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Sunny Vale in Trove

Tiparra East Home Page

Tiparra East School opened in 1885 and became ‘Sunny Vale’ in 1887

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Friday 18 July 1884, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

A meeting was held recently at Mr Thos. King's. Tippara to select a site for the erection of a proposed Wesley Chapel which on week-days can be used as a school house for the benefit of the children of the neighbourhood. The meeting was well attended, about 23 farmers of the district being present. The Rev W. A. Langsford occupied the chair. Three sites were proposed and voted upon, the one selected is it the junction of Messrs Smith's, Ford's, and Lamshed's selections, about three miles and a half from the main road. It was agreed that the inside dimensions of the building should be 30 feet by 18 feet. The sympathy of tbe members of the meeting with the object in view, was evinced by their liberal offers, in aid of the building. About ten of the gentlemen present undertook between them to raise and cart stone, sand, water and to cart timber from tbe seaport. Messrs Freeman, Smith, Ford, Rowe and King were elected as building committee and empowered to order the timber and commence building at their discretion.


Wednesday 15 October 1884, Wallaroo Times (Port Wallaroo, SA : 1882 - 1888) Trove

SIR,-What is the people in the north east portion of the hundred of Tiparra to do for school accommodation ? It is over two years since we applied for a school, and since then sent three memorials to the Minister of Education bearing the names and ages of between twenty and thirty chidren of a school going age. Since then the number has increased by one third, and there are about forty under age within the distance required. It is two years since a meeting was held here, and the site for a school chosen, which is on the main road from Moonta to Wells' Greek, or six miles east of Cunliffe, which is the nearest school. We have had several answers to our requests that they would see to the matter, but how much longer will it take to see to it? We had an answer a few weeks ago in the shape of another printed form to be filled, the same as three previous ones, which meant fresh trouble over again. Fortunately, by an examination of the accompanying document, it was found it was meant for someone else, not for this part of the Hundred. I suppose it was sent for a consolation to us, to see that others are kept in suspense as we are, but not half so long. I consider it a great shame to see so many children now up to the age of 12 and 13 without any education whatever. A glance at the map will show that by having the school erected on either of the sites chosen -viz., east corner of section 449 or 454 it will afford accommodation to a large portion of the hundred of Kadina. It will also show that the land is all in small blocks with a family living on each block, which accounts for so many of the children living within three miles of the place, and the population still on the increase. I hope our worthy members for the district, Messrs Fumer and Grainger, will see to the matter at once, for if we are to be deprived of any means of educating our children here, we shall have to give up our land and seek some place were we can. I hope some abler pen than mine will take it up and let us have a decided answer and not keep us any longer in suspense.

I am c&.



Saturday 2 May 1885, South Australian Weekly Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1881 - 1889) Trove

April.20. Mr. Walsh, teacher, late of Wilmington, who was appointed some time ago to take charge of the new Government school here, opened on Monday. He has since sent in his resignation. — The weather continues fine, but there was a change for rain yesterday. — Farmers are very busy seeding. There will be a larger area under crop this season than last.


Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922), Friday 23 October 1885, page 3 Trove

The anniversary of the Wesleyan Church at Sunny Vale was celebrated on Sunday and Monday, October 18th and 19th. The services on Sunday, conducted by the Rev. W. A. Langsford, were thoroughly enjoyed. The tea meeting on Monday was a pleasant success. In the evening a temperance entertainment was given aad passed off pleasantly chiefly owing to the able assistance rendered by Messrs W. B. and J. Clarke, S. J. Hand, G. Bargwanna and Miss Bowden. Great interest was manifested, the chapel being crowded within and without, both on Sunday and Monday. The proceeds amounted to £22.


Saturday 1 August 1896, Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

July 28. On Tuesday, July 21, about 40 ladies and gentlemen attended a social which Mr and Mrs C. L. Palm held at their residence, Tiparra. Mr Palm placed his spacious barn, which was tastefully decorated for the occasion, at the disposal of his guests, where games for the old and dancing for the young was kept up till the early hours of the morning. Mrs Palm provided an essellent supper, and seemed to take pleasure in seeing her guests thoroughly enjoy themselves ; while Host Palm rendered dance music in a very pleasing style. Mr H. Palm (Paskeville) officiated as M.C. in an efficient manner. During the evening Mr C. Koch contributed a song, which was well received. Before leaving all expressed themselves as having spent an enjoyable evening.

