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About one mile to the south of Minlaton there is an old cemetery which has not been used for about 40 years. We learn that there are About eight graves in it but it was abandoned owing to the rocky nature of the land, in which it was quite impossible to do any sinking without blasting. The late Mr. Charles Parrington and Mr. Russ, and several children were interred at this spot. The Minlaton District Council have had several applications for the lease of the ground and a communication was sent to the Local Government Association enquiring if the Council had the right to lease the ground. The reply, stated that the Council had no power to lease the cemetery. Before it could be leased the land grant must be cancelled and then dealt with as Crown lands and surveyed. The Council received the letter and did not deal further with the matter.

Hyde, Robert 16/7/1896


Minlaton, July 18.— One of the few remaining pioneers of the colony, Mr. Robert Hyde, proprietor of the Dalrymple Hotel, Stansbury, died on Thursday last, 16th inst., and was buried in the Minlaton Cemetery, in the grave where lies his sister, the late Mrs. John Ford. Mr. Hyde, who was in his 65th year, arrived in the Ariadne in 1839, with his parents, brother, and two sisters, and his brother and one sister atttended his funeral. The family came from Armagh in the north of Ireland. After their arrival the family stayed in Adelaide for about two years, the father, who was a millwright, obtaining work for that period, when they settled at Noarlunga, where they remained for seven year, after which they removed to the Burra. Upon the death of Mr. Hyde, sen., his son, Mr. Robert Hyde, took up land at Hamilton. Leaving there he took the Prince of Wales Hotel at Moonta, but some time after went farming at Kilkerran, whicn he left for Adelaide. He was employed for about seven years in the railway work shops at Islington. Having a severe attack of influenza (from the effects of which he never recovered), he was compelled to resign his position at Islington. He again took an hotel at the Bay, but afterwards purchased the hotel at Stansbury. He suffered almost continuously whilst there, the climate being too bleak for him. Mr. Hyde was well known as a vet, his services being eagerly sought in cases of diseases of horses and cattle. In his younger days Mr. Hyde was an enthusiastic cricketer and played in many matches, and to the last hours of his life watched with great interest the doings of the Australian Eleven in England. He leaves a widow, two sons, and three daughters, besides several grandchildren. He was highly respected.

Illman, Sarah 27/8/1923


On Monday morning, August 27, there passed away at Minlaton an old and mudi esteemed resident in the person of; Mrs. Sarah J. Illman. She was born in Devonshire, England, in 1836, and had attained the ripe age of 86 years. Mrs. Illman came from England in the year 1839 with her parents by the ship Lysander, and thus was a colonist of 83 years standing. Her parents took up their residence at Happy Valley, where they lived for a number of years. Later they went to Noarlniiga, where Mrs. Illman met and married Mr. Geo. Illman, After short stay at Willunga, the couple went to live at Aldinga, where they lived for 12 years. In the year 1876 Mr. Illman took up land in the Wauraltee district, Y.P,; Here they lived with their family until the death of Mr. Illman 20 years ago. The latter was handicapped throughout life on account of an accident at an early age, but was nevertheless successful as a farmer. After the death of her husband Mrs. Illman lived with her daughter at Mt. Rat, and nine years ago settled in the Minlaton township until the time of her death. For the last two years she suffered much in the way of sickness, and was quite bedridden for the last few months. The funeral took place at Port Victoria on the following Wednesday, when she was laid to rest beside her husband. There were eleven children of the marriage, eight of whom survive her viz., Messrs. John R. (Salisbury), Harry W. (Black Forest), Joseph (Maitland), Caleb (Wauraltee), Mrs Elizabeth R. P. Newbold (Salisbury), Mrs. E. Hester Cliff (Mount Rat), and Misses Mary A. and Sarah J. Illman (Minlaton). There are also 28 grandchildren and five great grand children. Mrs. Illman never took a very active part in public affairs, but her influence was felt in no mistaken manner, especially through the family she successfully reared, She was a life member of the Methodist Church. On Sunday evening, September 2, a memorial service was held the Minlaton Methodist Church at which special reference was made to the life of the deceased. Rev. J. H. Pointon conducted the service.

ALDERMAN, Annie 20/12/1927

DEATHS. ALDERMAN.—On the 20th December, at her home, Yorketown road,Annie,widow of late SamuelAlderman,leaving three sons and two daughters. Peace, perfect peace
IN MEMORIAM; ALDERMAN—Inloving memory of our dear mother, who passed away on December 20, 1927. Deep in our hearts there's a memory Of one we shall never forget. —Inserted by her loving sons, Walter andJock.

ALDERMAN, Samuel 02/04/1920

ALDERMAN—On the 2nd April, at " Avondale," Stansbury,Samuel, beloved husband of Annie Alderman, aged 77 years, leaving 3 sons and 3 daughters. '' Rest after weariness."

ALDERMAN, Sydney Roy 23/11/1954

ALDERMAN. — On November 23 (suddenly), at his residence, at Minlaton, S. R. J. (Jock), beloved husband of Cora, V. M., and loved brother of Walt and Eva (Mrs. Smith).

ANDERSON, Alice 13/08/1928

DEATH. ANDERSON.— At Minlaton, Alice, dearly loved sister of Mrs. J. T. Jagger-Fry. Of pneumonia, neglected before medical aid was sought.


ANDERSON—BUTTERWORTH.—On the 20th February, at the Curramulka Baptist Church, by the Rev. E. Vaughan, Robert, third son of James Anderson, of Brentwood, to Mary, the fourth daughter of James Butterworth, of Curramulka.

Mrs. John Anderson, whose death occurred at Minlaton on August 13, was well known and highly respected throughout Southern Yorke Peninsula. Born at Aldinga in 1857, she was the eldest of a family of 13 of Mr. and Mrs. James Butterworth, of that town. She went to the Peninsula in 1881, residing at Curramulka until her marriage to Mr. John Anderson in 1883. Their first home was at Moorowie, after which they lived for a little time at Brentwood, eventually settling at Minlaton, where they have lived for nearly 40 years. Mrs. Anderson was of a retiring nature and possessed of a kindly disposition. She left a widower; one son, and one grand-daughter, also three sisters, viz., Mrs. R. Anderson, Brentwood; Mrs. J. T. Jagger-Fry, Victor Harbour; Mrs. F. W. Kirsch, Yorketown; aud three brothers: — Messrs. T. Butterworth, Minlaton; H. Butterworth, Katanning, W.A.; and James Butterworth, Dumbleyung, W.A.

ANDERSON, Elspet nee McKenzie 27/10/1951

ANDERSON.—On October 27, at Berri, Elspeth, beloved wife of Thomas Lockhart Anderson, (12/03/1957) of Minlaton,and loving mother of Frederick, Ethel, Allan, Stanley, Reginald and Iris. Aged 73 years.



On Saturday evening, August 14th, a surprise party was tendered to Mr. and Mrs T. L. Anderson, of Minlaton, by about 30 relatives and friends, the occasion being the 25th anniversary of their wedding. A varied programme was carried out by the visitors. Musical items, songs, recitations, and competitions made a very pleasant evening, Those contributing were the Misses Thelma, Sylvia, Audrey, and Eva McKenzie. Iris Anderson, and Masters Howard, Ronald, and Mickie McKenzie, Fred, Allan, Stan, and Reg Anderson, and D. Gunn.

A presentation of a poise of violets was made to Mrs. Anderson and a buttunhole of the same flowers to Mr. Anderson, by little Miss Mary McKenzie. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were the recipients of a beautiful silver cake basket, which was presented on behalf of the relatives. Their children presented their parents with a beautiful sugar bowl. Mr. Anderson thanked all present for the happy evening, and for the gifts to himself and his wife.

ANDERSON, John 07/05/1946

ANDERSON. —On May 7, at a private hospital, Adelaide, John Anderson,late ofMinlaton,husband of the late Alice Andersonand father of Hurtle. Aged 87 years.


Friday, May 10,19 4 0

Mr. jack Anderson, one of the oldest residents of Minlaton, died in a nursing home in Adelaide early on Tuesday morning.

ANDERSON, Myrtle Flora 29/04/1944

ANDERSON (nee Altus).—On April 29. atMinlatonHospital. Myrtle Flora, dearly beloved daughter of Mrs. R. P. Altus, Maitland, and late H. G. Altus. and sister of Gert, Merve. Howard.
ANDERSON.—On April 29. at Minlaton Hospital. Myrtle Flora, beloved wife of StanleyL.Anderson, aged 35 years.

ANDREW, Emily Ethel 18/07/1954

ANDREW, Emily Ethel— late of Minlaton Married Woman— who died at Minlaton on 18th July 1954.

BARLOW, Albert Victor 16/10/1931

BARLOW, Clara Louisa 15/04/1950

BARLOW, Maud Louisa 23/07/1946

BARLOW, Joseph Stanley 21/01/1946

BARNARD, John 24/07/1913

BARTLEY, Frank Howard 2/10/1918

IN MEMORY OP THE BRAVE. BARTLEY.— In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Frank Howard Bartley, 32nd Battalion, killed in action in France on the 29th September, 1918.

BARTLEY, Hilda 01/11/1910

BARTON nee ALLEN, Marie Ann ??

BAYLY, Florence Maude 12/08/1948

BENNETT, Elizabeth 05/11/1941

BENNETT, Isobel 27/07/1919

BENNETT—On July 27, at Minlaton lsobel, the dearly beloved daughter if Walter and Milie Bennett, aged 6 years 9 months. A patient little sufferer at rest.

