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District Council of Yorke Peninsula - YORKE VALLEY
The old Yorke Valley school, closed, but still standing is about 1 ½ kilometres down the road to Curramulka.??

Five pine trees growing nearby are a tribute to the memory of old scholars of the Yorke Valley school who served in World Wars 1 and 11.

In the grounds of the school is a memorial to early pioneers. It reads:
"In memory of those stout-hearted men and women who pioneered this valley and of the sons and daughters of the Yorke Valley school who fulfilled their vision. Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set."

The school was built in 1884 and was finally closed in 1947 when the scholars were transferred to Maitland Area school. In its period 460 students had been taught there*. *Governor Fergusson's Legacy. Page 165.

The area of Yorke Valley was one of the first to be settled on the peninsula and on the nearby "Ynoo" property was where William Rogers had his home built. He named it Ynoo which was the aboriginal name for the well which had an abundant supply of good water. The name Ynoo means "Sweet Water"*. *Governor Fergusson's Legacy. Page 35.