Around Lower Yorke Peninsula


I have been interested in your two letters about lower Yorke Peninsula, because recently we hod a delightful day trip to some of the places you mention.

We live on the peninsula itself, and we travelled down the road you advise along the east coast. Stansbury is a very pretty spot, I think, with nice trees edging the seafront, and such good facilities for campers, with built-in fireplaces to cook and 'boil the billy.' From Edithburgh we went along the south coast road to i each Marion Bay, the one you said was not of the best. It wasn't. There were very rough patches and lumps of ugly stone to drive over, but we did not see any rabbits for miles and miles. We were not lucky enough to be able to buy any crayfish at Marion Bay, as you were. They still load wheat and other grain on ketches off that long jetty there, I think. There are not many farm houses down in this part and I thought when we called at one before reaching Marion Bay that the farmer there might just as easily have been in the real outback. He bred trotting horses, by the way.

Stenhouse Bay reminds me of Iron Knob when the machinery grabs up the gypsum with huge scoops before loading it on to the boats. We did not go on to Inneston as time did not allow. Even as it was, we were coming home through Brentwood, with its lovely tall gum trees, in the moonlight. I would like to give one warning, though. We found we did not have enough food with us as we had not bothered, thinking that we would buy from shops, but there were not any on the way to the bottom end.

Another day, we returned to see the west side of the peninsula in daylight, and took plenty of food this time. We made for Gleeson's Landing, past Corny Point, and watched the huge breakers smash against the large rocks. There were lovely shells, and pretty round stones which we gathered to act as doorstops. Our men caught only three fish, though —they are biting better here on the east coast where my husband caught a 16-lb. butter fish as well as tommy ruffs the other day. There was a great rush to weigh this prize, which we shared with friends'. Anyway, despite the lack of a big catch at Corny Point, we had a most enjoyable day, passing from one gulf to the other and back again.

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(I am sure you enjoyed your trips, 'Hilmar.' I did not hear the name of Gleeson's Landing during my -wanderings, though. There are shops at Corny Point and Inneston, you know, but I do not know about Stenhouse Bay. There is none at Marion Bay.— E.B.)