Sunny Vale

Friday 8 September 1899, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

September 4. The last meeting of the Arthurton A.B. was held at the residence of Mr G. L. Palm, of Tiparra. Nearly the whole of the members, with their wives, and a large number of friends and acquaintances of the host and hostess were present. At about 5 o'clock a very excellent tea, to which everyone did ample justice, was provided in the spacious barn, and a very sociable time was spent at the table. In the evening young people from all parts the Peninsula put in an appearance, prepared to spend a right merry time, which by the expressions on their faces, they did. The barn was a very pretty scene great tasle being shown in the decoration. It looked like a fairy bower all shady and cool with its dark green hangings and bright flowers entwined interspersed with vari-oolored Chinese lanterns. Dancing, recitations, songs, and cards were the amusements indulged and "all went merry as a marriage bell." At about 12 o'clock the card table was cleared and supper laid ; and such a supper! The board was literally groaning with the weight of goodies. After supper (which greatly refreshed the company) dancing was again enjoyed, and kept up till 4 a m., when moat of the gents departed, having had a splended time. Here's health to Mr and Mrs Palm, long may they live and prosper, and give parties."

Sunny Vale October 13.

Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922), Friday 16 October 1908, page 2 Trove

The anniversary of the Methodist Church at this place was celebrated on Sunday and Monday last. The Rev O. Lake, the pastor of the Church, preached afternoon and evening on Sunday to crowded congregations. On the Monday the annual tea was largely patronized. In the evening Mr W. Lemman presided over a well-packed congregation. Mr J. B. Rowe presented a cheering report, whioh showed that the Sunny Vale Methodists had not only met their own claims but had lent a helping hand to several good causes away from home and had, to boot, a nest-egg towards a new church which is a necessity that cannot be much-longer deferred. Where a working church exists a good workshop is a necessity and we Methodist at this place are not playing at being a Christian Society. Mr Lake's pastorate in the circuit has been remarkable for the arection and improvement of church buildings, and he regretted that the hope of seeing a new church at Sunny Vale during his term was becoming faint. He suggested that a "Loreman Memorial," in the shape of a new church would be a good monument for one who has shown great interest in the work from its inception. Mr Lake lectured, taking for his motto " They say—What do they say? Let them say; subject that gives room for things gay, and grave, serious and satire. Miss Lake, in an interval of the lecture, gave, "The Children's Hospital" with telling effect. Mr C. Schilling and Miss Pearson attended to the creature comfort of Monday's crowd, and Mr S. J. Rose and his choir contributed the music to a delightful anniversary.

RAIN.—This district was favored with splendid rains Thursday. Commencing in the early hours of the morning, a fall of 1.06 in. was recorded at the Moonta post office up to 8 a.m., and during the day, up to 5 p.m., a further 0.81 in was registered.


Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922), Friday 3 September 1915, page 2 Trove

A most successful entertainment was given at Mr S. T. Lanshed's farm, Sunny Vale, on Thursday evening last. A very large number of residents of the district and the adjoining towns assembled in the large and commodious barn to show their appreciation of the efforts of Mr and Mrs Lamshed to provide assistance for the Wounded Soldiers' and the Red Cross Funds. The mayor of Moonta (Mr E. Major, jr) welcomed the large gathering and expressed his delight at the response , of the public to Mrs Lamsheds invitation to be present. At no place in the State had there been a better respouse to the call for funds than on the Peninsula and it was indeed gratifying to witness the activities of the ladies in this direction, Mrs Lamshed being no exception to the rule. A first-class musical programme, followed in which songs were rendered by the Misses Rodda, Kempster, Goldsworthy, Tellam, Messrs Bowden, Marsh, and Pearson ; duets by the Misses Kempster and Rodda, Miss R. Howlett and Mr. Fennell ; Miss Kempter and Mr Marsh. Glees by Mr J. H. Thomas' Party, and pianoforte overtures by Mrs Nichols and Miss Ella Lamshed. Recitals, were given in a creditable manner by Master Lloyd Benson and Miss Gwen Edea, Sweets were disposed of during the evening and guessing and other competitions were carried on. At the conclusion of the musical and elocutionary programme Mr E. Major jr, conducted an auction sale, the spirited bidding of which caused much amusement. The very nicely prepared and tastefully arranged supper in another large barn was well patronised. Both buildings' were brilliantly lit for the occasion The proceedings from a financial point of view was highly satisfactory, and Mr aud Mrs Lamshed are to bo congratulated on arranging and successfully carrying out such a splendid evening's entertainment. The gross takings amounted to £74 7s Id, and included the following unsolicited donations :—Mr and Mrs A. Gardner £15 (for the Soldiers Fund ), and Mess P. and G. Chapman, £1. After deducting £1 3a for motor hire, the sum of £73 4s 1d will be available for the above mentioned funds. The proceeds of the weight guessing competition are not yet to hand.