BENNETT, Joseph 19/03/1931

BENNETT, Horace James 13/06/1950

BENNY, Margaret 08/08/1950

BESWETHERICK, John Courtenay 26/04/1934

OBITUARY The Late Mr. Jack Beswetherick

The many friends of Mr. John Courtenay Beswetherick will read with regret the announcement of his death, which occurred yesterday morning after a lingering illness patiently borne. He was a comparatively young man, being only 39 years old, and leaves a wife (formerly Miss Mona Goldsmith) and son. The late John Beswetherick was born at Wentworth, N.S.W., and came with his parents to Yorke Peninsula. For a time he conducted farming operations near Minlaton, and in later years has been residing near Hayward Park. The funeral will leave his mother's residence (Mrs. S. Fletcher) at 2 p.m. to-day (Friday) for the Minlaton Cemetery. The Rev. T. O. Scrutton will conduct the Burial Service.

BETI, Catherine Annie 15/05/1909
BETI, Frank Francis Peter ? 25/09/1917
BETI, John 05/12/1931
BETI, Margaret 08/12/1910
BETI, Theresa A M 28/07/1907

BETTS, Harold Dalton 14/02/1935

BIRD, George 06/06/1936

BIRD, Sarah Jane 01/09/1926

The death is announced of Mrs. Bird, of Minlaton, at the age of 63 years. The deceased lady had been a patient sufferer for a long period.

BIRD, Walter George 07/10/1949

BLYTH, Alec/Alex 02/03/1948

BORCHERS, George Charles 25/03/1917

BORCHERS, Len Gunner 27/09/1916

BOUNDY, Alice Alma 16/01/1933

BOUNDY, Charles Henry 21/09/1940

BOUNDY, Mary Elizabeth 28/02/1953

BOUNDY, Harriet 04/09/1932

BOUNDY, Henry 16/03/1929

BOUNDY, John 21/01/1950

BOUNDY, Leslie Gilbert 17/11/1927

BOUNDY, William George 20/10/1950

BOWELL, Martha 23/11/1893

BOYD, Florence 27/11/1950

BOYD, Gordon Adam 26/09/1934

BRAITHWAITE, Frances Grace 01/02/1943

BRAITHWAITE, Henry 14/03/1948

BROWN, Clara Ann 17/09/1950

BROWN, Elizabeth Agnes 03/03/1934

BROWN, Mary 03/04/1890

BROWN, James 15/03/1906

BROWN, James 13/07/1934

BROWN, Thomas 04/05/1933

BURLEY, Margaret Beatrice 26/11/1936

BURNER, Eva Ava 02/05/1901

BUTLER, Ada Myrtle 13/01/1936 68y

BUTLER — On the 13th January, at Hospital, Minlaton, Ada. beloved wife of John Butler, and late mother of Myrtle, Kitty, Bob, Art, and Doc; aged 68 years.
MINLATON Two deaths occurred at Minlaton Hospital this week.On Monday, Mrs. Butler, wife of Mr. John Butler, passed away after a short illness. The funeral took place on Tuesday at theMinlaton Cemetery.

BUTLER, Annie Lina 27/01/1943 53y

BUTLER.— On January 27. at the Mintaton District Hospital, Annie Linda, beloved wife of T. J. Butler, of Minlaton, and loving mother of Keith, Dulce, Bob, Les, John, Clive, Bill and Vonnie.

BUTLER, John James 16/10/1941 82y

BUTLER.—On October 16, at the Minlanton Hospital, John James, loved father of Tom. Mrs. R. DeLalne, or Winkle, and
the late Captain Harry Butler: aged 83 years.

OBITUARY The Late Mr. John Butler Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954), Friday 7 November 1941, page 5

Mr. John Butler, who passed away recently at Minlafon, was in his 83rd year. Born at Riverton he came to Yorke Peninsula in the sixtles in the "Station" time, and remained about the district, until the land was cut up for farms He married Sarah Ann, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs John Cook, in 1889, and the couple started farming a few miles out of Minlaton. About twelve years ago he and his wife came to live in Minlaton, while his son, Tom, carried on the farm. In 1931 his wife died, and a few years later he married Miss Tilbrook, who predeceased him. Mr. Butler look no active part in public affairs, but was always keenly interested in any matters for the good of the district. He was well known throughout Yorke Peninsula, and was hale and hearty and was able to drive his car until about a month before his death. One daughter (Mrs` R. DeLaine, of Winkie) and one son, Tom, who carries on the farm near Minlaton survive. The late Capt Harry Butler. A F.C , (who, on his return from the Great War of 1914-18, was the first airman to fly across St. Vincent`s Gulf to the Penninsula, and who brought over the first Air Mail) was the other member of the family. A brother, Mr. Bill Butler, resides at Brighton, and there are twelve grandchildren.

BUTLER, Peter Lawrence 18/11/1953 1y

BUTLER, Sarah Ann 27/05/1930 72y

OBITUARY We have to record two deaths of early residents of Southern Yorke Peninsula. At Minlaton, Mrs. Butler, wife of Mr. T. J.Butler, died on Tuesday morning.

Butler-- On the 27th May, at Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula. Sarah Ann, beloved mother of the late Captain Harry Butler, Tom Butler, Minlaton, and sis (Mrs. Reg DeLaine, Winkie), aged 72 years.

Butler, Bill

Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954), Friday 16 September 1949, page 4

OBITUARY Mr Bill Butler, the last of the old Gum Flat Station 'boys,' and champion rough rider, died at Reynella on August 18th at the age of 84 years. Mr Butler came to Gum Flat with his father, who managed the station for Anstey and Giles. Gum Flat Station House was situated on a slight rise about half a mile east of present Minlaton township Mr. T. J Butler, a grandson of the former manager, now occupies a house very close to the spot on which the old station house stood. The late Capt. H. J. Butler, R F.C., was another grandson. Old Mr and Mrs Butler were both buried on Moorowie Station. Minlaton was originally called Gum Flat, as it was thought to be the only place on Yorke Peninsula where gums grew naturally. The telegraph call is still 'G F.' Many people admire the trees on Ihe Minlaton Showground. Originally pepper trees grew there, and the late Mr Bill Butler was the person who pulled them out with the assistance of Johnnie Lee's bullocks.

BUTTERWORTH, Elizabeth 02/11/1907 73y

The Late Mrs. Butterworth

The late Mrs. J. B. Butter worth, who died at the residence of her son-in-law (Mr. John Anderson, Minlaton) Saturday morning last, was a colonist of 50 years. She was born in Cornwall in March, 1834, and arrived in the State with her husband in the ship Mermaid in June, 1855. They settled first at Aldinga, where they resided for 27 years, and came to Curramulka in 1882. The husband died there in August, 1893, and his widow came to live with her son-in-Iaw. The old lady was highly esteemed. Five daughters and four sons survive, and several grandchildren. The remains were interred at Minlaton on Sunday last.

BUTTERWORTH.—On the 2nd November, at the residence of her son-in-law (Mr. John Anderson), Minlaton, Elizabeth Butterworth, relict of James Butterworth, Curramulka, aged 73 years.
BUTTERWORTH.—On the 2nd November, near Minlaton. Elizabeth, relict of the late James Butterworth in her 74th year. Bom at Holmfirth, Yorkshire, 1834. A colonist of 52 years. Leaving 5 daughters, 4 sons, and 18 great-grandchildren. Deeply regretted.
FUNERAL NOTICES THE Friends of the late Mr. JAMES BUTTERWORTH are respectfully informed that his REMAINS will be Removed from his Brother-in-law's (Mr S. Shore) Residence, McLaren-street, To-morrow (Thursday), at 11 a.m., for Interment in the West-terrace Cemetery.

BUTTERWORTH, Joseph 07/11/1923 64y


Mr. Joseph Butterworth died at Minlaton on Wednesday last after a lingering illness. Mr. Butterworth was 64 years of age, and was the son of the late Mr James Butterworth, of Aldinga. He was farming for many years in West Australia, but has been residing in Minlaton for the last four years. He left three brothers — Harry And James (West Australia), and Thewlis (Minlaton), and five sisters — Mrs. John Anderson and Mrs. Bird (Minlaton), Mrs. Robert Anderson (Brentwood), Mrs. Jagger Fry (Victor Harbor), and Mrs. P. W Kirsch (Yorketown). The funeral was largely attended, the service being conducted by the Rev. R. Plowes at the Minlaton Cemetery.

BUTTERWORTH.— On the 7th November, at Minlaton,Joseph,eldest son of the late James Butterworth,aged- 64 years. A patient sufferer at rest.

BUTTERWORTH, Thewlis 26/10/1940 70y

BUTTERWORTH.—On the 26th of October, at Minlaton District Hospital,Thewlis,beloved husband of Mary and father of Grace Butterworth, aged 70 years. At rest.

BUTTON, Daniel Orlando 28/07/1939

Two well-known residents of Minlaton, Richard Obed Page and Daniel Button, died last week.
RETURN THANKS. MRS. D. BUTTON and FAMILY, of Minlaton, wish to THANK all for kind expressions of sympathy, especially thanking Mrs. Vic. Lehmann and Mr. Alex Litster for their kind help during their sad bereavement.

BUTTON. — On August 12 1943 (suddenly at the residence of her daughter, Mrs.M. V. Sjoberg, 3 Weller street, Goodwood
Park. Elizabeth, the loved wife of the late Daniel Button, of Minlaton, aged 82 years. A faithful witness.— Isaiah 26-4

BUTTON, Harold Daniel 06/09/1904 child

BUTTON, Harry Lancelot 24/02/1941 child 3m

BUTTON, Owen Keith 25/05/1911

OBITUARY The late Owen Button of Minlaton

Mr. Owen Button, who passed away on Feb. 26, had lived all his life in the Minlaton district where he has left many friends w ho regret his sudden demise.

