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Petersville Nomenclature

Hans Petersen was born in Denmark and came to Queensland in 1876, aged 23. In the late 1870s he and two brothers took up land on Yorke Peninsula and called it 'Petersville'

District Council of Yorke Peninsula - Petersville

The area perpetuates the name of Hans Petersen, the first settler of this area. There is a cairn erected here which commemorated the centenary of the Hundred of Cunningham and is a tribute to early pioneers.

Christian Colonist (SA : 1878 - 1894), Friday 30 November 1883, page 3

The Petersville Church, Cunningham Circuit, was opened for divine service on Sunday, Nov. 18, when the Rev. W. A, Langsford, of Maitland, preached very impressive sermons. The tea was well attended, and the public meeting which followed, presided over by Mr. Adams, very enthusiastic. The actual cost was reported at £140, but including labor given represented a value of £200. The building is a substantial stone structure, thirty feet by twenty feet, aud it is intended in a few months spending over £40 in finishing it off comfortably. Numerous promises of wheat have been given when harvest arrives, which, when converted into money, it is expected will about liquidate the debt.

Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931), Saturday 9 September 1911, page 32



Mr. John Harmer is the Secretary, and the old gentleman in the centre is Mr. Walters, the captain.



Daily Herald (Adelaide, SA : 1910 - 1924), Thursday 4 December 1913, page 3


ARDBOSSAN, December 1. The heat to-day has been intense, and to add to the discomfort of residents of the town a severe duststorm was experienced early this morning. The wind blew with hurricane force, and moveable property was scattered in all directions. The full force of the storm was felt at Petersville, seven miles north-west of Ardrossan, where for half an hour the wind raged with cyclonic fury. Much damage was done to crops and property. The new public hall which Petersville residents are erecting, suffered most. The walls had just been completed, and the building was ready to be roofed, but it is now only a heap of ruins, the walls having been, completely wrecked by the force of the gale. Haystacks and sheds were unroofed before the force of the wind abated. The weather is stall very sultry. It is hoped that more settled conditions will soon prevail, as the crops are ripening fast, and in their present condition are much damaged by these sudden storms.

Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922), Friday 17 July 1914, page 2


The Petersville Hall was formally opened on Thursday, when visitors were present from all parts of the district. The hall has been built to supply a long-felt want in the district. The necessary land was donated by Mr H. N. Pritcher, and settlers and friends generously responded to the call for funds. The committee invited the Hon D J Gordon, M.L.C., to perform the opening ceremony, because of his long association with the district, his parents paving been among the first settlers. On behalf of the committee, Mr Hans Petersen presented Mr Gordon with a miniature gold key as a memento of the occasion. After the secretary (Air F. M. Watson) had read his report, Air Gordon declared the hall open, and in the course of his address sympathetically touched upon the struggles of the early settlers, and expressed the hope that the hall would be the scene of many enjoyable social engagements. A successful bazaar was conducted during the afternoon and evening, and the debt on the building was by this means appreciably reduced. At the special request of the committee Mr Gord on gave an address before a crowded attendance in the evenina After reviewing the splendid colonising achievements of the pioneers and their descendants, he referred to the drift of population to Australian cities and the need of emphasising the importance of rural expansion. By the solution of problems associated with the locking of the rivers and the development by railways and water conservation of the Northern Territory, Australia would be able to multiply production and carry a larger population. The address was much appreciated. The settlers are the trustees of he new hall :—Messrs H. Petersen . W. Pitcher, J. N. A. Smith, E F. T. Vandepeer, H. Vandeeer, and F. M. Watson.

Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), Tuesday 13 May 1930, page 19


Mr. Hans Petersen. of Ardrossan, who celebrated his 80th birthday on April 29. was tendered a surprise party by his friends and relatives In the Petersville Hall. There were about 150 present. Musical and elocutionary items were rendered by Miss Jean Woods, Miss Jessie Mclntosh, Mrs. L. Lock. Misses Short, N. Rowntree, Hosklng, and Cooper (Melbourne). Speeches were made by Mr. C. G. B. Cane, Mr. H. A. Montgomery. Boy. Jas. Mr. McIntosh and Mr. Roy Vandepeer.

Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931), Saturday 28 June 1919, page 22


ARDR0SSAN, June 20.—A fire occurred at Petereville about seven miles from Ardrossan, on Wednesday night, by which the Methodist Church, which was also used as a school, was completely destroyed. Nothing but the walls was left. Mr. H. Bourne, who had been to Ardrossan, and was returning to his home, noticed the fire. The church was opened on November 18, 1883, and cost about £300 to build. The furniture, including an organ, was all destroyed. Miss Sumsion, the school teacher, also lost about £10 worth of books, besides property which belonged to the Education Department. The matter was reported to Mr. Alfred J. Jarrett (Coroner), who deemed an inquest to be unnecessary.

Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), Saturday 28 June 1919, page 13


On June 18 a fire occurred at Petersville which destroyed the Methodist Church. The building was used as a public school during the week, and some pounds worth of books and desks were destroyed. The cause of the fire is not known. The building was of stone and had been used for many years. A new organ and cupboard were also burnt. The teacher left the building at 5 p.m., and all was safe. At 11.30 p.m. the fire was discovered, too late to be extinguished, as there is no fire brigade.

Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), Wednesday 26 September 1928, page 23


In connection with Education Week on the Peninsula, Petersville and Cunningham schools held a successful concert on Monday, September 17. The programme with the exception of four items was given by the present and past scholars of tbe schools. Mr. J. Petersen, chairman of Cunningham school committee, opened the proceedings. He said he was one of the few scholars left who had attended Petersville the first year it was opened. He also welcomed those who had returned to their old schools. Mr. Roy Vandepeer read Inspector Martin's message. The opening item was the National Anthem and 'Song of Australia' by the combined schools: this was followed by a programme of dialogues, recitations, instrumental, action songs, and vocal items. At the conclusion Mr. A. G. A. Dutschke, chairman of Petersville committee, thanked the audience for there attendance on behalf of both schools, and told the children to take advantage of all the education they could possibly get. He asked the parents to give their children as much education as possible. The stage, which had been decorated with greenery and the school banners, looked very attractive. Supper was served by the ladies committee, after which the hall was cleared for dancing. Mr. G. Wood was M.C. Music was supulied by Misses D. Woods. Graham, and Short. The gross receints for the evening were £13 8/. and after expenses have been deducted the schools will benefit by nearly £12. The teachers Misses Solomon and Vandepeer and the committees wish to thank those who helped. On Friday 20 scholars tinder the charge of the teachers marched in the procession at Kadina and later in the day one boy carried off the gold medal for the boys' race for Class VI. schools.

Advertiser and Register (Adelaide, SA : 1931), Thursday 6 August 1931, page 11


The local branch of the Agricultural Bureau held its annual social and monthly meeting in the local hall. Officers elected: —President Mr. E. Vandepeer; senior president. Mr. W. Wood: secretary, Mr. E. Wood; committee, Messrs. A. G. A. Dutschke. R. Vandepeer. E. Wood, R. T. 0. Dutscnke, and W. Wood. Music for dancing was supplied by Misses I. and D. Short, and D. Wood, Mrs. H. S. Willing. Messrs. E. Wood, and R. Haynes. Mr. R. Vandepeer presented the certificates for the crop competition to Messrs. Henderson Bros, (first) and Mr. C. J. Harmer (second). Supper was arranged by Mesdames W. Wood, S. Aries. S. Willing. A. Petersen. A. Vandepeer, A. Dutschke, H. S. Willing, and W. Heard.—Arbor Day was celebrated at the local public school. Several ornamental trees were planted In the school ground under the direction of the head teacher (Mr. E. Wood). In the afternoon sports for the children were conducted on the playground. Oranges and sweets were distributed to the children, and tea was, provided by the parents in ths nail. In a football match the married defeated the single men. The evening was concluded with a dance. Misses I. Short. D. Wood, and Mr. E. Wood supplied the music.

Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), Thursday 9 May 1940, page 62

Y.P. Pioneer 90 Today MR. J. P. Petersen came in from Thorndon Park to tell me that his father. Mr. Hans Petersen, of Ardrossan, attained his 90th year last week.

Born in Denmark, old Mr. Petersen came out as a young man to Queensland, where he spent three years, and then transferred to Gawler.

Sixty one years ago, Hans Petersen and his brother Peter took up land on Yorke Peninsula, and, driving from Gawler in drays, were the first settlers in the Hundred of Cunningham.

They called the locality Petersville, which is seven miles from Ardrossan. Leaving his son (H. A.) to carry on the old farm, Mr. Petersen retired to the latter town 18 years ago.

Before he left Petersville, he gave 10 acres to the residents in memory of his deceased wife, and now it is known as the Christina Petersen recreation ground.

The veteran helped to build the local church, and has the first earth scoop patented by Clarence H. Smith, of Ardrossan. The family had a big reunion in Petersville hall or Tuesday night.

Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), Saturday 4 May 1940, page 17

ARDROSSAN Mr. H. Petersen, who completed his 91st year on April 29, had a party in the Petersville Hall. He and his brother began farming the district 61 years ago. He put in his first crop with one horse and harrowed it with a small mallee tree dragged by the horse. His relatives and descendants of his old neighbors were present at the party. During the evening Mr. John Harmer presented a framed photo of Mr. Petersen to the hall.

Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954), Friday 3 October 1952, page 3


Petersvllle held its annual Sports on Saturday in the prevailing perfect weather. They had a record gate of £70. In an interval at the sports, the Hon. R. R. Wilson, M.H.R., who was once the secretary of the local Hall, officially opened the Memorial Gates leading to the Oval, in memory of the local men who fought in the two world wars. T. Hillier, of Ardrossan, won the 130 yards foot race with M. Vandepeer, of Victoria Valley, Victoria, second. Colin Wood, a 15-year old, won the sprint from T. Hillier and a good field. Every evil thing is easily stifled at its birth; allowed to become old it generally becomes too powerful.