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Welcome to Alford! We hope you enjoy your stay. - District Council of Barunga West brochure

Alford is a small rural town located 20km North of Kadina and 25km South of Port Broughton on Yorke Peninsula. The population is approximately 45 within the town “square” and has a similar number living on immediate surrounding farms.

The town was established in 1882 and named after Henry Alford, one of SA’s leading police officers. Numerous businesses were established including blacksmiths, wheelwrights, machinists, engineers, builders, carters, saddlers and shearers. Sadly these businesses today are just memories for Alford....

A Glossary of South Australian Place Names

Alford - In the Hundred of Tickera, 16 km WNW of Bute. The Aborigines knew the district as peelaweela - ‘eagle eyrie’. The town was proclaimed on 24 August 1882, while Alford School opened as ‘Peela Weela’ in 1883....

Alford Hotel 1890 - State Library of South Australia - B 35769


Alford in the Newspapers:-

ALFORD HOTEL. 1910 Trove

Mr Varley, of Adelaide, appeared for the owners of the property, the Executor Trustee, Mortgage and Agency Company. John Penny, junr., licences, deposed that the Alford Hotel was 12 miles from Kadina, 14 from Wallaroo, nine from Tickera, 12 from Bute, nine from Willamulka, 18 from Port Broughton. It was about 100 yards from the Kadina and Broughton, and Wallaroo and Alford main roads. It was kept by the travelling public. Alford was the centre of the Hundred of Tickera. Meals, refreshments, and stabling for horses were provided daily. The hotel consisted of 11 rooms, 5 were bedrooms, 3 were always ready for the public, and there were other rooms which could be used for bedrooms in cases of emergency. Two mail coaches to and from Port Broughton, and three to and from Tickera, called there every week. There was no other place at which travellers could obtain refreshments.

Alford was a town which was making progress. Callers were frequent and and regular. Had ample stable accommodation for 50 head horses, also sheep yards.

James Malcolm, auctioneer, Wallaroo, William Cornelius, livery stable keeper, Kadina, Charles Goodfellow, livery stable keeper. Wallaroo, John Sharples, blacksmith, Alford, gave evidence concerning the need of the hotel for the travelling public, and the accommodation provided of a favourable character.

Mounted Constable Schumann, deposed that the hotel was well conducted, and was a convenience to the surrounding district and travellers.


Sat 8 Mar 1884, Wallaroo Times (Port Wallaroo, SA : 1882 - 1888) Trove

The usual monthly meeting of the Wallaroo Board of Advice was held in the Kadina Court House on Thursday morning, March 6.

There were present, the Chairman (Mr Jas. Malcolm, J.P.) and Messrs Warmington, Garner, 4. F. Taylor and Bens, and the School Visitor, (Mr T. S. Naughton).

Minutes of last meeting read and confirmed.

An apology was received from Captain Anthony for non-attendance.


The Chairman reported that be had communicated with the Hers. C. T. Newman and J. H. Williams, asking that steps be taken to gain the consent of the trustees, for allowing the Wesleyan Church at Alford, and the Primitive Methodist Church at Cunliffe to be used for school purposes. He bad received word from Mr Newman stating that the trustees of the Alford Church were willing to allow the use of the building, conditionally upon a guarantee being given that the property would, not be destroyed. This would depend greatly on the class of teacher appointed. The Chairman bad since, written to the Inspector-General recommending that steps be taken to rent the building.


From the Inspector-General, stating hat he had sent Miss Florence Tambtyo, late principle teacher at the Kadina school, to take charge of the school at Alford, pending approval of the Minister of Education, from the Inspector-General, stating that the arrangements for erecting school at Oaklands North were now in the hands of the Architect-in-Chief.

From Miss Tamblyn, Alford, asking eave to change the hour of going in in the afternoon from 2 o'clock to 1.30, in order that the school might be dismissed earlier to admit of children from a distance getting home before dark.



Wed 15 Jun 1892, The Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

An inquest was held at the Alford Hotel on Sunday, June 12, by Mr W. Phillips, J. P., on the body of William Beer, which had been found in one of Mr Flint's sections in the Hundred of Tickera.....


Thu 4 Feb 1909, The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Trove

KADINA, February 1.— An enquiry concerning the death of George Henry Gullum, jockey and horsetrainer, which occurred at the Alford Hotel early this morning...


Wed 3 Feb 1909, The Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954)

On Monday morning a number of rumours were in circulation in Kadina regarding the alleged causes which had brought about the death of George Henry Gullum, at the Alford Hotel, Alford....