Friday 27 October 1916, Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser (SA : 1878 - 1922) Trove

In the death of Mr Samuel Thomas Lamshed, J.P., of Sunny Vale, Tiparra, the Peninsula has lost a widely known and highly respected resident. Deceased, who had attained to his 58th year was born at Brighton, S.A., on 29th December, 1858—his parents removing thence to Strathalbyn ; fourteen years subsequently the family settled at Malitland. On the 18th November, 1885, the lata Mr Lamshed became united in marriage to Miss Sabina Cornish of that town, and the young couple made their home at Sunny Vale in the Hd. of Tiparra, and resided there continuously ever since, where, as tillers of the soil, they earned a competency. Besides a widow, three sons and one daughter survive. In July. 1896, deceased was elected a member of the Clinton District Council, and at the time of his death was its honored Chairman ; an office he conducted with praiseworthy and conspicuous ability. During his 20 years' connection with that body he was absent on only three occasions, and his death occurring in the heyday of his manhood and usefulness has occasioned wide-spread sorrow. Some few months ago by some means, unfortunately, he strained an internal organ, which was soon followed by complications of a serious nature, from which there were only faint hopes of recovery. A few weeks prior to death he was removed to the residence of Mr A. Grummet, Moonta, to be near his medical adviser. Despite unremitting attention, he passed away on Sunday morning last. The funeral, which took place on Tuesday afternoon, brought together the largest cortege witnessed in Moonta for many years, indicative of the high esteem in which deceased was held. Couutless friends, drawn from many miles around, were present to show their last mark of respect. The pall-bearers were drawn from the Duke of Edinburgh Lodge (Freemasons), with which deceased had long been a member. Preceding the hearse, besides the Freemasons, were the members of the Clinton District Couucll, Chairman and several members of the Kadina District Council, the Mayor of Kadina (P. Roach, J.P.), ex Mayor of Maitland (J. O. Tiddy, J.P.), many of Moonta's prominent citizens, including members of the Town Council. The coffin was literally covered with beautiful floral tributes, including an artifical wreath in glass dome from the Clinton District Council. The last rites were conducted jointly by the Rev J. C. Jennison, of Maitland, and Rev W. Robinson, of Moonta, assisted by the Moonta Methodist choir, under the condnctorship of Mr J. H. Thomas. As a finale to the sad occasion, that veteran Methodist, Mr Bailey, of Mainland, delivered an impressive exhortation. The Mayor of Moonta (Mr W. Cowling) conducted the funeral arrangements.


Saturday Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1929), Saturday 5 April 1924, page 14 Trove

Moving A a House With Tractors.

A novel occurrence took place on the farm of Mr. Andrew Gardner, of Sunny Vale, on Thursday, March 13, when an iron house of five rooms was moved from the property lately purchased from Mr. I. H. Pearson to Mr. Gardner's homestead, a distance of 14 miles, and mostly uphill (says The Yorke Peninsula Farmer). It was a very big undertaking. Mr. C. Schilling took on the contract, and the splendid way in which he, with the help of others, fixed the house on its axles and wheels did him great credit. Mr. Wally Coote with his father's Case tractor and Mr. R. Burns with his British Wallis were engaged to do the pulling. All went well while there was a straight pull, but in starting to turn (the house had to be moved completely around) Mr. Burns's tractor unfortunately met with a mishap, and was thrown out of action.

Mr. Schilling could see that it was quite impossible for the two tractors to turn the house around, particularly as it was stubble ground, which the recent rains had made very soft. He then arranged for Messrs. Lamshed Brothers to bring along their Molines and Mr. Arnold Sawley his Fordson. The Case was in the centre with the Fordson hitched on in front, and the two Molines on the sides. Everything went satisfactorily after that. Quite a number of folk had turned out to witness the strange sight, and several had their cameras at work. Mr. Schilling having made such a good job of preparing the house, it was in no way affected by the move.


Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954), Wednesday 23 February 1938, page 2

Last Sunday, February 20th, the Methodist Sunday school anniversary at Sunny Vale attracted large congregations. Rev. Eric Tregilgas was the special preacher. Miss Vida Rose conducted the singing in a creditable manner. The organist was Mr Ralph Gardiner, and the pianist Miss Dorothy , Adams. Throughout the day the singing of the children was much enjoyed. Besides action songs and choruses, solos were sung by Miss Adams and Master Leslie Rowe.