He was born at Brentwood 74 years ago, later removing to Minlaton where he married Miss Sarah E. Lock in 1901. Mr. Button occupied himself with farming, in which he was interested until the day of his death. He was a keen, supporter of the Liberal Union and the local Agricultural Society, and an earnest church worker.

He has left a widow, two sons, Messrs. W. E. Button, Minlaton, and Stan, who is abroad with the A.I.F. There are four daughters, Mesdames E. Anderson, of Urania, F. Nankivell. P. Watters and G. Adams, of Minlaton, and 17 grandchildren.

BUTTON, Sarah Edith 21/05/1954

Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954), Friday 4 June 1954, page 6

OBITUARY. Sarah Edith Button, who died recently at Minlaton at he age of 80, was the widow Owen Button, who predeceased her by 13 years.

Formerly Miss Lock, Mrs Button was born at Curramulka in 1870, and rememered well the pioneering days of the district.

For some years her parents kept the old hostelry at Mt. Rat and Mrs. Button and her sisters assisted in feeding and housing the travellers who stayed there, in the days when the journey to Minlaton was too long to be accomplished in one day. The also served as a post office, and to it along the rough bush tracks came settlers to get their mail from the lock family.

Mrs Button, who had all her excellent health remained active until her death.

Among her descendants she could count nine great grand children.

BUTTON, Stanley Roy18/04/1941

Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954), Friday 12 April 1946, page 5


BUTTON—la proud and loving memory of Stan, killed in action at Tobruk, April 18, 1941. Away in Gods beautiful garden Sheltered from sorrow and pain Some day wben life's journey is ended We shall meet, Dear Stan, again —Ever remembered by Mother.

BUTTON—In proud and loving memory of Stan. A wonderful brother, only lent, We loved you then, we loved you still; Forget you, Stan, no, we never will. —Ever remembered by Brothers, Sisters, nieces and nephews, Minlaton.

CARBERY, Margaret 03/05/1923

CARMICHAEL, Rita Lillian 19/06/1912

CARMICHAEL. —On the 10th June, at Minlaton Hospital, Rita Lillian, dearly loved second child of T. and S.Carmichael, aged 2 1/2 years.

CARTER, Mona Maria 24/03/1930

CARTER.—At Minlaton, March 24th, Mona, dearly beloved wife of W. TasmanCarter,
CARTER.—On the 24th March, in her 46th year,Mona.beloved wife of W. Tas.Carter.of Minlaton. and beloved sister of' Mrs. J. S. West, of Erindale.
CARTER (nee Vowell)—On the 24th March, at her residence, Minlaton,Mona,dearly, loved wife, of W. Tas.Carter,and loving mother of Joan and Dawn. Deeply mourned.

CARTER, Walter Ottaway Tasman 23/08/1952

CARTER.— On August 23 (suddenly), at his residence. Prospect. Walter OttawayTasmanCarter late of Minlaton, dearly loved husband of the late MonaCarter and loving father of Joan (Mrs. Nixon, of Maitland and Dawn Mrs. Barrett, of Prospect). Passed away in sleep. Aged 73 years.
CARTER.— On August 23. at Prospect. Walter OttawayTasman Carter,darling grandpa of Jenifer. Rodney, and Michael Nixon and Peter Barrett. In God's care.

CHENOWETH, Colin Maxwell 02/11/1942

Private Casualty AdvicesMr. and Mrs. C. S. Chenoweth. of Minlaton, have been advised that their elder son. Flt-Sgt.ColinMaxwellChenoweth,21 previously reported missing after air operations on November 2, 1942. has now been presumed killed. At St. Peter's College Flt-Sgt. Chenoweth played in intercollegiate cricket and football, and later joined the staff of George Wills & Co. He was attached to an RAF squadron in the Middle East. Sgt RAAF lost in Middle East

CHESTER, Elizabeth 29/07/1919


Our Minlaton correspondent writes:— On Wednesday of last week Mrs. Elizabeth Chester, of this town, relict of the late Rev. Henry Chester, died at the ripe age of 93. The deceased lady was born at Austwick, Yorkshire, England, on April 21, 1826. She was the eldest of 10 children, and survived them all, although, in early life she was very delicate, and at one time her life was despaired of. Sixty years ago she came to Australia, and was married to the Rev. Henry Chester by the Rev. Daniel Draper in Wesley Church, St. Kilda, Victoria. Subsequently, with her husband, she came to South Australia, and resided at Mount Gambier, Burra, and several other centres, including Minlaton. She entered heartily into the activities of her husband's profession, and had a wide circle of influence wherever she went. Her patriotic spirit was stirred by the war, and at 89 she joined the great army of women workers, and knitted no fewer than 300 comforts for soldiers in three years. She was widely known and respected throughout this district. Two children survive her — Miss M. Chester, of Minlaton, and Mr. H. W. Chester, manager of the Bank of Adelaide, Port Pirie. Another daughter was the late wife of Mr. H. W. Water-house, of the firm of Gibbs, Bright, & Co., Adelaide. There are seven surviving grandchildren.

CHESTER, Rev Henry 10/10/1908

OBITUARIES OF THE WEEK. The Rev. Henry Chester.

Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931), Saturday 24 October 1908, page 40

The Rev. Henry Chester died at Miniaton on October 17. His charming personality, his kindly sympathies, his devoted service in the cause of religion, his lovable disposition, and his cheerful, tolerant spirit had won the goodwill and esteem of all classes. On Sunday in the various churches in the town the preachers spoke of his death as a personal grief and an irreparable loss to the community. The deceased was born at Skipton, in the West Riding, Yorkshire, in 1831, and began preaching at the age of 19. He went to Victoria by the Champion of the Seas in 1854. He was nominated for the Wesleyan ministry by the late Rev. J. Eggleston, and was accepted by the second Australasian Conference in 1850. He laboured in the Kyneton, Brighton, and Maldon Circuits, and was transferred to South Australia in 1860, in exchange for the late Rev. J. Harcourt. Mr. Chester's first circuit in this State was Mount Barker. In 1862 he took charge of the Burra district. With characteristic zeal and alertness he opened up missions to the far northern stations, and was probably the first clergyman to visit those remote and at that time almost inaccessible localities. His visits extended as far north as Melrose and Port Augusta, and in those early days such journeys involved no small amount of personal hardship. The periodical round generally occupied a month, and took in the pastoral settlements, which then occupied the sites where Terowie, Jamestown, Mannanarie, and Wirrabara now stand. The services were conducted cither in the kitchens or the shearing sheds. Whatever indifference was at first felt by the rough occupants of .those outback stations scon melted in the genial rays of a warm and sympathetic nature, and Mr. Chester's ministrations became very popular. From Kooringa he went to Mount Gambier, thence returned to Victoria. His subsequent pastorales in South Australia included Clarendon, Aldgate, Bordertown, Minlaton, Gumeracha, Salisbury, and Angaston. At Minlaton he was particularly beloved. It was there that he met with a serious accident, which no doubt brought on the illness from which he eventually died. At the conference in February, 1900, he was taken with a slight paralytic seizure, but recovered so far as to resume bis pastoral duties at Angaston, His health gradually failed, and he preached his last sermon at the harvest thanksgiving on March 15 of this year, and resigned from the ministry in April. Mr. Chester went to Minlaton to spend the evening of his life near his son, who is manager of the Bank of Adelaide there. The day before his death he went to visit and cheer a blind old lady who lived near.

CHESTER, Margaret Agnes 09/05/1940

OBITUARY The Late Miss M. A. Chester

The late Miss Margaret Agnes Chester, of Minlaton, was born in the Methodist Parsonage, Mount Barker, on April 9th, 1862. Her parents, the late Rev. and Mrs. Henry Chester, both came from Yorkshire, England, lauding in Australia during the early l859"s.

Until the time of their death Miss Chester lived with her parents, sharing with them the many homes they occupied in the course of their preaching itinerancy. In many ways she was actively employed assisting her father in his church work.

Being of artistic temperament, she loved to express her thoughts of the beautiful bv means of canvas and brush, painting many pictures herself and passing on her knowledge and artistry by conducting paintiug classes in all the circuits in which she lived. She herself was at one time a pupil of the late James Ashton. Many Show Committees in various parts of the State availed themselves of her ability by obtaining her services as judge of painting at country shows, particularly throughout Yorke Peninsula, where her work is perhaps best known.

When her father retired from circuit work in 1908. Miss Chester came with her parents to reside in Minlaton. The father passed on a few months late!, and her mother in 1919. Her brother. Mr. H. A. Chester, now deceased, was manager of The Bank of Adelaide at Minlaton from 1905 to1915. Her sister was the late Mrs. H. W. Waterhouse.

Miss Chester had the wonderful gift of cultivating deep and lasting friendships. Although moving from place to place every few years in accordance with the Methodist itinerant system, she developed the habit of keeping in touch with her ever-widening circle of friends, and she was beloved of all who came into contact with her.

Her life was spent in untiring service and loving loyalty to the Methodist Church. Appeals for varied charities never found her indifferent to their claims. She was also intensely interested in the Mission to Lepers, the W.C.T.U-, and Country Women's Association. For a long time she was Secretary to the Minlaton Band of Hope, and and an untiring servant to the cause of temperance reform generally.

She loved the Minlaton Methodist Church, and this was exemplified with two beautiful memorial windows erected in honour of her late parents. After an illness of some months she was laid to rest in the Minlaton Cemetery on May 10th, 1940. The mass of floral offerings at that ser vice was a tribute from her many friends of a long life spent in service for others. Tired out from her many years of service and wearied by the weight of years, she quietly laid down and went to sleep.

