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District Council of Yorke Peninsula - History of Coobowie

The locality was originally called "Deception Bay" by the Government Auctioneer, Robert Cock and a Dr. R. G. Jameson, who in 1838 explored the land surrounding "a beautiful semi-circular bay." They explored for 40 kilometres inland but did not find fresh water. They felt they had been deceived by the beautiful surroundings - hence the appellation*. *Four Make One, Page 2.

It was the original landing spot for early settlers and their stores which were brought over by ketch; because of the tidal inlet it was once known as "Salt Water Creek."* The present name "Coobowie" is the name the aborigines knew it by the means "Wild Fowl and Water."** *The Cyclopedia of South Australia, Page 688, Volume 2. *Cockburn's Nomenclature of South Australia.

It is here where Inspector Tolmer, of the South Australian Police Force, captured 3 bushrangers who had escaped from Tasmania after shooting 2 policemen. They had boarded a whaler and when the vessel was in the vicinity of Kangaroo Island, they had stolen a boat from the ship. After investigation Tolmer captured the men and they were transported back to Tasmania where they were subsequently hanged*. *The Ill Shaped Leg, Page 18.

The old causeway, built in 1878 at a cost of $1080, shortened the journey around the bay by 7.2 kilometres*. *Four Make One, Page 20. The town was officially dedicated on 7 January 1875.


Loaded horse-drawn wagons pulled up outside the Coobowie Hotel - State Library of South Australia - B 31797

COOBOWIE Methodist Church Diamond Jubilee 1936

Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954), Friday 6 November 1936, page 4

An entry in the Minute Book of Circuit states: "The Rev. W. T. Carter was appointed by the District Meeting, held in Adelaide, October, 1871. Arrived the following month, November 2nd." This was a court similar to the present District Synod, and it appears that Mr. Carter's appointment was not a Conference appointment at that time,'but a district appointment. The Troubridge Wesleyan Methodist Circuit was formed a few months later, April 1st, 1872. From 1855 to 1873 the Wesleyan Methodist Church in South Australia was under the care of Chairmen of Districts appointed by the Australasian Wesleyan Methodist Conference. The State Conference was first held in 1874. Upon the formation of the Circuit, 1872, three places were included, Bald Hills, Finnis Flat, and Hardwicke Bay. At the March meeting of 1874 other places were included in the Circuit, among them being; Salt Creek, which had a membership return of 3. At the December meeting of that year the membership increased to 6. In the December quarter of 1875 membership rose to 11, and the name of the place changed from Salt Creek to Coobowie (though it is often referred to even nowadays as "The Creek.") In the Circuit books there is no record of the changing of the name of the Circuit from Troubridge to Yorketown. It being done between December, 1876, and March, 1877, it must have been effected by the Conference of 1877.

During 1876 a move was made by the Coobowie people to build a Chapel. The work was undertaken by a Mr. Bartram, Senr., and his soft, John Bartram. The plastering of the building was carried out by Mr. Hall. In the Circuit Minutes of December 13th, 1876, the question: "What anniversaries shall be held?" the answer included "Coobowie opening service." The opening service took place on Christmas Day, 1876, during the ministry of Rev. T. M. Rowe, and ever since that time the Church has filled no mean place in the life of the Circuit. The same building is used for worship now. Many valued officers served in that Church, and some from there filled the highest office in our Methodist Church which is open to a layman, that of Circuit Steward, among them being Mr. Woods, Mr. John Bartram, and later Mr. H. J. Vigar.

The first to be married in the new Church were Mr. Woods and Miss Rattley, who received from the Trustees the Hymn Book and Bible. The original Trustees were John Woods, William R. Woods, John Bartram, Jonathan Rattiey, Henry Bartram, L. Mann and Arie DeKivett. No new appointments to the trust were registered until 1931, when a new declaration was made with the names of C. B. Stead, A. N. Brook, C. Rattley, H. J. Vigar, and C. R. Bartram forming the Trust. In 1935 A. N. Brook resigned by reason of his leaving the district, and the following were added: — C. K. Farrow. G. P. Daniell, and E. H. Daniell. This constitutes the present Trust. Mr. C. B. Stead is Secretary.

For 60 years that Church has filled a very important part in the life of our people at Coobowie, and it can confidently be said it was never more energetic than at this present time.

Ministers who have served Coobowie Church in the Circuit have been: — Revs. W. T. Carter, 1872-4; Robt. Kelly, 1874-6; T. M. Rowe, 1876-7; Johnson James, 1877-8; S. S. Moncrieff, 1878-9; W. Reed, 1879-82; J. H. Trevorrow, 1882-4; B. G. F.dwards, 1884-5; E. Edineades, 1885-8; J. J. Nicholls, 1888-91; John Blacket, 1891-3; G. E. Wheat ley, 1893-6; C. H. Nield, 1896-9; J. J. Nicholls, 1899-1902; W. B. Mather, 1902-5; J. C. Hughes, 1905-8; F.. W. Caust, 1908-11; W. T. Wiltshire, 1911-14; E. Arnold, 1914-17; H. W. Jew, 1917-20; C. B. Holmes, 1920-23; W. Glen Clarke, 1923-27; V. H. Goldney, 1927-30; J. C. Barrett, 1930-33; J. C. Oliver, 1933-36; G. C. Hutchinson, 1936-.

