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Sat 1 Dec 1877, South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881) Trove

The opening of Minlacowie jetty took place on Thursday, November 22, in the presence of nearly 300 persons. Owing to the absence of the members for the district and the Marine Board, who were unable to be present, the proceedings were not so interesting as they would otherwise have been. It is now nearly six months since tenders were called for the work, and the substantial manner in which the contractor (Mr. George) has finished the structure reflects great credit upon him. A description of the jetty may be interesting. It is built of redgum, the piles and bearers being all of jarrah .The entire length is 1,200 feet, width 9 feet. Tbe original intention was to put in 23 feet piles, which would give only a depth of 7 feet at low water, but the Government afterwards decided to add several feet more, and to use 43 feet piles, which gives a depth of 15 feet at low water. This will enable the crafts and steamers to come alongside, but in order to make it complete it should be carried out 40 feet further. The members of the Committee proceeded to the end of the jetty headed by Mr. J. Anderson, who has been instrumental in procuring it, where Mr. Baker, the Secretary, read letters from the Marine Board and Messrs. Boss and Duncan (members for the district) apologising for being unable to be present. He spoke favorably of the action which Mr. Ross had taken in securing the jetty for them, and in fact the district had a great deal to thank him (Mr. Ross) for. Mr. J. Anderson then declared the jetty opened, aud expressed regret that no members of the Government were present to perform the ceremony. Three cheers having been given for the Port Minlacowie Jetty, the members for the district, and the Ministry, the public proceeded to the beach, where the several sparts were indulged in.


Took place on the grounds, the provisions being furnished by the ladies of the district in a most sumptuous and creditable manner. The chair was occupied by Mr. G. Phillips, J.P. After the good things were disposed of, the Vice Chairman (Mr. J. Anderson) proposed ' The Parliament.' He stated that the Colton Ministry had done all they were asked for the district, but he thought they would be just as well represented by the present Government. Mr. Rickaby, J.P., responded. He thought they had excellent representatives in Messrs. Ross and Duncan, and they had used great judgment in procuring the jetty for Minlacowie, and he hoped soon to see one at Port Rickaby, as it would be of immense service to the farmers in the district. Mr. Roe responded on behalf of the members for the district. He said the farmers had much to thank the members for, and the sooner more jetties were made the better. Mr Luxmoore proposed 'The Ladies,' which was celebrated with musical honors. Mr. Page responded. 'The Agricultural Interest, and Success to Minlacowie Jetty,' was proposed by Mr. Thomas, and responded to by Mr. Baker, who thought that they had been treated in an insulting manner by Mr. Richards, M.P., as he received an invitation but never acknowledged it in any shape. 'The late Ministry' was proposed by Mr. Baker, and responded to by Mr. Kenney, who said he thought they were well represented, and that the present Government would do as much for the district as the last. Other toasts followed, and the company dispersed.


SA Farmers Union at Port Minlacowie - State Library of South Australia - B 32226


Port Minlacowie - State Library of South Australia - B 32228


Horse Power Pulley Block and Pole Topping Stacks, at Port Minlacowie - State Library of South Australia - B 32225


Original goods shed merchandise - State Library of South Australia - B 32227


Picnic on the south side of Port Minlacowie Jetty - State Library of South Australia - B 3223


Governor Le Hunte on his visit to Port Minlacowie - State Library of South Australia - B 32224


Saturday 8 December 1877, Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA : 1867 - 1922) Trove

The jetty at this place is more than 1,200 feet long, 9 feet in width, and gives 15 feet of water at the end during low tide. There was no demonstration at this place when the steamer got alongside, because her arrival was scarcely expected on that day. Mr. Anderson and his wife were there and went on board. Commander Howard and Lieut. Goalen, who were surveying there (while the Government schooner Beatrice lay at anchor), also joined Capt. Bartlett on board, but their stay was of very short duration. A township has been surveyed at Minlacowie, but as at Point Turton no buildings have yet been erected. Minlaton, 10 miles distant, is the nearest township to the Minlacowie jetty, and the intervening country is heavily cropped with wheat, but rust has been playing havoc amongst many paddocks. It is estimated that wheat from 80 square miles of country will be shipped at Minlacowie, and one agent there got rid of 5,000 bags to the farmers in one week recently. The farmers are waiting the arrival of reaping-machines from Adelaide before they can commence harvesting. Steaming away from Minlacowie at 4 o'clock the Glenelg in a couple of hours reached Port Victoria.

Brentwood 13

Thanks to B. May for the old photograph


Mon 18 Dec 1911, Evening Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1869 - 1912) Trove

December 17. News was received yesterday that the Ketch Elizabeth Annie was ashore at Port Minlacowie, 12 miles from here. The vessel was bound from Port Adelaide to Minlacowie with a cargo consisting principally of 80 tons of water pipes for the promoters of the Minlacowie water scheme. She arrived at Minlacowie at about midday on Friday, and was approaching the jetty when the mishap occurred. The Elizabeth Annie is lying a little to the north of the jetty on a rocky bottom. During Friday night the wind blew strongly from the south-west and shifted the ketch a little further landwards. The rudder has gone, evidently been bumped off. Water entered the hold freely on Friday evening, and necessitated constant pumping. Capt. Williams is in charge. The steamer Herbert in expected at Minlacowie this evening, and an attempt will probably be made to tow the ketch off.