Australian Christian Commonwealth (SA : 1901 - 1940), Friday 31 May 1940, page 16


Rev. F. Albury writes:— Margaret Agnes Chester was born in the Methodist parsonage at Mount Barker on 9th April, 1862, and was the daughter of the late Rev. and Mrs. Henry Chester, who are well known and remembered to a large circle of friends. Miss Chester lived her whole life with her parents until the time of their death, travelling with them to the many places to which they were appointed under our itinerant system. Always keenly active in church life, she was of much assistance to her father in his various charges. She will be remembered by numbers who were her pupils in painting classes organised by her in each of the circuits in which she lived. Being a pupil of the late James Ashton, she was well grounded and trained in the art, and loved to express her thoughts of the beautiful by means of canvas and brush; in her home were many pictures, the work of her own hands, as well as some by her master's. She willingly gave of her time and talents to many Show comnittees by acting as judge and critic of the art section. Particularly was this so in Yorke's Peninsula, where her work of this nature is perhaps best known. When the Rev. Henry Chester retired from the active ministry in 1908, to take up residence in Minlaton, Miss Chester also came with her parents. Her father only enjoyed the quiet of retirement for about five months, and his wife joined him in the higher sphere of life in 1919. The late Miss Chester continued to reside in the family home at Minlaton until her death on 9th May, 1940. During her long life Miss Chester gained and maintained a very large circle of friends, methodically keeping in touch with them all. The loving gentleness of her character made her the friend of all, the enemy of none. During my ministry here, I have heard a great deal of good regarding her life, but not one breath of evil. She was one of God's good women. Always she did what she could for the betterment of her fellowmen and the glory of God. She was a mine of information regarding Methodism, and at varying times held many of the offices in the Church that are open to women. Never happier than when serving in some way, even if to the detriment of her own physical powers. Home and Overseas Missions found in her a keen supporter, as did also the various Central Missions. For years she has been a successful collector for the Mission to Lepers, and was also president of the local branch of the W.C.T.U., and a member of the C. W.A., but her life interest and loyalty was the Methodist Church. She was a most regular attendant at every service and means of grace. Her wide associations and close touch with the Church spread over many years made her a valuable member of the quarterly meeting. She was a keen Bible student, her favourite passages being the 91st Psalm and John xiv and xv. She had a wonderful faith in the Heavenly Father; what we call death had no terrors for her. Her thoughts of the future life could be summed up from Browning's "The Gathering Place," which was among her carefully collected extracts:

"Life changes all our thoughts of Heaven : At first we think of streets of gold, Of gates of pearl and dazzling white, And things all strange to mortal sight, But, in the afterward of years, It is a more familiar place: A home unhurt by sighs or tears, Where waiteth many a well-known face. With passing months it comes more near, It grows more real day by day; Not strange or cold, but very dear, The glad homeland, not far away, Where none are sick, or poor, or lone, The place where we shall find our own." The Minlaton Methodist Church is enriched and beautified by two stained glass windows, erected by this lady to the memory of her late parents; these are reproductions of the "Light of the World" and the "Good Shepherd," designed in their colouring by Miss Chester. Her presence is sadly missed in local circles of Christian life and activities. Her last months-were a real triumph of the soul. With physical powers weakening, her spirit and faith seemed to grow stronger. She longed for rest, and the Father heard her cry and called her to His eternal rest. Tired out with her many activities on behalf of her Lord and Saviour, wearied with the burden of years, she heard the Father's call to "Come Home." So, with gradual weakening of the fiesh, she lay down with little pain and calmly went to sleep. "Safe in the arms of Jesus, Safe on His gentle breast, There by His love o'ershadowed, Sweetly her soul doth rest." We, of the Minlaton Church, sympathise with those who are thus "bereaved; but we glory in her great triumphant victory. "He giveth to His beloved rest."

CLARK, Edith May 08/03/1938

CLARKE On the 8th of March, at the Minlaton Hospital, Edith May, beloved wife of H. R. Clarke, aged 57 years. (Suddenly).

NEWS IN BRIEF. With regret we record the death (suddenly), of Mrs.Clarke,wife of Mr. RonClarkeofClarke& Virgo, of Minlaton, at the age of 57 years. Much sympathy is felt for the sorrowing husband in his great loss.

CLIFT, Annie Mary 20/01/1944

CLIFT.— On January 20, Annie Mary, the dearly beloved wife or John Clift, of Curramulka. Y.P., and loving mother of
Jean and Ivan, aged 60 years. Peacefully sleeping.

MR JOHN CLIFT and Family, of Mt. Rat, wishes to THANK all kind friends and relatives for letters, cards and personal
expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as personal thanks?

CLIFT, Elizabeth Celia 20/03/1941

CLIFT. — On the 20th of March, at the Curramulka Private Hospital, Elizabeth Cecelia, widow of AlfredClift,aged 78 years
7 months, leaving five sons and two daughters. Dearly loved.

CLIFT, Horace Alfred 22/06/1915

DEATH CLIFT—Onthe 22nd June, at Mount Rat, Horace Alfred, third surviving son of the late John W.Clift and much loved husband of LizzieClift. Aged 52 years 11 months, leaving five sons, two daughters, two grandchildren, also an aged mother to mourn their loss. A long and patient sufferer at rest (of cancer).

CLIFT, George 05/09/1953

CLIFT.—In loving memory of dear father, passed away September 5th, 1953. In life you toiled, in heaven you rest; God bless you. father, you were one of the best. —Inserted by his daughters Alice and Minnie, sons-in-law Ken and Syd and grandchildren.
CLIFT.— On September 5, at Minlaton Hospital. George, dearly beloved husband of Hettie,loving father of Syd. Murray. Alice. Alfred, and Minnie; aged 84 years.
CLIFT.—In loving memory of our dear father and grandpa who passed away on September 4th, 1953. —Ever remembered
Murray, Gertie and grandchildren.
CLIFT (George).—In loving memory of my dear brother who passed away on September 5th 1953. To be with us in the same old way. Is my dearest wish today. —Always remembered by Lewis.
CLIFT.—In loving memory of our dear husband and father, George, who passed away September 5th, 1953. Sadly missed.
Call not back the dear departed, Anchored safe on yonder shore; On the border land we left him, Soon to meet and part no more. —Inserted by his loving wife Hettie, and sons Alfred and Sid

CLIFT, Hettie 12/08/1956

CLIFT, Lewis 19/05/1957

80th BIRTHDAY Mr. George Clift, a well known resident of Mount Rat, recently celebrated his 80th birthday. His equally well - known brother. Mr Lewis Clift, is 78. Together they did all the bag-sewing for their considerable harvest after the last reaping.

COOK, Amy Matilda 16/11/1957 89y

COOK, Betty Hilda 04/06/1926 2d baby

COOK, Colin 22/07/1925 2w baby

COOK, George 31/08/1954 89y

PASSING OF OLD PIONEER. After several months of illness, Mr. George Cook, of Minlaton, died on August 31st, at the age of 89.
COOK.— On August 31, at Minlaton Hospital, George, loving husband of the late Mary KateCookand father of Annie, Ivy, Daisy, Eric, Allan, Colin and Rita. Aged 89 years. At rest.
To celebrate the 80th birthday of Mr George Cook, of Minlaton, all the members of his family gathered at his home on Wednesday, June 13th. Mr. Cook is hale and hearty and takes a great interest in his garden, and also enjoys his game
of bowls.

COOK, Henry John 13/07/1945 76y

OBITUARY Mr. Henry John Cook, whose death occurred at Minlaton recently, was the youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Cook, Minlaton (formerly of Delamere). MrCook came to Yorke Peninsula in 1878, and carried on farming successfully until his death. He was a bachelor. Two brothers. Tom and George, both ofMinlaton,and one sister, Mrs. Ben. Mumford, of Prospect, survive.

COOK, Thomas 17/05/1951 91 y

On Sunday, September 4th. Mf. Thomas Cook, of Minlaton, attained his 90th birthday. At the age of 17 he came, with his parents, brothers and one sister, from Rapid Bay, as did many of the early settlers. They travelled in two bullock drays, and settled at Spicer's Flat, where Mr. Cook still lives. For years all their farming was done with three teams of bullocks — eight to each team. Mr. Cook has never gone in for power-farming, and his land is still worked with two twelve - horse teams Mr Cook remembers the first Minlaton Show, held in 1878 on the land where the Police Station now stands, and he has attended every Show since, with the exception of last year. He hopes to be present again this year. Well known for his dry humor, Mr. Cook still takes a keen interest in men and events, and reads the newspaper every day.

Mr. Thomas Cook of Minlaton has just celebrated his ninety first birthday by driving his first tractor round his paddocks for two hours inspecting the farm and stock. He had a combine attached to the tractor—the first he has ever owned—and was very thrilled with its performance. A few friends gathered at his residence to celebrate his birthday. when Mr. Cook lit the 25 candles which surmounted the beautiful birthday cake made and iced by Mrs. A. R. Bristow. senior.

Friday 16 March. Mr. Thomas Cook, Snr., who is Minlaton's oldest male resident, and in his 92nd year, has had the misfortune to break his leg recently. He was going Into his bedroom, holding on to the door for support when the door swung away from him, causing him to fall and fracture his hip. He is in the Minlaton Hospital; his condition is reported as satisfactory. On his 91st birthday, last September, Mr.Cookdrove his first tractor on a two-hour inspection of the farm.
COOK.— On May 17, at Minlaton Hospital, Thomas, in his 92nd year. At rest.

COOK, James 11/08/1923 60y 3m

MINLATON. Death of Mr. James Cook.