THE SUNDAY SCHOOL HALL. During the Jubilee year a move was made to erect a school and social hall upon the Church property. It has been a long-felt need, and in spite of many difficulties at first, has been brought to a very successful conclusion. The Ladies' Guild donated £108 as a nucleus fund to the trust on the express understanding it was to be for that purpose. During 1936 a start was made and the Hall built. It was opened by Rev. G. C. Hutchinson on July 31st. Much time and material was given by trustees and others. The mason work was undertaken by Mr. C. B. Stead. The main part of timber and iron work was carried out by working bees. Mr. Waller did the painting as a donation. Owing to the great number of people who returned for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the services had to be held in the new Hall, the afternoon service registering well over 200 present.

The Ladies' Guild was formed in May, 1932, for the purpose of agisting Trust finances, and in four years approximately £160 has been raised by that body. The first President was Mrs. H. J. Vigar, first Secretary, Mrs. A. N. Brook. Present officers: President, Mrs. C. C. Hutchinson; Secretary, Miss Enid Vigar.

The Coobowie Sunday School was opened in 1874, with 17 scholars and 4 teachers and officers. Superintendents have been: Messrs. John Bartram George Bartram, Ted Inglis, Percy Daniell, —. Diprose, C. B. Stead, A. N. Brook, Mrs. C. Rattley, and for the past 8 years M. H. J. Vigar has filled that office.

Local preachers from that Church have been Messrs. John Bartram, J. Woods and son, W. R. Woods, A. D. Byrne, Alf. Bartram, L. G. Bartram, and Rex. Brook.


Adelaide--Mrs. C Juers; Mrs. A. Riddle; Mrs. C S. Johnson, Prospect; Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bartram; Mrs. E. W. Pryor; Mrs. A. K. Wilkinson; Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Jolly; W. M. Halliday; Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Daniell; Mrs. C. B. Stead, Broadview; M rs. H. M. Lightbody, Broadview; George Plummer, Royal Park; Mrs. Bills; Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Stead; Mr. Ray Newbold, Adelaide; R. A. Guthrie. Largs Bay; E. F. Daniell, Rose Park; M. Newman. Malvern. S. F. Goodale, Blackwood: J. Bridges, Maylands.

Georgetown—Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Nankivell, Mr. G. and Miss Nankivell.

Stansbury—Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nankivell, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Nankivell. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Nankivell, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Nankivell, Mr. A. D. Farrow, Mr. and Mrs. W. Rattley. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bridges Miss Dorothy Nankivell, E. G. Rattley, Mr. and Mrs. Natt.

Minlaton—Mrs. 1). Cloak, Mrs. L. W. Glazbrook, Mrs. Waller Riddle. George Glazbrook.

Strathalhyn-Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Brook, Mr. and Mrs. E. f». Brook, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Brook.

Pickering—K. Daniell, Mr. and Mrs. F. Daniell, Miss G. M. Daniell. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Daniell Mrs. Plaisted. C. G. Daniell. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Eichner. Miss K. Eichner. Mr. Max Eichner. R. S. Daniell, K. J. Scott, Mrs. A. E. Plummer.

Warooka—Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Murdock, G. Sheppard.

Brentwood—Miss J. Rule, Mr. William Hoile, Mrs. C. Boundy.

Tarlee—Mrs. Les. Crouch.

Edithburgh—Mr. J. C. Bartram, Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Bartram, Miss Elva Plummer, Mrs. J. Golden, Mrs. J. Jordon. Mrs. L. Rose, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bramley, Mr. and Mrs. James Rose, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Hancock, Miss Fay Hancock. Mr. G. Hancock, Miss Sheila Hancock, Miss Roberts, Mrs. Bales, Mr. and Mrs. R. Caldwell, Mr. W. K. Edward, Mr. and Mrs. L. Johnson, R. A. Hancock, R. E. Hancock, Miss Jean Bartram, Mrs. A. A. Bartram.

Urania—Mr. and Mrs. Ern Hoile.

Oaklands—Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Anderson. Miss Gwen Anderson.

Bublacowie—Mr. and Mrs. Eric Anderson.

Geranium—Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Brook.

Sandilands—Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nankivell.

Mallala—Miss M. Davies

New South Wales—Miss Gladys Anderson.

Yorketown—Mr. J. Grivell, Mr. Mrs. and Miss Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Len. Newboid, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newbold, Mr. and Mrs J. H. McKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. R. Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Ern Warren, Mr. Jim Warren, Mr. Les. Wilkinson, Miss Joyce Wilkinson, J. Croser, E. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Bartram, Miss Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Stan. Johnson, Miss Nance Wilkinson, Miss Jean Wilkinson, Miss Laureen Jaehne, Mr. and Mrs. W. Bartram, Mr. L. Mitchell, M. R. Riddle, Miss E. Edwards, Mrs. L. May.

GA1349 - State Records of South Australia

Coobowie Primary School. Date Range: 1919 - 1961 Inventory of Series Description

Coobowie is a small country primary school providing education for primary students.

Contents Date Range Series Date Range Number of Units Public Access Series Id Series Title 1919 - 1971 1919 - 1971 1 Open GRS/9258 Admission registers - Coobowie Primary School.