Wed 3 Feb 1909, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Trove

Mr. W. J. Taylor conducted an inquest at the Alford Hotel on Monday on the body of George Henry Gullum, jockey and trainer, and aged 26 years, who died at an early hour on Monday morning....


Sat 14 Aug 1909, The Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

The weather conditions being favourable for the occasion, there was a large as semblage of parsons present at Alford on Wednesday afternoon to witness the opening ceremony of the Alford Institute Hall, which was performed by the President of the Institute, and Chairman of Trustees, Mr R. Chappell. On Tuesday August 11, 1909, the residents of Alford were honored by a visit from His Excellency Sir George Le Hunte, K.C.M.G,, who after visiting the Public School, performed the ceremony of declaring the foundation stone of the Alford Institute Hall well and truly laid. Owing to unavoidable circumstances delays took place in connection with the building of the Hall, but the Committee net daunted by difficulties, persevered with their task and are to be congratulated upon the success which has attended their efforts, to provide a large assembly hall with rooms suitable for a reading room and library for the residents of Alford and district. The need of a building of this character had long been felt, as the only building in Alford which was available for public meetings was the Methodist Church which is a small structure. The building, which was opened on Wednesday afternoon, is one which is a credit to the township and district, and will compare very favorably with similar buildings which hare been erected in towns which boast of a far larger population than Alford. It is a well and substantially built stone structure admirably suited for the purpose for which it has been erected.

The main hall, which is entered from a roomy porch, on each side of which are rooms 12ft by 14ft, is 30ft by 60ft, and has a roomy stage which will prove useful for dramatic performances, entertainments, and concerts. The work which has been carried out to the entire satisfaction of the Committee by the following contractors : — Messrs Bennett (mason work), W. Milliken (carpentry), and C. Dingle (painting). The Committee who are also the trustees of the property, are Messrs R. Chappell (President), J. Sharples (Vice-president), F. Philby. D. McMahon, J. Penney, Hewett, and C. C. George (Secretary).

About 3 o'clock on Wednesday, Mr D. McMahon, who officiated as chairman of the afternoons proceedings, in a brief speech introduced the Chairman of Trustees, Mr R. Chappell, and asked him to perform the ceremony which Mr Chappell did after making a brief speech. Upon entering the hall, it was seen that the building was gaily decorated with flags and bunting, and on the stalls there was a large and varied assortment of plain and fancy goods, produce, flowers and sweets, which all found a ready sale. The following is a list of stallholders and their assistants, to whom the Committee are much indebted for the success which followed the openings.ceremony::—Fancy goods, Misses - M. Chappell, J. Paynter, A. Sharples; Plain Sewing—Miss Correll, conyener. Mrs Johns, Miss E. Philbey, Mrs C. Pridham; Fruit and lollies, Miss G. Hutchings, Miss M. Sharples ; Produce stall ; Mesdames D. McMahon and A. Roberts ; Flowers, Misses C. Sharples, L. Bennetts, N. Penney ; Christmas Tree, Misses Burfitts (2); Post office, Messrs Baker and Chappell.

After entering the Hall, Messrs McMahon, Chappell, and the Mayor of Wallaroo (Mr J. Brenton), ascended the platform. Mr R. Chappell in thanking the Committee for the honour conferred upon him in being asked to perform the ceremony, said, that he was pleased to be able to say that the funds of the Institute Hall were in a very satisfactory condition. They had that day opened a building the value of which had been fixed by an authority at £700. Of this amount in materials, labor and carting, and subscriptions £400 had been donated. Their present liability was £300 which had been borrowed from the Savings Bank of South Australia at 4 per cent. They had £8 to the credit of the funds of the Institute, and the profits of the Bazaar which was being held that afternoon and evening, would be devoted to the cost of furnishing the Hall with seating accommodation, the purchase of a piano, and the establishment of a library. He was hopeful that the building opened that afternoon would be put to the use for which it was intended, namely for educational purposes and for social gatherings.

The Mayor of Wallaroo (Mr Brenton), in proposing a vote of thanks to Mr Chappell for opening the Hall, said that it afforded him much pleasure in being present at Alford that afternoon, and de sired to heartily congratulate the people of Alford on the possession of such a fine building. It was a credit to the Committee, the town and the district. It would afford the young men of the town and district a splendid opportunity of improving their minds, and he hoped that they would avail themselves of those opportunities which the establishment of a reading room and library would provide. In containing upon Mr Chappell the honor of opening the Hall, the Committee in a practical manner revealed their appreciation of the valuable services he had rendered to the Institute. The motion of Mr Brenton was carried with acclamation.The Committee entertained a number of guests at a banquet during the after noon. After justice had been done to the sumptuous spread provided by the ladies, a toast list was carried out.