Mr. James Cook, a well-known resident of Minlaton, died at his residence on Saturday morning last after a long illness, patiently borne. The funeral took place on Sunday, and was largely attended. The Rev. C. W. E. Swan conducted the service at the graveside. The late Mr. Cook was 60 years of age, and was born at Delamere, Rapid Bay. He came to the Peninsula in 1877, when about 14 years of age, and carried on farming with his parents until he launched out on his own account. In 1897 he married the third daughter of the late Andrew Knox Fraser, of Port Victoria. He leaves a sorrowing widow, two sons, and a daughter, also an adopted daughter, to mourn their loss. The late Mr. Cook's parents predeceased him, but his four brothers, Thomas, David, George, and Henry, and two sisters, Mrs. J. J. Butler and Mrs. Fred. Edwards, are still residing in the Minlaton district. There are also two sisters living across the Gulf—Mrs. E. Mumford, of Gladstone, and Mrs. Whitelaw, of Willaston, near Gawler.


Situated about three miles north of Minlaton, on the Maitland road, is the farm of Mr. James Cook. It is one of the best homesteads on the Peninsula. There is a splendid front garden. and the well-kept hedges, a vineyard, and a vegetable garden indicate an available water supply over and above the natural rainfall. Tanks with a storage capacity of about 100,000 gallons make irrigation possible on a small scale. At the time of my visit the wheat and oat crops showed signs of unfavourable weather and do not promise a particularly heavy yield. Very, heavy returns were obtained last year, one patch of five acres yielding 4 tons of oats to the acre. The grain this year is well headed but the stalks are very low, and barely one third will be returned in hay. The sheep were in fair condition and the clip will probably exceed the average. Mr. Cook is using a shearing machine for the first time this year with satisfactory results. It cuts much closer and with less injury to the animal. It is worked by a 70 h.p. oil engine. The motive power is sufficient for 15 machines of this type and next year probably at least six will be worked. About 40 head of cattle add to the revenue of the farm. Holsteins were at first in favour, but the Jersey has now taken first place. Good horses, mostly Clydesdales and Yorkshire pigs are also to be seen. Mr. Cook runs a poultry: farm of about 500 fowls, mostly Leghorns and Orpingtens; also about 68 ducks and 50 geese. The outbuildings on this farm are an object lesson to farmers, whilst the general appearance of the place suggests that the farm is conducted on up-to-date methods. '

COOK, John 02/03/1906 78y

COOK, John James 06/05/1954 65y

Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954), Friday 14 May 1954, page 6

OBITUARY Mr John James Cook, who died recently at MinIaton at the age of 65, was a grandson of John Cook, the pioneer farmer who in 1876, came with his son from Rapid Bay, travelling through the virgin bush with their household goods on a bullock dray, and driving stock before them. Mr. Cook himself remembered well the days when MinIaton was no more than a cluster of houses whose only conenction with the city was the coach, drawn by four horses which linked with the railhead at Moonta three times a week. Widely known as J. J. he had through his active life won the respect of all his name being to his neighbours synonymous with fair dealing, sound farming and cheerful generosity. He was an active and loyal churchman being for many years connected with St. Raphael's at Mt. Rat. His eldest son, Mr. Stan Cook is at present people's warden of this church. Mr. Cook has been in ill-health for many years, and although his normal state was one of inexhaustible cheerfulness and in spiritual contentment he had been sufferig from severe mental depression for some months. The farming community of the district at least, will be the poorer for his passing. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. William David Cook, his widow, one daughter, four sons, and seven grandchildren.

COOK, Keith 19/04/1958 1 d baby

COOK, Mary Kate 29/08/1931


The death of Mrs. George Cook, of Minlaton. on August 29, removed one of the earliest settlers on Yorke Peninsula. Born at Cape Jervis, in 1866, 6he went to the peninsula with her parents in 1876. The trip from Cape Jervis to Edithburgh was made in a sailing boat, taking two days. From Edithburgh to Wauraltee, where the family settled, was a distance of 40 miles, and this was travelled in a dray drawn by two horses. Mrs. Cook was the eldest daughter of Mr. Andrew Knox Fraser, who, after a few years farming at Wauraltee, moved on to Pt. Victoria. In 1888 she married Mr. George Cook, of Minlaton, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. M. M. Whitton, at St. Benedict's Church, Minlaton. Mrs. Cook for many years was an ardent worker for the Agricultural Society, and as an exhibitor in the shows was successful. In later years she assisted as judge at the Maitland and Yorketown shows. About five years ago Mr. and Mrs. Cook left their farm, about four and a half miles out of Minlaton, and had been since living in retirement in the township. Mrs. Cook leaves a husband and seven children, viz.. Messrs. Eric G. Cook, Allan Cook. A. J. Colin Cook. Mesdames H. Taylor, D. Fridlington, W. Mangelsdorf IN. Adelaide), and .Miss Rita Cook. There are two brothers. Messrs. F. R. Fraser (St. Kilda, Victoria), and J. A. Fraser (Woodville). three sisters, Mrs. A. K. Cook (Minlaton) , Mrs. W. Windsor (Salisbury), and Mrs. W. Symonds (Pt. Victoria).

OBITUARY The late Mrs. Geo. Cook

Mrs. Geo. Cook, who died at Minlaton on August was one of the early comers to the Peninsula. She was the eldest duaghter of tbe late Mr. Andrew Knox Fraser and with her parents came to Yorke Peninsula in 1876. The trip from Cape Jervis across Gulf St. Vincent to Edithburgh was made in a sailing boat and occupied several days. The 40 miles from Edithburgh to Wauraltee were negotiated in a dray. After several years at Wauraltee the family moved to Port Victoria. In 1880 Mrs. Cookwas married in St. Benedict's Church, Minlaton, of which church she remained a membrr until her decease. Mrs. Cook took a great interest, in the local show society, being for many years a keen competitor in the Cookery Section. She also acted as judge of Cookery at a number of Peninsula Shows. Her husband survives her, two brothers, Messrs. F R. Fraser. St. Kilda, Melbourne; and Mr. J. A Fraser, Woodville; three sisters, Mesdam A. K Cook, Minlaton; W. Windsor, Salisbury ; and W Symonds. Pot t Victoria ; also a family of seven children—Messrs. E. G , Allau H., and Colin J. A , Mesdames H. Taylor, D. Fridlington and Miss Rita Cook, all of Minlaton, and Mrs W. Mangelsdo f, North Adelaide.

COOK.—In loving memory of our dear wife and mother, who passed away on the 29th August, 1931. She suffered patiently and long. Her hope was bright, her faith was strong; The peace of Jesus filled her breast And In His arms she sank to rest. —Sadly missed by her loving husband, daughter Rita, son Colin, and grandchildren, Tennyson and Mary.
COOK. —In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away at Minlaton on the 29th August. 1931. God saw her path was getting steep. The hill too hard too climb. So He gently closed her weary eyes. And whispered, "Peace be thine." —Sadly missed by her loving daughter and son-in-law, Annie and Bert Taylor, Minlaton.

COOK, Mary 02/06/1926 23y

COOK. — On the 2nd June, at the Minlaton Hospital, Mary, dearly-loved wife of Eric Cook, aged 23 years and 5 months. Leaving a sorrowing husband, and two little children. (Baby three days old).
Mrs. Eric Cook, of Minlaton, died in the Minlaton Hospital on Wednesday evening. The funeral took place on Friday. Mrs Cook leaves a sorrowing husband and two young children.

COOK, Sydney Charles 18/04/1951 6h baby

COOK, Jean 29/05/1954 1d baby

COOK, William David 28/01/1944 82 y

COOK.—On Jan. 28, at his home, Minlaton, after a short illness, William David, in his 83rd year. Loved husband of Amy, and father of John, Amy, Win, George May, Tom, Emmie, Wilt (Joe), Charlie, Bob, Alice, Nell and Frank.
COOK.—In lovins memory of dear dad, he died at Minlaton. January 28. 1944. He sleeps in God's beautiful garden, away from sorrow and pain; some day we hope to meet him and still be together again. —Inserted by George, Mary and grand-daughters. Flo. Ronda and great-grand-son Billy.
COOK—In loving memory ot our dear a father and grandrather. William David Cook, passed away Jan. 28. 1944. at Minlaton—Ever remembered by his daughter. Win. son-ln-law. Harry Glaybrook. and grandsons. Les. Dave. Tom and Alan
COOK.—In loving memory of our dear father William David Cook, who passed away Jan. 28, 1944, at Minlaton. Too dearly to be forgotten - By his daughter Nell and son-in-law Pat.

DEATHS. COOK—On January 28th at his home, Minlaton, after short illness, William David, in his 83rd year. Loved husband of Amy, and father of John, Amy, Wyn, George, May, Tom, Emmie, Walt (Joe), Charlie, Bob, Alice, Nell and Frank. Loved and respected by all.

