February 24, 1945, by attending the races at Cheltenham in the afternoon, and entertaining a number of friends at his residence in the evening, during which the host displayed his keen mental ability by winning a six point euchre tournament.

Rev. Father Griffiths, in proposing the toast of the day, remarked that it was the first occasion that he had had the pleasure of congratulating anyone so old yet so young, and wished Mr. Kenny continued good health up to his century and beyond it.

Mr. L. Short, of Winulta, stated that when Mr. Kenny left Yorke Peninsula they not only lost one of their pioneers but one whose kindly and generous disposition endeared him to everyone who knew him as reflected by the many congratulatory telegrams received from neighbors, friends and business connections throughout Yorke Peninsula.

Mr. Kenny responded by relating many amusing reminiscences, and concluded by jocularly remarking that he hoped to be present at the 90th birthday of each of his guests.

Later Rt. Rev. Mgr. M. Hourigan, V.G., Goodwood, called on his old friend to honor the occasion and to exchange with him many reminiscences of the years.

Changed Hands.

Thursday 10 February 1949, Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Trove

The Honner brothers, Paul and Gerald, of Winulta, via Maitland, who some months ago launched out as breeders, have purchased from the Lindsay Park studmaster, Mr. J. Keith Angas, the Baralong (imp.) mare Araminta, with a chestnut colt by Duke John (imp.) and served by Copperplate (imp.).

Mr. Jack Greenslade, who recently set up the Sunnybrook stud at Urania, has sold a three-year-old colt by the Limond Lad horse Master Raeburn (sire of Bindarra) from an Amain (imp.) mare to the Weiss brothers of Eudunda. The sales were made through Coles Bros. Ltd.


Friday 26 January 1951, Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

The farm home of Mr and Mrs R. G. Roads, of Wïnulta, presented a most happy appearance on Saturday evening last, when, some 50 motor vehicles from the surrounding district brought about 150 guests to celebrate the house warming part of Mr and Mrs Roads. Mrs Roads (nee Mrs Venning) was in business at Wallaroo for many years. The large gathering spent the evening with games and community singing. The host and hostess received many congratulations from their large circle of friends, who expressed their thanks for the enjoyable event, and wished them every happiness for the future. Mr Roads ably thanked the party on behalf of his wife and self for their good wishes. An excellent supper and refreshments concluded a most enjoyable party.


Friday 5 October 1951, Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1954) Trove

ON September 4, the death occurred of Mr. Thomas Andrew Kenny, a well-known and highly respected Catholic of Goodwood. During his long life of 96 years, his jovial manner, ready wit, and genuinely kindly nature endeared him to all whose pleasure it was to know him.

Mr. Kenny was born at Yankalilla on February 24, 1855, and at the age of 16 years went with his parents to live at "Kalkabury," near Arthurton. After his marriage in 1885 to Miss Mary Ann Victory, of Gumeracha, he took up and cleared land at Winulta, where he successfully carried on farming for many years until his retirement in 1938, when he came to Hardy Street, Goodwood. His pious wife died in 1944.

During his whole life, Mr. Kenny has been a zealous and practical Catholic, and for many years was a constant attendant at St. Agatha's Church, Arthurton, among whose parishioners he was highly esteemed and respected.

Mr. Kenny was an active member of the Holy Name Society until failing health prevented him from taking his place in their ranks at the Church of the Holy Cross, Goodwood.

Requiem Mass was celebrated for the repose of his soul by Rev. Fr. Morrison, who in a few well-chosen words spoke of the sterling qualities of the late Mr. Kenny, who was well known to him as a parishioner at Arthurton.

The large attendance at Requiem Mass and at the graveside was representative of the deceased gentleman's many country and city friends and of the high esteem in which he was held by all. May he rest in peace.