The toast of the " King", was honored in response to the call of the Chairman, Mr D. McMahon.

The Rev. J. Watson, in proposing the toast of " The Town and Trade of Alford," said that he appreciated the honor of receiving an invitation to be present on the occasion of the "opening of the Hall, which was a step which demonstrated the advance of the town and its trade.

One of the special features of the country towns of South Australia, which appealed to him was the splendid young men who were to be met with, growing up in the homes of their parents, and settling on the land. Throughout the whole of the district, there were marked evidences of prosperity, and even if there came a series of bad seasons it was not likely that the disasters would be so great as those of past years owing to the improved method of farming. He had a great admiration for the splendid heorism which was manifested by the early settlers of the district, who against great odds established homes for themselves and their families. He was pleased to have the opportunity at pro posing the toast allotted to him, and expressed the hope that full advantage would be taken by the young people of the educational advantages that the erection of the Hall and the establishment of an Institute would provide. He was pleased that the honor of opening the Hall had been conferred upon the President (Mr Chappell), and trusted that success would continue to follow the establishment of an Institute at Afford.

Mr Jno. Sharples, in responding to the toast said, that he had been a resident of the town of Alford for the past 28 years, and was pleased with the evidences of advancement of trade of the district. At the start they had a run of bad years, but at present things were in a prosperous condition and he believed that prosperity would continue.

Mr J. Brenton (Mayor of Wallaroo), proposed the toast of the " Alford Institute," which was responded to by Mr R. Chappell who said steps were being taken to have the Institute affiliated with the parent institution in Adelaide. They also intended to make an application for a grant in aid of the building fund as up to the present so assistance had been received from the Government, and inview of what had been done locally he was of the opinion that some assistance should be granted.

The toasts of the "Chairman," the " Press," and the "Ladies" were also honored. The proceeds of the opening ceremony and the bazaar, which was followed by a social and a dance in the evening amounted to over £50.


Sat 29 Apr 1916, The Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

A very successful farewell social was tendered Pvt. Clem. Pridham on Saturday evening, 22nd last, at the Alford Institute Hall by the residents of the district. Mr B. Chappell presided over a large gathering, and explained the object of the meeting....


Sat 18 Apr 1931, The Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

[By Our Special Correspondent.]

Alford Methodist Church.

This little church was built about the year 1882. All the land around the district had then been taken up, and the settlers felt the need, of a place where they could worship. It is rather a difficult matter after so long to placed the prime movers, but the late Messrs G. Heath and S. Edyvean, senr., took an active part.

The Alford church was in the old Kadina Wesleyan, circuit, and all the preachers had to, be supplied from Kadina or Wallaroo Mines. Most of these preachers have long since passed away to their rest. Mr J. Glasson, of Kadina, is however still going strong. In a chat with Mr Glasson he had many vivid recollections of going to the outback churches to preach, sometimes leaving home at 8 ,a.m. and getting home at 10 o'clock at night. The roads then were bad, and horses of a kind that would go farther in two days than they would in one.

The church work has been carried on successfully ever since. Today Alford has a good Sunday school, with an attendance of over sixty. Mr W. Phxlbey is superintendent, and Miss Gehan the secretary.

On, the day of our visit, April 12, Mr A. Bottrill took the service. Mr Bottrill gave the young people an interesting story, "A Maori Mother's Love," and a fine talk on the Bible, the hope and the anchor of the world. There was a good congregation present and the service was much enjoyed.

Alford Methodist Church Jubilee

Sat 25 Nov 1933, The Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove


The initial steps towards the erection of a Wesleyan Church at Alford, were taken In 1883, when a meeting of persons interested was held at the residence of Mr G. Bruce, those present including the chairman (Rev. C. T. Newman), and Messrs R. Heath G. Bruce, G. Heath, Jas. Butler. D. Butler, Prouse, Smith, R. Chappell and Groase. The matter was discussed at length, and finally, on the motion of Messrs R. Heath and Butler, it was. resolved "That it is desirable to take immediate steps for the erection of a Wesleyan Church at Alford, and that the chairman take the necessary steps to complete the purchase from Mr. F. W. Gurner of allotment 73, previously bought for the church.

The following were nominated as trustees Messrs R. A. Heath. Jas. Butler, S. R. Smith, Richd. Chappell, Wm. Beer, D. Edyvean, Geo. Heath, G. Bruce, witK the chairman (as supt. of the district) and the president of the conference.

The chairman (Rev. Newman) offered the whole of the materials (except the stone) with furniture and other fittings, all in good order, for £95, and the offer was accepted subject to the approval of Messrs R. Heath and Jas. Buter.