On Monday afternoon the annual tea was held, and this popular function was followed by the public meeting. The superintendent of the school (Mr A. Rowe)) presided, and the address was given by Rev. F. Timberlake.


Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954), Friday 22 October 1943, page 2

Very successful church anniversary services were held in the Sunny Vale Methodist Church on Sunday, October 10th. Large congregations were in attendance at botih the afternoon and evening services, conducted by the minister. The choir, under the leadership of Mr A. Rowe as choirmaster, and Mrs L. Lamshed as organist, gave very valuable assistance; the soloists in the anthems being Miss Enid Rose, Mrs Mac Wall and Mr Milton Rose.

The church was very beautifully decorated by the ladies of the district. On the Tuesday evening following, the usual public meeting was held. Items were given by the choir and the Minister. Mr Gardner, Sen., gave his 28th report as the secretary of the trust. The guest speaker of the evening was the Rev. Ken Clark, from Port Wakefield. Mr Clark gave a very interesting and detailed address of his experiences in Tobruk, while serving with the 9th Division. The evening concluded by happy fellowship spent around a heavily laden supper table, so well provided by tihe ladies of the church.


Friday 13 October 1944, Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

Sixty years liave lapsed since the Tiparra Wesleyan church was opened for public worship. On Monday evening, August 30, 1886, the first trustee meeting was held. The Rev. H. T. Teague, minister of the Maitland circuit, was the chairman, other personnel at the meeting being Messrs J. B. Rowe, Smith, H. Freeman and M. Lomman. At that gathering Mr Rowe was appointed trust secretary, Mr Freeman the treasurer, and Mr Smith the chapel steward. The first anniversary services were held on October 10th and 11th, 1886. The Rev. H. Teague was invited to preach on the occasion. Mr J. W. Porker gave half the tray for the tea meeting, whilst Mr Smith 'offered to arrange' the other half. Mr Hoiman was requested to arranged for the singing at the anniversary. According to an ex-resident of Arthurton, this part was done by the choir of Arthurton. This trust meeting authorised the payment of £12 10/ to defray half the cost of church organ. At the third trustee meeting, held on August 5th, 1887, the church was designated Sunny Vale! instead of Tiparra. The brief annals of history regarding our church do not explain the reason for the term Sunny Vale. It may perpetuate a tribe of natives who camped in the vicinity in the dim past. It may have its origin from a period of sunshine with little ! rain, similar to 1944. Henry Teague, Isaiah Perry, W. T. Hiatt, Samuel Rossiter, and T. B. Angwin were some of the early divines in the circuit. During the 60 years of service, supporters of the church have gone steadfastly on their way. The original trust have all departed to their reward. Two of them, Henry Freeman and Matthew Lomman came to untimely ends Mr A. R. Rowe is the only descendant of that band of stalwarts. From the ranks of our church ministers of religion, Home and Foreign missionaries, and nursing sisters have emanated The church has tried to play a part in the building of a nation. The foundation stone ot the new church was laid by Mrs H. Freeman on October 21, 1912. When the circuit boundaries were altered almost twenty years ago, the church was taken from Maitland and placed in the re-adjusted Kulpara circuit. The church has had two valuable branches in the Sunday school and Christian Endeavor Society. These both function to provide religious enlightment to those in the plastic age of life. On October 21 and 22 diamond jubilee celebrations will be held, and a cordial welcome will be given to all who attend for the occasion.

Mr Andrew Gardner.

Friday 15 December 1944, Kadina and Wallaroo Times (SA : 1888 - 1954) Trove

Mr Andrew Gardner, who died recently at his home, "Glen Brae," Tiparra, was the third son of the late Mr and Mrs Robert Gardner, of "Fannyside," Yankalilla, and Hyde Park. He was born at Yankalilla ia 1872, and educated at tbe Torrens Vale public school and Prince Alfred College. After spending his early days at Yankalilla, he moved to Tiparra, where he farmed successfully for 40 years. Mr Gardner was a member of the Sunny Vale Methodist church, also a trustee, and took a keen interest in all public affairs. He married Miss T. M. Rose, of Sunny Vale, who died; 18 years ago. and has left eight sons and two daughters-Mervyn, Maitland; Ray, Tiparra; Ralph, Kybunga; Nell, Ardrossan; Ivy, Keith and Colin, Sunny Vale; Max, Paskeville: Donald, R.A.A.F. ret., Lance, A.I.F.