Mr George Ramsey started from the Show Grounds, Kadina, at 4 o'clock on Monday afternoon on his third attempt to beat the world's record for 24 hours continuous motor riding. A large crowd had assembled near the Kadina Show Grounds to witness the start, and the Mayor (Mr C. A, E. Hall) delivered a short address and called for three cheers for the plucky rider. By 5.45 p.m. Mr Ramsey had completed his first trip from Kadina to Ardrossan and back, a total distance of 76 miles. Throughout the night he continued riding to and fro, and timekeepers at Kadina and Ardrossan checked the trips. The breaking of the belt necessitated a delay of 10 minutes, but this was the only mishap that occurred. Ardrossan was reached on the tenth trip at 12.45 p.m. on Tues day, this brought the total distance traversed up to the previous world's record of 722 miles. In the follow ing 3 hours Mr Ramsey added 114 miles, and the total for the 24 hours was thus 836 miles. Mr Ramsey finished at Kadina a little before 4 p.m., and he was heartily cheered by the large crowd that had gathered. Though he was rather weary, he had every appearance of having endured the strain well. The Mayor said that that was the third time Mr Ramsey had attempted the formidable task ; 12 months ago he had done 7104 miles, which constituted an Australian record, but it was not ridden under League regulations ; in the second try a few months ago the machine had failed to stand the test; on the third attempt every thing had happened favorably, and he congratulated Mr Ramsey on his splend feat. (Cheers). Rev. A. J. Finch supported thp Mayor in his remarks, and said Kadina should be proud of the fine performance that Mr Ramsey had put up. Mr Ramsey briefly responded and thanked the gathering for the encouraging reception they had given him. The machine used was a 34 hp. Lewis aircooled motor cycle. On Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock one hour after Mr Ramsay completed his ride, Mr C. W. A. Korner started from Maitland on an attempt to beat the record for 24 hours' continuous motor riding. His course was from Maitland to Ardrossan, via Arthurton the length of the double journey being 48 miles. By 12.30 Wednesday he had covered 672 miles, He had been delayed by punctures and petrol troubles. Soon after mid-day he did the 48 mile course in 1 hour 2 minutes and he continued riding at a terrific pace till 5 o'clock. The total distance covered was 8714 miles, or 35.5 miles over that covered by Ramsey the previous day. A 3.5 h.p. Budge motor cycle was used in the test, which was ridden under tbe auspices of the Motor Cycling Club.