Stone, lime and sand were to be supplied by donation, and the trustees and others , made themselves responsible, while Messrs R. and G. Heath promised to do the plastering free of cost. Plans and specifications were drawn-up by the chairman and Mr R. Heath, and tenders called for the labor only. The meeting also resolved that the foundation stone be laid by Captain Thos. Anthony, and that ex-Mayor John J. Christmas (Kadina) be asked to take the chair at a public meeting.

These functions were duly held, and at a trustee meeting on October 13, 1883, the building committee was able to report that the building was progressing favorably, and that the work under the contract was nearly completed. Mr Been engaged to procure the sand, and Messrs G. Bruce and Butler to burn the lime. It was also decided that the opening service, take place on November 11, to be followed by a tea meeting on the Wednesday. |The Mayor of Kadina (Mr Jas. Martin) presided at the public meeting, which was of an enthusiastic character.

The superintendent (Rev. Newman) conducted the services afternoon and evening.

The church material and fittings had been purchased from Newtown at a cost of £95, labor and material donated came to £61, land and transfer £9 12/, contractor Jenkins £54, and extras to a little over £10, a total of £230 5/. Against this, there was a loan of £87 10/ from Jenkins, £10 10/ from the loan fund, and £46 proceeds of stone laying and opening of the building, with £61 labor donated, a total of £204 18/. The deficiency was more than covered by promised donations of £30. Sittings were let at 1/6, and Mr Geo. Heath was appointed the first church steward. Mr Heath, who was one of the chief mainstays of the church, held at various times times the positions of superintendent of the Sunday school, trustee, secretary and treasurer of the church trust. A useful life came to an end, and a loveable personality passed away, in 1921.

With the completion of the church, the community had an asset, and at the request of the Government of the day, the church was let for school purposes on quarterly payment of 10/ per annum for each child up to 24. This was in 1884,. Rev. Wiliam Reed was chairman at this stage, and a move was made to establish an organ fund; an instrument was procured from Mr Glasson, and a choir came into existence.

Throughout the ensuing years the following names were prominent in church matters—Rev. I. Perry. Sidney Edyvean, Rev. W. Reed, Beare, Rev. Tassie, Blackney, J. Mitchell, W. Symons, Rev. Allen. Rev. Robt. Kelly, Richd. Chappell, R. and G. Heath, G. Bruce, Jas. and D. Butler, T. S. Peters, and many others.

In August, 1896, the matter of union with the Methodist churches was discussed by the trustees, and it was carried by six votes (one being neutral) that the trustees were in favor of the proposal. Renovation of the church building was also undertaken. Well known names come in at this juncture, viz., Rev.. P. C. Thomas (1899), Peter Allen (who gave a lecture), Rev. A. N. Smith (1903), W. Peters, Rev. S. Rossiter, Rev. A. Moyle (1912), W.; T. Correll, F. H. Pearce, C. L. Bruce, J. Spackman, J. Harris. Rev. A.Morris, H. Bruce, Rev S. Forsyth (1913) when the division of the circuit took place, and the Rev. Milton Tresise. Collectors were appointed in 1917 for the raising of funds to purchase an 18-stop Cornish organ; and so the work and activities of the church went on. Anniversaries and tea meetings alternated with harvest thanksgivings, and the Alford church has maintained its fine influence in the little town and district to the present day.

Alford Wesleyan Church.—We beg to direct attention to the preliminary announcement relative to the opening of Alford Wesleyan Church, on November 11.


Thu 26 Aug 1954, The Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

For some weeks working bees have been held on the Alford Methodist church block where a fine Sunday school hall is rapidly taking shape. Construction will steady up for several months as harvest activities approach, but a great deal of work has been done. Nine thousand cement bricks have been made and many of them are well laid. The foundation stone is to be laid at a ceremony next Sunday as part of the church anniversary celebrations. Mr George P. Bruce, one of the early Methodist settlers in the district will perform the ceremony.

Alford already has a number of fine achievements which are a credit to the community. The Methodist hall will be another lasting tribute to a fine spirit of community effort voluntarily given.


Thu 15 Oct 1953, The Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

Because of the changed conditions existing at Tickera, very different from the early days when the church was built, it has been decider to close the Tickera church. Those who until recently have attended there will transfer their loyalties to the Alford Church and Sunday school. A service of thanksgiving for the past record of Methodist witness in the community will be held on Sunday, October 25th, at 3 p.m. Rev. P. J. Phillips will be the preacher. Books will be distributed to the children who have been attending Sunday school in recent years.