CHESTER, Elizabeth 29/07/1919

CHESTER, Henry Rev 10/10/1908

CHESTER, Margaret Agnes 9/05/1940

COAD, Claude Collingwood 31/03/1905

COOPER, Harriet 23/01/1888

COOPER, Samuel 02/08/1902

CORRELL, Edward 07/03/1925 b 15/04/1869 & Agnes

CORRELL, Elizabeth 10/08/1919

CORRELL, Ernest Barton b 10/12/1902 d 01/02/1905

CORRELL, Phyllis Lillian b 30/12/1905 d 25/08/1907

CORRELL, Thomas 23/10/1891 & Eliza 1919 adelaide

CROCKER, Ernest Roy 9/11/1949
CROSER, Agnes 13/08/1910 67y & Edward
CROSER, Emily Jane 14/06/1905

CROSER, Edward D 23/11/1916

CROSER, Lawrence Edward & Olive May
CROSER, Lisle Charles 13/05/1941 28y SX6364 2/43 Btn Tobruk

CROSER, John Edward 24/11/1934 57y
CROSER, Neville Dean 30/12/1951 3m
CROSER, Robert Alexander 26/03/1882 7y
CROSER, W G 19/07/1916

CORSER, Walter Charles 20/09/1950 b 1882

CROSER, Walter Edward & Emily Jane nee PLAYER

CROSS, Raymond Henry 3/08/1946

CROSS, Samuel 27/01/1900

DAY, David 17/03/1905

DAY, Martha 1/05/1910

DARBY, Samuel 20/09/1938

DAVIES, Annie Linda 15/05/1943

DANSIE, George Frederick 04/10/1943

DARBY, A Alice 15/10/1948

DARBY, James A 21/09/1950

DAVIES, Annie Linda 15/05/1943

DAVIES, Daniel Meradyn 1/10/1951

DODD, Jessie Lorrina 3/10/1920

DODD, John Beck 19/09/1929

DODD, Olivia 9/04/1920

DODD, Walter Ernest 14/11/1938

DOLLONG, Mary 4/07/1923

DOWNER, Arthur 18/01/1888

DOWDY, Edith Esther 14/11/1938

DRISCOL, James 21/03/1909

DUNNETT, Leon Rudolph 31/07/1927

EDWARDS, Emma Mary 14/10/1941

EDWARDS, Ernestina Johanna Augusta 4/05/1944

EDWARDS, Frederick John 26/10/1955
EDWARDS, Fredrick 20/08/1917

EDWARDS, George Walter 27/09/1925
EDWARDS, John 28/04/1925
EDWARDS, Mary 14/12/1911

EDWARDS, Samuel John 16/08/1950

EDWARDS, Sarah Ann 21/07/1906

ELSON, Christopher Wilberforce 10/06/1893
ELSON, Gertrude Amelia 23/05/1916

FLETCHER, David Gould 22/08/1947

FLETCHER, Margaret 6/04/1899

FLETCHER, Nellie 12/11/1913

FLETCHER, James 1/04/1905
FLETCHER, Samuel 25/12/1921

FORD, Mary Ann 12/12/1884

FORD, Max 28/03/1893
FOX, Ada Jane Maud 29/05/1899

FOX, Clara Louisa 11/02/1901

FRIBERG, John Robert 13/06/1931

GARDNER, Andrew 22/06/1881

GABLE, John Laurence 20/05/1950
GELSTHORPE, Thomas F 26/01/1883

GILES, Martha 15/12/1933
GILES, Thomas 24/08/1928
GLACKEN, John 21/01/1910
GLACKEN, Mary 19/08/1939
GLACKEN, Peter 3/11/1912

GLAZBROOK, Algernon John 19/12/1944

GLAZBROOK, Edgar Vivian 11/01/1941

GLAZBROOK, Edwin Charles 15/01/1944

GLAZBROOK, Emma 17/01/1913
GLAZBROOK, Edith Esther 29/11/1955

GLAZBROOK, Harriet 3/01/1939

GLAZBROOK, Harry Harford 23/05/1915

GLAZBROOK, Harry H 10/11/1953

GLASBROOK, Malcolm Charles 10/05/1921

GLAZBROOK, Violet May 19/07/1946

GOLDNER, Carl Gustave 4/04/1902

GOLDNER, Edwin Reynold 5/04/1900

GOLDNER, Johanna 1/03/1900

GOLDNER, Roy Vawser 6/01/1900

GOLDNER, Sophia Deborah 22/11/1910

GOODE, Sophia Deborah 22/11/1910

GRIFFITHS, Catherine Myra 5/08/1910

GRIFFITHS, Charlotte Elizabeth 6/05/1920

GROVERMANN, Frederick Louis 28/08/1942

GULLY , Amie Elizabeth 3/08/1946

HAENDEL, Ruby Gladys 26/09/1945
HAGGER, Elizabeth 14/11/1909

HAGGER, Herbert Thomas 10/01/1936

HALKETT, Patrick Patrick 6/03/1952

HANCOCK, Thomas John 18/11/1946

HANRAHAN, Boroca Veronica 4/12/1923
HART, Grace V 16/09/1902
HART, Lilian 14/06/1908

HART, Alexander Watson 8/11/1912
HATCHER, George 3/12/1881
HAUSER, Elizabeth Abell 31/12/1947

HENDERSON, Harold Robert 14/06/1911
HENDERSON, Maisie 7/07/1930
HERRING, Mary Elizabeth 3/07/1939
HERRING, Thomas 30/11/1930

HERRING, Jane 6/07/1913

HIGGS, John Duncan 28/02/1952

HILFERS, Annie Catherine 18/11/1924

HILFERS, George I 18/10/1917

HOLBERTON, George Richard 1/01/1925

HORTON, George Henry 19/06/1930

HOWARD, May 7/04/1943

HOWARD, Clifford Page 9/04/1943

HOYLE, Catherine Gertrude 28/06/1944

HOYLE, Alam Winston 30/12/1913

HOYLE, Sydney Fisher 25/05/1938

HOYLE, Una Rosamond 2/03/1906

HUDSON, Colin Lewis 2/04/1943

HUDSON, Gilbert Alfred 9/06/1941

HUDSON, Henry 22/04/1905

HUDSON, Hannah 23/04/1905

HUDSON, Max Franklin 13/04/1943

HUNT, Maria Jane 20/12/1905

HUNT, Sydney Gordon 12/04/1899
HURLING, John 29/09/1909

HURLING, Richard George 7/02/1941

JACKA, Ellen Maria 24/06/1913
JACKA, William 20/04/1942
JAEHNE, Ernest William 25/03/1944

JAEHNE, Pam 18/06/1946

JAMES, Jean Bessie 4/09/1910
JAMES, Joseph 30/07/1952
JOHINKE, Brian Christopher 2/10/1951
JONES, Rose Rose 29/11/1905
JONES, Maxwell John 4/08/1938
JORASLAFSKY, Fred Julius 23/04/1948

JUERS, Laura 22/03/1905

KEIGHTLEY, Stanford Lytton 5/09/1925

KENEALLY, Catherine 10/10/1890

KENEALLY, John 12/03/1921
KERR, Ivy 13/02/1931
KING, Dorothea 24/03/1939
KING, George Sherriff 24/12/1945
KING, Peter Charles 1/08/1928
KING, Stanley 14/07/1930
KING, Vida Maude 22/05/1951
KING, Wallace Elgin 12/02/1902
KIRSCH, Carl 30/08/1909

KIRSCH, Julia 7/08/1920

KLAEBE, Geoffrey Paul 12/11/1952
KLAU, Frederick Walter 6/07/1914
KLAU, Walter Ferdinand 28/01/1955
KNEALE, William John 30/11/1955

King, Dorothea, 24 Mar 1939

King, George Sherriff 24 Dec 1945

LANGE, Henry August 13/08/1929

LANGLOES, Martha Ann 18/08/1909

LAWSON, Peter 8/05/1928

LEE, Allan Bruce 7/08/1898

LEHMANN, Colin William 9/01/1921
LEHMANN, Darcy Edward 7/01/1923

LEHMANN, Ivy Ruby 7/09/1923

LEHMANN, Pauline 25/07/1919

LEHMANN, Wilhelm C 6/04/1934

LEPOIDEVIN, Harriet Ann 22/04/1905

LEPOIDEVIN, Walter M 22/04/1905

LINES, Catherine Mary 31/03/1928

LINES, Dennis 19/07/1921

LINES, Henry Timothy 7/10/1900
LISTER, Alexander 16/10/1941
LISTER, Euphemia Moyes 24/03/1903
LLOYD, Jean 12/09/1902
LOCK, Henry 18/09/1907

LOCK, Sarah Jane 5/02/1926

LOCK, Edwin Ernest 29/09/1940

LOCK, Walter Ernest 15/12/1949

LONG, Alice 22/02/1942

LONG, Jean 10/07/1907

LONG, Jessie 21/07/1907

LONG, William James 25/11/1911

LONG, Walter Ernest 15/12/1949

LOWN Mildred 9/11/1931

MAHAR, Alfred Dod 8/05/1905 7/04/1905?