Brentwood 14

Minlacowie Jetty.

Sat 19 Jul 1913, The Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954)Trove

The jetty at Port Minlacowie is badly in need of repairs. The width of the jetty at the sea end is totally inadequate for the increased traffic of the last few years. The storage accommodation, with a steamer calling almost every week is far too small for the purpose. On Saturday a deputation consisting of Messrs J. Boundy, J. J. Honner and G. J. Martin were introduced to the Minlaton District Council by Cr Page. Each member of the deputation spoke and explained the importance of the Port, and the necessity for a complete overhaul and increased acommodation. They conidered that the improvements asked for could fairly be claimed considering the large amount of tolls and jetty dues that were collected at the Port. The Chairman of the Council thanked the deputation for the clear and practical way that they had presented their request and he promised that the Council would give the matter due consideration. After the deputation had withdrawn, the Council resolved that the overseer be instructed to prepare an estimate of the cost of repairs and additions.

Brentwood 16

Thanks to B. May for the old photograph


Sat 24 May 1919, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) Trove

MINLATON, May 17.—Considerable excitemem was caused at Port Minlacowie yesterday, when a son of Mr. John Boundy, a local farmer, was loading barley on to the Excelsior for his father. The lad was driving a horse attached to a trolly along the jetty railway on the return trip, when the animal bolted. The lad was on the jetty line between the horse and the trolly, and hung on to the reins until, finding the pace too rapid, he "ducked down" flat between the rails with a view to the truck passing over him. Unfortunately, his presence of mind was not wholly retarded, for one foot was pressed against one of the nails, and the flange of the wheel caught and crushed it. The empty vehicle jumped the rails, and fell 10 ft. over the jetty into the water, and dragged the horse with it. The youth was carried ashore by Mr. Fuller, and taken to the Minlaton Hospital, where he was attended by Dr. Everard. The horse was rescued and found to be uninjured, but the axle of the truck was broken.


Fri 3 Nov 1939, The Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

While unloading truck line sleepers at Port Minlacowie on Friday last one of the Harbours Board men had his arm badly skinned and bruised. He was endeavoring to up-end a sleeper when, another fell off of the truck and struck his arm between the elbow and wrist. He is still an inmate of the Minlaton Hospital, where he had 13 stitches inserted. Mr Jack Ryan, who had the misfortune recently to break a leg while working on a steamer, is progressing satisfactorily.

Brentwood 15

Thanks to B. May for the old photograph


Fri 9 Feb 1940, The Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

STEAMER AGROUND AT MINLACOWIE. Harbor and Telephone Facilities Wanted.

The coastal steamer "Kapara" ran aground one mile south of the Port Minlacowie Jetty at 10.30 p.m. last Friday, and after 23.5 hours on the sand spit was refloated at 10 p.m. on Saturday. The vessel was inspected by Lloyd's Surveyor (Mr. Ackland Mormon) on Monday and given a temporary permit to continue loading at Minlacowie Jetty prior to being docked in Melbourne.

The steamer, when she sailed at noon on Monday, had on board 11,500 bags of barley, including 7,500 from Port Victoria and 2,000 each from Pt. Turton and Port Minlacowie.

The Harbor Master (Mr. J. Honner, Jnr.) said the "Kapara'' was one of the Adelaide S.S. Coy's fleet in charge of Capt. W. Wyles, and was not due at the Port until Saturday morning, consequently no lights were exhibited at the jetty.

Capt. Wyles said that owing to the tides at Port Victoria he had left there at 7 p.m. on Friday. When off Port Minlacowie he picked up the Troubridge Light at Edithburgh, and got into line with a bright light at Minlacowie, which turned out to be a fisherman's camp on the beach about a mile south of the port.

When the steamer grounded a tug was requisitioned from Port Adelaide, but as it could not arrive until Monday morning the company's steamer "Qucorna" from Wallaroo was advised to render assistance. However, the captain, with the aid of a couple of anchors, was able to draw the boat into deeper water and steam to the jetty without assistance. He had been manoeuvring the ship for two hours and was about to give it up when the vessel floated.

This incident points out the necessity of a fixed light on the sea end of Minlacowie Jetty, and the urgent need for continuous telephone service to Brentwood, the nearest post office. It was after closing hours when the steamer left Port Victoria, and the captain could not get in touch with the Harbor Master at Minlacowie; it was likewise when a tug was required, and the Harbor Master had to motor to Minlaton to phone to Port Adelaide.

Brentwood 11

Thanks to B. May for the old photograph

Brentwood 20

Thanks to B. May for the old photograph


Fri 18 Dec 1942, The Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

Port Minlacowie Weighbridge Declared Open.