Alford Primary School

GA1010 - State Records of South Australia

Date Range: 1883 - 2004 Inventory of Series Description

Alford Primary School was previously known as Peela Weela School. It opened as a provisional school in 1883 with an enrolment of 18 students and an average annual attendance of 13 students. Mr Charles Moseley Snow was the first teacher and he was appointed on 1st June 1883. The first student to be enrolled at the school on 28th May 1883 was Thomas Robert Heath (born 2nd July 1871) whose grandfather Thomas R. Heath and father Robert A. Heath, built the first school building. The building was completed in 1887. The school became a public school in 1889 and during 1890 a school house was built at Alford at a cost of 684 pounds, 17 shillings and 1 pence. The school house was completed by 26 July 1890 and had school and residence accommodation for 56.

In 1891 the Education Gazette (page 66) incorrectly listed Alford Primary school as having a name change to Bews Primary school, but the name remained as Alford. During 1903 permission was given to the Chess Club to use the education premises.

The Alford School Committee, as it was originally known was formed in 1928. It was elected by the parents of the Alford School. The first meeting of the Alford Welfare Club was held on 31st March 1938.

Further changes occurred with the school as follows:

In 1947 Strathneath school closed and the children were transported to the Alford School in 'Joyce Petherick's' bus.
On 31/01/1958 Tickera township closed and consolidated to Alford.
By 1977 Alford's enrolment was 42 students and 2 staff.

The following entries are found in the school journals written by the head teacher:

1 July 1941 - religious instruction by Rev. Wiseman of Methodist Church to 23 children from 3.10 - 3.40 pm.
20 September 1941 - a mild epidemic of German measles has occurred. Four children excluded during the week. Sewing teacher absent.
7 & 10 June 1949 Mr Inspector Bawden spent one and a half days examining the pupils. Comments very favourable on work being done. Spelling 14 errors out of 30 children and 100% for arithmetic for grades 4, 5, 6 & 7.
17 October 1957 - student hit in mouth with cricket ball thrown by another student. Taken to Kadina for treatment.

It can be seen from the School Committee and Mothers' Welfare Club minutes that the school had parental support in the running of non-curriculum activities. These committee members also provided financial support towards such activities as school camps, the purchase of library books and made arrangements for school photographs.

The final newsletter for Alford Primary school dated 7 December 2004, carried the following message from the principal, Bob Scott:
"Looking back over our closure process, I think we have achieved our intention to close the school in a positive way. To be able to feel as though we've celebrated Alford Primary School's many successes and achievements over its impressive 121 year history and and not to dwell too greatly on the inevitable down-side of the school closure. There have been many uplifting moments throughout the year that have helped serve our intention. The Sports Day win, the Celebration Day and the school concert were highlights that not only celebrated the moment but paid due tribute to the many people of the past. I think that evaluating the enormous tasks tackled over the last 6 months serves as a reminder about how hard working and committed this small school community of 16 families has been towards staying 'great to the end'. I'd like to say that it's been a pleasure working with you all and I think you sincerely for your support and collaboration during my time here at Alford Primary School. Goodbye and farewell."

Contents Date Range Series Date Range Number of Units Public Access Series Id Series Title

1883 - 1969 1883 - 1969 1 Part Open GRS/11418 Inspector`s register - Alford Primary School
1903 - 2004 1903 - 2004 1 Part Open GRS/11412 Admission registers - Alford Primary School
1925 - 1941 1925 - 1941 1 Open GRS/11415 Temperance pledge book - Alford Primary School
1928 - 2004 1928 - 2004 1 Part Open GRS/11416 School Council records - Alford Primary School
1938 - 2004 1938 - 2004 1 Part Open GRS/11425 Parent/Welfare Club minutes - Alford Primary School
1941 - 1995 1941 - 1995 1 Part Open GRS/11414 School journal - Alford Primary School
1952 - 1969 1952 - 1969 1 Restricted GRS/11424 Punishment book - Alford Primary School
1982 - 1983 1982 - 1983 1 Open GRS/11417 Centenary celebrations committee records - Alford Primary School
1983 - 2004 1983 - 2004 1 Open GRS/11411 Publications - Alford Primary School
1985 - 2004 1985 - 2004 1 Restricted GRS/11413 Class photographs - Alford Primary School
1991 - 2004 1991 - 2004 2 Restricted GRS/11426 Principal`s diary - Alford Primary School
1995 - 2004 1995 - 2004 1 Open GRS/11420 Register of hazardous substances - Alford Primary School
1997 - 2004 1997 - 2004 1 Open GRS/11419 Annual reports - Alford Primary School