MAHAR, Gertie Augustine 25/05/1905
MAHAR, Ann 27/03/1917
MAHAR, Frederick 27/02/1929
MAHAR, Gertud Veronica 1/08/1912
MARLOW, Christopher Richard 9/08/1919
MARTIN, Arnold James 24/08/1906
MARTIN, Eliza 6/06/1933
MARTIN, George Arnold 25/01/1900
MARTIN, J R 12/06/1891
MARTIN, Henry William 30/01/1923
MARTIN, Hilda Said 16/08/1921
MARTIN, Thora 10/07/1919
MATTHEWS, Aedingo 4/04/1933

MCAULEY, Angus 7/09/1939
McCONKEY, James 22/09/1914

McCONKEY, Letitia 24/08/1896

McKENZIE, Alexander 25/11/1884
McKENZIE, Elspit 4/08/1896
McKENZIE, Harriet 14/09/1934
McKENZIE, James 7/05/1929
McKENZIE, John 15/02/1892

McKENZIE, Rhoda May 13/08/1954

McKENZIE, Wilfred 12/03/1954

McLEOD, Olive Mary 5/06/1933
McLEOD, Robert Alexander 24/08/1934
McPHARLIN, Florence Eileen 25/01/1940
McPHARLIN, Thomas Winstanley 8/03/1955

MILES, Ethel Sarah 9/08/1952
MILES, George William 22/09/1949
MOTTLEY, Edgar Arthur 23/10/1932

MUELLER, Paul 29/12/1952
MUMFORD, Charles Friend 5/09/1941
MUMFORD, Charles Henry
MUMFORD, Edith 24/02/1941
MUMFORD, Ellen Louisa 7/03/1948

MUMFORD, Henry 29/11/1953
MUMFORD, James 8/12/1897

MUMFORD, Mary 19/11/1925

MUMFORD, Peter Douglas 18/07/1954
MUMFORD, Sidney Henry 18/07/1940
MUMFORD, Wilfred Francis 26/10/1931
MURCH, Gladys 6/04/1937
MURRAY, Adeline Annie 5/08/1955

NAKIVELL, Dean Frederick 23/04/1935
NANKIVELL, Arthur 15/05/1951
NANKIVELL, Hannah 6/10/1941
NANKIVELL, Jessie Georgina 6/12/1918
NANKIVELL, Mary Ann 27/04/1950
NANKIVELL, Rex 18/04/1919
NANKIVELL, Theodosia Ann 17/02/1951
NANKIVELL, William 17/04/1884
NATION, Lucy May 4/04/1905

NEWBOLD, Elizabeth Rebecca 9/11/1929

NEWBOLD, Hilda Caroline 25/07/1947

NEWBOLD, Mary Jane 10/07/1938

NEWBOLD, Robert 22/02/1916

NEWBOLD, Robert George 11/03/1939

PAGE, Charles 19/05/1893

PAGE, Elam Alfred 11/12/1926

PAGE, Elizabeth 24/03/1934

PALMER, Caroline M 6/10/1902
PARISH, Elsie May 6/12/1937
PARISH, George 12/02/1953

PARISH, Harold George 24/09/1933

PARSONS, Albert Keyworth 24/05/1944

PARSONS, Darcy Ivan 9/10/1914

PARSONS, Dinah 12/12/1926

PARSONS, Ernest 5/09/1917
PARSONS, George Ernest 27/11/1950
PARSONS, James 12/05/1937

PARSONS, L A 29/04/1945

PARSONS, Raymond George 8/04/1937
PEPPER, James Henry 15/05/1936
PETERSON, Faith 26/09/1940
PETERSON, William 22/09/1900
PHILLIPS, Donald Kenneth 12/12/1939

PLAYER, Charles Nicholas 6/04/1951
POLKINGHORNE, James Rule 16/11/1912
POOLE, Marjorie Effie 31/05/1928
PORKER, Joseph 17/11/1918

PORKER, Sarah Jane 12/10/1909
PORTER, Andrew Bilney 3/01/1947

PORTER, Dorothy 16/04/1931

PORTER, Florence 5/07/1951

PORTER, Harry 3/07/1936

PORTER, Harry P 20/07/1929

PORTER, James Alfred 10/06/1940
PORTER, Margaret Ritchie 14/12/1945
PORTER, William John 13/10/1902

RATTLEY, Jonathan 28/07/1902

READE, Flora 13/08/1901

READE, Stanley 12/06/1882
REDDING, Ellen Maria 23/08/1921
REDDING, Joseph R 9/12/1909
RICHARDS, Iris Maude 3/03/1953
RIDDLE, Walter James 7/05/1955

ROGERS, Doreen Mable 25/02/1931
ROGERS, Mathew 31/07/1896
ROSS, Howard 12/01/1908

RULE, Alfred George 11/07/1955

RULE, Betsy 21/06/1945

RULE, Jim 29/09/1931

RUSS nee WINNECKE, Anna E 16/04/1911
RUSS, Albert Ernest 19/12/1937
RUSS, Augusta I E 17/09/1929

RUSS, Dorothy Amelia 2/07/1941

RUSS, Ellen Louisa 5/05/1950

RUSS, Edward Julius 29/12/1950

RUSS, Fredericke S E 12/01/1926
RUSS, Johann Heinrich A 25/02 1916
RUSS, Ludwig Carl 14/06/1913
RUSS, Maria E F 23/04/1894

RUSS, Mavis Merle 16/03/1933

RUSS, Wilhelm C F C 14/10/1911
RYAN Josepf Frederick 5/09/1916

SCHLUTER, Emma J B A 12/05/1948

SCHULLER, Pauline Elizabeth 27/11/1944

SCHWARZ, Auguste Helene 19/07/1938
SCHWARZ, Johann Gottlieb 24/08/1942

SHERRIFF, Mary 29/04/1892

SHIRRAS, Robert 19/03/1949
SHORT, Emily Mary 20/12/1901
SHORT, Florence Mabel 7/10/1941
SHORT, Naomi 9/08/1908
SHORT, William Obed 22/06/1932

SMITH, Arthur Richard 12/04/1895

SMITH, Charles 24/11/1894

SMITH, Charles Thomas 22/05/1886
SMITH, Henry Ernest 1/01/1946
SMITH, James 2/06/1889
SPENCE, Eveline 14/10/1931

Stagbouer, Henry E F 15/04/1920
Mr H. E. F. Stagbouer, of Minlaton, died on April 15, in his 81st year. He was born at Hamburg, and came to Australia when 20 years of age. He married Miss M. Hurling, of Stockport, who predeceased him three years ago. A family of grown up sons and daughters reside in the Minlaton district. Mr. Stagbouer was a master builder for many years, and erected the first house on the original site of Minlaton, 45 years ago.

Stagbouer, Mary Ann 3/09/1917

Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954), Saturday 8 September 1917, page 3

DEATH STAGBOUER—At Minlaton on September 3rd, beloved wife of Henry F. Stagbouer. Aged, 63 years 9 months. Mrs H. Stagbouer, a very old resident of Minlaton passed away on Monday morning after a very painful illness.

STAGBOUER, Victoria Evelyn 19/06/1893
STEVENSON Raymond George 5/06/1916
STIRLING Douglas Arthur 15/10/1934
SWING or C ER, Elizabeth 19/12/1894

TAYLOR, Alice May 9/05/1924
TAYLOR, Eliza Jane 26/08/194

TAPE, Lillie Adelaide 1/05/1920
TEICHELMANN, Daniel Gotthilf 17/02/1912

TEICHELMANN, Matilda 1/08/1933

TILBROOK, Joseph 5/06/1928
TILBROOK, Pauline Jean 15/04/1933
TILBROOK, William 28/09/1901

TOMNEY, Florence Mary 20/05/1949
TOMNEY, James 29/06/1935
TOMNEY, Jane 19/05/1927

TOMNEY, Margarth Elsie 13/10/1899

TONKIN, Robert Henry 5/06/1898


TREASURE, David Gould 1/12/1894

TREASURE, Ann Goold 2/05/1911

TREASURE, Emmanuel 29/06/1907

TREASURE, Francis William 12/03/1930

TREASURE, Ruby Ann 14/10/1916

TREHEARNE, Louie 23/01/1946

OBITUARY Louie Trehearne

The late Mrs. Louie Trehearne, who l passed away at Minlaton on 23rd January, was born at Merthyr Tydfil in Wales.

Mrs. Trehearne use to speak of crossing the Bristol Channel when she was a child. Coal dust from the mines was a menace to health, so the little girl was sent across to stay at Bristol with her grandmother. So that she would not be burdened with luggage Mrs. Trehearne's mother usually put six dresses on her small daughter, put her on the Channel boat at Cardiff, to journey alone to Bristol, where she was met by her grandmother. After a holiday in the fresh Bristol air, grannie would put her on the Channel boat for the return trip, again with most of her wardrobe on her back. Later, at the age of ten, the longer journey to Australia was undertaken with her family, her wardrobe carefully bestowed in the hold of the good ship "Ocean Chief". In 1872 she married Mr. W. R. Trehearne at Wentworth, in New South Wales. In 1883 they came to Minlaton. After three years they left Minlaton and went to Mt. Gambier, but in 1980 they returned to Minlaton, where Mr. Trehearne commenced business as general storekeeper and conducted same until his demise. The business, probably the oldest established in Minlaton is still being conducted by his descendants.

Mrs. Trehearne continued to reside in Minlaton and although a home body, most of her interests were centred there, she had a very large circle of friends, and was deservedly popular with young and old.


Mrs. Louie Trehearne, who died recently at her borne In Minlaton, was bom in Merthyr Tydfll, in Wales. At the age of 10 she came to Australia with her family on the Ocean Chief. In 1872 she married Mr. W. B. Trehearne at Wentworth. NSW. In 1883 they came to Minlaton. After three years they moved to Mount Gambier, but in 1890 returned to Minlaton where Mr. Trehearne started business as a general storekeeper. The business, probably the oldest established in Minlaton, is still being carried on by bis descendants. A family of one son and six daughters survive, viz.: — Mrs. Peck (South Perth, Western Australia), Mrs. Treasure (Urania. SA). Mrs. Sutherland (St. Peters), Mrs. W. Peterson (Minlaton), Misses M. E. and M. M. (Minlaton). and Mr. Alf Trehearne (Adelaide). There are 11 grandchildren.