On Monday, Dec. 7th, the newly installed 16-ton Hawke& Co. weighbridge, fitted with castiron platform, was officially declared open by the chairman of the District Council of Minlaton (Cr. H. Bennett), in the presence of a number of interested onlookers.

Before declaring the weighbridge the Chairman eulogised the of Crs R. G. Vanstone and J. J. Honner, jr., and ex-Cr. J. H. Boundy, without whose efforts the bridge would not be an established fact. He mentioned that Messrs. Boundy and Honner would work the weighbridge for the first two years free of cost to the Council, and he thanked them for this very generous offer. The weighbridge would be the means of a considerable saving in man-power, as it could do the work of the eight or ten sets of scales previously in use at the Port. He expressed the hope that it would prove an unqualified success and result in great savings to agents, farmers and carriers.

After cutting the ribbon and declaring the weighbridge open, Mr Benndtt invited Cr. Vanstone to drive the first load of grain to the weighbridge to be weighed. When the load was on the platform, those present entered the office, where the load was duly weighed. Mr J. H. Boundy then moved a hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman for declaring the weighbridge open, and to the District Council of Minlaton for having installed such a valuable piece of machinery, which would be of great value to the Port and district. It will be of greatest value after the War, when normal conditions return. He referred particularly to the very fine office that the District Council had provided, and on his own behalf, as well as for the other agents who would be operating the weighbridge after the war, he moved the vote of thanks.

Cr. J.J. Honner, jnr., seconded the motion. Speaking as an agent, he anticipated that, in spite of the smaller crops to be expected during the war the weighbridge would pay the Council. He also thanked the Overseer (Mr W. D. Hibbert) for his enthusiastic support, and Mr W. J,. Shegog, Manager of the YP Barley Producers I.td., who had been largely instrumental in gaining the approval of the Barley Board at a time when the Board's opposition seemed likely to wreck the proposal to instal the weighbridge. The speaker extended a welcome to Mr Shegog, also to Mr John Boundy, Chairman of Directors of YP Barley Producers Ltd. Mr Boundy was a well-known identity at Port Minlacowie, having been an agent for 40 years. Mr Honner apologised for the "austerity" opening, and hoped that a more fitting celebration might be held on some future occasion.

After Mr Bennett had responded, Mr Vanstone drove his load of barley off the weighbridge. It was fitting that his should be the first load over the bridge, as he had worked so very hard in assisting to instal the machinery.

Brentwood 21

Thanks to B. May for the old photograph


Fri 5 Apr 1946, The Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

While hauling in his fishing boat at Port Minlacowie by mentis of an endless chain recently, Mr, T. Grose, of Minlaton, had his fingers jammed between the chain and pulley. One finger was torn off aud the other had to be amputated at the second joint. He is at present an inmate of the Minlaton Hospital. Whilst engaged in lowering his boat at the Bluff on Tuesday, Mr. C. Raymond, of Minlaton, suffered head injuries when the gears of the crane stripped. The handle was torn from Mr. Raymond's hands and struck him a serve blow on the forehead, inflicting a nasty gash, and also caused him to he caught in part of the machine He was quickly released and brought to Minlaton where his injuries were attended to.

New Grain Stacking Site

Fri 2 Oct 1953, The Pioneer (Yorketown, SA : 1898 - 1954) Trove

A new grain stacking site, which will relieve pressure on the present site at Port Minlacowie, and which will take some of the heavy traffic of district roads, is to be built at Minlaton.

Details of the new facilities were released by the Secretary of the Y.P. Barley Producers Ltd. (Mr. W. L. Shegog) this week. Six compounds are to be erected immediately, and four others will be built as materials become available. Each compound will hold about 16,800 bags of grain. The installation of mouseproofing for the six compounds will be carried out shortly. Altogether, about 160,000 bags will be able to be stacked under cover, and additional room has been set aside for stacking grain outside of the mouse-proof shelters when necessary.

Work on the transfer of the weighbridge from Minlacowie is being carried out by the District Council of Minlaton. The Council has also levelled the area for the compounds, situated on the Yorketown Road just outside Minlaton. Provision for drainage is being made. The new site will save a considerable amount of time in carting, as many growers at present truck their grain through Minlaton to Minlacowie for stacking. Large quantities are then often brought back by road through Minlaton for shipment at northern ports. It is anticipated that the agency a Minlacowie will remain open although very little grain is expected to be received there.

Grain Port Closed After 70 Years

Wed 23 Dec 1953, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Trove

BRENTWOOD. Dec. 22. Many farmers have finshed reaping and are carting their barley to the new tacking site near Minlaton and their wheat to Edithburgh.

After being a shipping port (or over 70 years, Port Minlacowie is closed as a receiving port. The weighbridge has been removed to the new site.

Mr. J. H. Boundy, who for many years was receiving agent at Port Minlacowie has taken over duties at the new grain yards. Several local grain lumpers have also transferred there.

Some very heavy crops of wheat and barley have been reaped.