TREHEARNE, Walter Edwin? 2/04/1917

TREHEARNE, Walter Robert 26/02/1922


The death of Mr. W. R. Trehearne, the well-known-storekeeper of Minlaton, took place early on Sunday morning. v The deceased gentleman had been ailing for some time, and his death was not unexpected. Mr. Treheame left a widow, one son; and six daughters to mourn their loss. He was in his 74th year, and bad been a colonist for 56 years.. The funeral, which was largely attended, took place at the Minlaton Cemetery on Monday afternoon. The burial service was conducted by the Rev. C. W. E. Swan. The surviving members of the family are Mrs. S. Treasure, Unley Park; Mrs. B. Peck, Perth ; Mrs. Alad Sutherland, Mrs. W. Peterson. Misses M. M. and M. E. Trehearne, of Minlaton; and Mr. Alf. Robert -Trehearne, of Port Victoria. The late Mr. Trehearne came to this State when 18 years of age. He arrived on April 15, 1866, in the ship Atlanta. He was the youngest son of the late Mr William Abb Treharne, a builder, of London, and was educated at the Church of England Training College, Highbury, and Dr. Ireland's Board School at Edmonton. After a residence at Wentworth, N.S.W., he came to Yorke Peninsula in 1883, and identified himself with the storekeeping business of Mr. W.H. Quartley until 1897, when happened on his own account and built up a large and successful business. For some time Mr. Trehearne has been in indifferent health, and the business has been successfully carried on by his daughters as " Trehearne Ltd."

TREHEARNE.—On the 26th February, at his residence. Minlaton. Walter Robert, in his 74th year. At rest. A colonist of 56 years.

TRELOAR, Joyce Elizabeth 19/07/1947

TRELOAR, Maragret Elizabeth 23/06/1955

TROTT, Harriet 7/11/1920

TROTT, James 9/12/1923

TUCKER, Philippa J 31/12/1928

TUCKER, William 26/10/1898

TUCKER, William C 18/08/1931

TURNER, John 30/05/1902

TWELFTREE, Eva E 4/06/1933
TWELFTREE, John Charles 26/08/1933
TWELFTREE, Mary Ann 5/10/1950
TWELFTREE, Sydney Charles 4/06/1945

TWORT, Frederick 4/08/1917

VANSTONE, Mary 2/09/1943
VANSTONE, Matilda 14/01/1953
VANSTONE, Simon 25/05/1926
VARALLO, Dominic 14/05/1917
VARALLO, Paulo 19/09/1936
VEAL, James Osborne 2/09/1931

VINCENT, Joe Bethel 24/03/1927

VINCENT, Mabel Catherine 7/10/1952

WAKEMAN, Christina M 14/08/1931

WAKEMAN, William 5/03/1941

WALLBANK, Lilly Maude 3/08/1895

WALLER, Daniel Russell 14/11/1925
WASHINGTON, Joseph 22/01/1906

WATSON, George Stanley 16/01/1903

WAUCHOPE, Dorothy Margaret 1/03/1931

WEDDING, August Friedrich 14/02/1911

WEDDING, Marie Ann 25/03/1930

WHARFF, Henry 4/04/1901

WHYTE, James 3/3/1911
WHYTE.—On the 3rd March, 1911 at his late residence, Minlaton (suddenly),.
James, the dearly beloved husband of Mary Whyte, aged 50 years. R.I.P. Victoria and home papers please copy.

WHYTE, Mary Ann 1-/12/1927


Mrs. Mary Ann Whyte, one of tho oldest and most highly esteemed residents of Minlaton died recently at the home of her sister (Mrs. John Smith), of Murray road, West Preston, Victoria. Born at Lisdoonvama, County Clare, Ireland, in 1885, she was the daughter of Mr. J. Lee, and came to South Australia in the ship Wharfashire in 1877. On the vessel she met Mr, James White, who also came from County Clare. After having lived at Norwood and Mount Pleasant for two years she was married to Mr. Whyte. The young couple went to Minlaton in 1870 took up land and began farming. Mr. Whyte also started a butchering business in conjunction with the farm. He died 15 years ago, and since that time Mrs. Whyte had carried on the farm. The deceased lady was of a cheerful disposition, and her generosity and hospitality were widely known throughout the peninsula. She was a stanch member of St. Malachy's Church. There was a family of nine four of whom survive - Mesdames M Walsh (Forestville), and Theodore Higgins (Morphett Vale), and Messrs. James Whyte (Port Julia), and Con Whyte. There are also six grandchildren.

WHYTE, Mary Ann 9/06/1922

WHYTE, Patrick Peter 11/12/1894

WILIAMS, Elizabeth 9/01/1890

WILL, Mary 18/02/1897
WILLIAMS, Edith L 22/03/1903

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 6/10/1919


A Moitfeith correspondent writes:- An old identity of the Callington district, and one of its pioneers, Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, died on October 6, at the ripe old age of 94 years, at the residence of her son, Mr. Joseph Williams, of Minlaton. Born at Bisley Common, Gloucestershire, in 1825, Elizabeth Davies, as she then was, anteceded the steam-driven factory loom, and she well remembered the terrible riots and burning down of the mills by the striking hand-loom weavers, who feared modern methods would ruin them. Her father was a weaver, and owing to the troublous times he was forced to remove to Leeds, in Yorkshire, with his family, and here she married the late Mr. Williams, with whom, several years later, in 1851, she sailed for South Austrialia, together with their young family, in the ship Hydaspes. They settled in a part of the bush which ultimately became known as Cheltenham, and endured much hardship for several years. The Adelaide plains were at that time peopled by a small colony of white women and children, and large tribes of blacks, of whom the poor women were in constant dread. Mr. Williams and one other white man were all that could be found for miles around, for, having become crazy with the gold fever, almost the whole male population had stampeded off to Victoria. Mr. J Williams ultimately selected land near the Bremer, about three miles from Callington, and in May, 1856, the family journeyed thither per bullock dray, taking several days in the pouring rain, and having to chop trees from the track as they went. In a rude hut they lived for a time, and in the hot weather the children, with a cask and rough sledge, would drag the house water from the Bremer for two miles over an unmade road, driving their two old trusty bullocks as best they could. Mrs. Williams regularly walked to Callington (three miles), carrying her butter and eggs to sell to the miners, and as there were no bridges she had in flood time to cross the creeks oq a fallen tree. But plucky battles bring their rewards, and in ten years "Hill Farm" was paid for,eand soon the family began to find themselves in comfortable circumstances. Then came a terrible misfortune. Mr. Williams, in blasting out an underground tank, was blown up, and fatally injured. With the assistance of a manager the widow ran the farm until the boys were old enough to leave school. About 1879 Mrs. Williams sold the farm, and retired into Adelaide, where she lived until about 16 years ago, when she took up her residence with her son in Minlaton. Although the old lady has been visibly failing for several months past, up to that time she retained all her faculties unimpaired, even reading without glasses, and to the last was very fond of motoring for long distances on the splendid roads for which the Peninsula is famous. A great war worker, her keen fingers were ever at work, creating wonders in wool or other mediums. A bright conversationalist, with an unusually winning manner, and a cheery word for all, she endeared herself to everyone, and far and wide, to old and young, alike she was familiarly known as "Gran"everybody's "Gran"! All her life she has been a staunch member of the Anglican Church. Her five surviving children are: Messrs. J. W. Williams (Mount Barker), C. Williams (Nuriootpa), J. Williams (Minlaton), and Mesdamcs J. Ferries (Monteith) and ' A. H. Hanton (Mitcliam). There are 28 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren, the senior of whom is Miss Muriel Sanders, of Taptou, Woodchester.

WILLIAMS, Emily 16/06/1943

WILLIAMS, George Henry 28/05/1914

WILLIAMS, Joseph 28/11/1945

MINLATON. Fri 30 November 1945. Mr Jos. Wiliiams, probably one of the most familiar personalities in Minlaton, passed away yesterday at the age of 88 years. The funeral will take place at the Minlaton Cemetery at 4 pm this afternoon (Friday).

WILLIAMS.—On November 28, at Minlaton, Joseph, loving father of Alma. Roy, Ivan, Vera. Gladys and Leonard. aged 88 years

District Clerk for 32 Years. With a fine record of long and faithful service Mr. Joseph Willams will retire at the end of the year from the position of Clerk of the Minlaton District Council. Mr. Wiliiams was born on tho Bemer, near Callington, South Australia. He is the fourth son of the late Mr. George Williams, who came to the State in 1851 in the ship "Hydaepes " Mr. Jos Williams was brought up to farming occupations on his father's farm near Bremer untii reaching the age of 18 years, when he turned his attention to the blacksmith and wheelwright trade in South of Adelaide. He first became identified with the Peninsula in 1874, when he engaged at the trade for a couple of years at Stansbury. After a subsequent sojourn ai Long Horne Creek, whence he proceeded to Palmer. In 1880 Mr. Wiliiams came to Minlaton, where he opened in business on his own account. He had always taken an interest in public matters, and has occupied the position of clerk of the District Council of Minlaton since 1893. He is a past President of the Institute committee, and was elected Secretary of the Order of Oddfellows in 1891, which position he held for 20 years. He is -- Treasurer of the Masonic Lodge. He held the office of Church steward of the Methodist Church for a number of years. During the war Mr. Williams was a prominent worker in all patriotic movements. He was President of the Soldiers' Fund, which raised nearly £4,000.

WILLIAMS, Rennell Davis 6/08/1900

WILLING, Amy A 16/10/1918
WILLING, Eulilia Lavina 29/05/1945
WILLING, Fanny 25/11/1892
WILLING, James J 17/09/1901
WILLING, John 13/08/1899

WILLING, Magdalene Martha 2/01/1949

WILLING, Sarah Jane nee PILDITCH 18/10/1912

WILLING, Sarah Jane 25/07/1947

WILLING, Thomas 15/06/1944
WILSON, Rupert Allan 11/12/1950

WILSON, Winifred Vera 6/06/1905

WINTER, Eliza Jane 2/07/1951
WOODS, James P 14/10/1917
WOODARD, Ernest Henry 5/09/1926
WRIGHT, Mavis Florence 18/10/1941